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  • SOL? Feel like a tornado took everything but worse.?

    My storage unit was robbed, estimated 20K$.  More important EVERY important document. Yes birth certificate, social security card, past 2 drivers licenses, tax returns, titles, everything. Oh yeah.. and all of my clothing. Every sock, pants, shorts, shirt of any type, shoe, jacket, anything..... They were caught on tape and 1 I recognized  but it’s not seeming to show promise of much in my favor. 

    2 people went and sawed lock almost completely off and then 4 returned 2 days to finish it. I knew it day 1 as I arrived to put something in. I saw lock almost off, cut. It also now wouldn’t open so I called owner after sending pics. He said tomorrow morning meet there and his guy would get it off and police called. I said simply as long as they don’t return to finish it. Next morning he called me moving it to next day. I said exact same. When I arrived the owner walked out and asked me if I got my lock off. I of course knew this meant i was robbed and yes I was. 

    I’ll save the stories on what and how but bottom line was  at that moment my homeowners was not active. No renters insurance,  am I sol? Thoughts? 

    The police seem to be relying on me to solve it / proving the case that proves all. I know 1 girl that admits to going the 1st time and in the 2nd I see her but she’s covered up a lot more so officer couldn’t say it’s her or get her on 1st time there due to admitting and clear video proof. It’s only the 2nd visit that is relevant they say. Any thoughts?


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