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On a path, that winds through the forest, and down to the sea.I Love 2 be!.I am so blessed to be on this magical journey! I believe in Peace and Love! I believe in seeing the good in everyone.I believe in being kind, thoughtful, and loving towards one another! I strongly believe in animal rights! The right to be free of hunger , abuse&abandonment! I stand strong on World Peace!1st, All it takes, is change within ourselves, instead of pointing fingers! Children and animals, hold all the magic in this world, let them soar through life, with no broken wings!! I have a beautiful daughter,in every way!! I'm so blessed to have her, and am so happy that she is mine!! The sea shore is my favorite place, with the waves crashin in against the rocks, and the sand between my toes! I love the evenings, and the moon reflecting upon the water, and the twinkling of those magical stars!!

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