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  • What's going on? Did I go to far on the first date?

    Okay, so for the past month, this guy and I have been flirting and he says he likes me a lot, and we've played 21 questions and he's asked me about relationships, but also he asks some very sexual questions. He hasn't technically asked me to be his girlfriend and have a relationship with him, though he did ask me if I would ever want a relationship with him. So today, we hung out at this park in my neighborhood, and we talked for a long time, like 2 hours, then near the end, he kissed me. We kinda started to make out and he felt me up a little over my clothes. Do you think i went to far on the first date?

    Also, he is much more experienced in the sexual area than me. i know he wants to feel up up without my shirt on and stuff.. I want to, and I think I'm ready, but I don't know if we are moving too fast.

    Oh, and do you think he likes me? he says he does but he has had a lot of girlfriends and has hooked up with quite a few people. He's kind of a player, but he says that he's changed...

    btw, we are both 16 :)

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  • 20 questions to ask your guy?

    i'm going to play 20 questions with this guy i dont know very well, but i do know he likes me.. and i like him. i just wanted some ideas for questions i could ask him to get to know him better, also maybe some more personal and intimate questions if im feeling brave :P.


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  • Who won the War of 1812 from a diplomatic perspective?

    From a purely diplomatic perspective, who won the War of 1812?

    an answer ASAP would be nice, thanks. :) my paper is due tomorrow.

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  • Adele's song "Rolling in the Deep"?

    Could you give a line by line analysis of Adele's song "Rolling in the Deep"?

    And what the general theme/meaning of the song is?


    PS- i need this for school tomorrow, so ASAP would be great. :)

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  • What object best symbolizes me?

    for english i have to think of 3-4 symbols that symbolize/represent me. i am shy and quiet at first, somewhat reserved. once i warm up to people, i become much more lively and comfortable around them. i love to read, and i write some stories. i like to be with my friends and family, but sometimes i like to go and sit with a good book, by myself. soo, what do you think? what solid objects symbolize me? thoughts welcome!! please!! (p.s- im in grade 10)

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  • How does society decide what is just?

    i have to answer this question for socials. its an IB (International Baccalaureate) unit question if that means anything to you. :P please help!

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  • What is worth preserving?

    i have to answer this question for school. serious answers only pleasee!

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  • Help! i don't know if i should break up with my boyfriend!!!?

    okay, so my bf and i have been going out for 3 months. he told me he loved me over text a week ago, but has yet to say it in person. i told him i loved him back, (over text), but im not so sure im in love with him. hes just about the shyest guy in the world!! :P we've hugged, held hands, (when i grabbed his hand), and i kissed him on the cheek. he hasnt kissed me yet either. and we only talk about the emotional stuff over text. we text every night, but at school im lucky to get 3 words from him! :P im just not feeling a physical connection right now. and im even looking at other guys, and comparing some of the other guys i know to him. i just dont know if its worth continuing on the relationship.. i dont think its going to get better cuz i've trying to get him to become less shy, but its not working..

    soo, do you think i should break up with him or keep working at it?

    P.S.- He's like totally in love with me, hes liked me for 3 years.!! hes even talked about our future together.. but we're only 15!! hes just waayy to serious about me, and i dont think im ready for it.

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  • With a busy schedule, when is the best time to exercise?

    I'm fifteen, and I just started exercising more. ( I wanna get in shape for sports season) With school starting in a month, I just wanted to get some tips on how to still do my normal routine (a 30 minute run and strength exercises) and maintain my homework and stuff. And at what time should I exercise, I'm not a morning person, so mornings are out.

    Please Help!! Much Appreciated!

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  • What's the best ways to study for exams?

    my high school exams are in two weeks. I have studied a bit. In my past exams, i've done okay, but I'd really like some good study techniques. please help!! i'd really like a good grade!!

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  • I've got a shy boyfriend!! Help!?

    Okay, so I recently just started dating this guy. He's quite shy. (btw. we're both 14) He sometimes says hi to me in the halls, and we've hung out at lunch a few times. But it seems a have to always start the conversation, and I'm a little shy myself. He's liked me for a really long time, and i dont know why he just isn't talking to me that much. we text a lot, almost every night. but in person it's different. please help me with it. i want him to hold my hand, or something else, but he hasnt dont anything yet, and i dont really want to make the first move. Please Help!! thankyouu. xoxo.

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