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  • Back in 2000, I tried for the French Foreign Legion, considering the following, should I be proud I tried?

    Back in 2000, I joined the French Foreign Legion with the intent of serving. It was something I really wanted to do, and had looked forward to since high school. (Graduated in 95.) However about three weeks into my service, after finishing my Kepi walk, I was injured in a training accident. Because of my injuries, I was unable to continue my service and released on medical reasons.

    My question is this: Should I be proud of what little I accomplished, or should this be a footnote in my service history?

    Notes: I was injured when the vehicle we were riding in over turned. I suffered a broken leg and three fractured vertebrae, leaving me in hospital for the better part of three months. I still have pain in my back from the vertebrae which were fused together, and numbness in my left leg.

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  • Does anyone have bonus codes for World of Tanks?

    I've been playing WoT for...well since the game started, and now I have a bit of a problem. All told I've close to half a million free XP stuck on several tanks, and would like to get some of it off. So, does anyone have free codes bouncing around that they don't need?

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  • What Television Court show had LAPD Life on the Beat as evidence?

    Several years ago, I remember watching one of those Daytime Court shows, possibly Judge Judy, where some of the evidence in the case was taken from the television show LAPD Life on the Beat. (think cops but only LAPD) I've been trying to remember both the episode, to watch it again, and the show but can't for the life of me remember much beyond those details. I do remember it being rather funny, as those kinds of cases go, but that's all I know. Anyone help me here?

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  • Why is it people think Novus Ordo Seclorum means "New World Order," when it really means...?

    Time and time again we see people talking about the "New World Order" claiming that the back of the us Dollar bill actually says it. In fact, one preacher on the TBN network (End Times show if I remember correctly) has come out and said "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means new world order.

    However, with the true Latin translation being "New Order (of the) Ages," and Seclorum being the possessive version of Saeculum or century; why does this myth hold so much attention? Even right and left wingers stand by the wrong translation, yet it doesn't seem to make sense. Is it a case of ignorance, or just blind belief in whatever their leaders say?

    Note: The Latin word for "World" (or worldly) which the word secular is taken from, is secularius. Further, to mean "new world order" the phrasing on the dollar would need to be Novus Secularius Ordo...

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  • Zombie have problem. Zombie girlfriend say want no commitment.?

    Zombie have problem. Zombie girlfriend say want no commitment. Zombie girl send mixed signals, she try eat face. What zombie do?

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  • I'm writing a series of "spec ops" short stories and need weaponry advice.?

    I'm posting this in military more because it seems fitting. As the question says I'm working on a series of stories centering around a fictional military force called "Division Six" (loosely based on GROM and the SAS). However I've hit upon a number of problems. The main one is I haven't sorted out what would be the best type of weapon for the unit to carry. As it stands, the timeline is about 30 years in the future, so I figure the M-14 and M-16 would be obsolete by then. However, what weapon would you expect (no lazer guns thank you very much) to be standard for that types of operational forces then?

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  • As an Atheist, what do you think of this statement by a religious person?

    The statement is:

    I don't have a problem with people believing what they want to, so long as they're doing it for the right reasons. It bothers me when I see some young kid out there screaming "There is no God" knowing full well that they're only taking that position not because that's what they believe, but because that statement will piss off their religious parents. Worse still when they say that to be part of an "in crowd," to better fit in whether at school or in their peer group. It bothers me when a belief goes from being something a person decides based on their heart, their feelings, and introspective consideration; and becomes the next big fad, joining the ranks of teacup dogs and "hipster" glasses.

    This was taken from a forum post on a site I frequent. It struck me as being well thought out, though the poster was slammed by other religious peoples for holding this belief.

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  • Question directed to Wiccan and Pagans. What could this mean?

    Please, any comments that are offensive or not on topic from non pagans and wiccans will be ignored.

    I have a problem. Well not a problem, but something of an odd project. Please read the following story, it is important.

    Recently while walking home, I discovered a length of old greened copper rod. I didn't think much of it, taking it home, until a few days ago. Looking at the rod, I found myself thinking "This would make a great Athame." It strikes me odd that I would think this, as I am not a Pagan nor Wiccan. I have no use for one, but yet that was my thought. I dragged my hobby forge out of storage, got some charcoal going (why I do not know, I could have used gas yet felt charcoal best) and set to work. All the while I was working the metal, it felt as though the blade was telling me what it wanted to be. From the curve, to the tip being cut off, to the soft twist of the rod that formed the handle. I found myself hearing this voice again and again, telling me to strike here, move that, and take my time. Not to worry about imperfections, because like the blade, humans were imperfect.

    As I sit typing this, I have the blade before me. I finished it this evening (it took about 4 days work, counting finishing) and I find myself well pleased with it. There is a kind of archaic feel about it, though something tells me I am not done just yet. There is one thing lacking, which I plan on doing tomorrow. (Wrapping part of the handle.)

    Given the fact that I've never made an Athame before, nor had an inclination to do so. Further more the fact that I'm not Wiccan or Pagan, what if anything does this act mean?

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  • Help! I've been bitten by a Zombie! What should I do?

    I Don't know what to do. I thought I could reason with it, but now this bite on my arm is starting to hurt and I'm starting to worry. Please, anyone, tell me what I should do?!

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  • What is your Zombie Plan?

    With the witching hour quickly approaching, what are you planning off! Back you evil...back...oh my I've been bitten I...


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  • What happens when a same sex marriage moves to a state where it is illegal?

    Just a random question this, but it is something I've wondered about idly. As it stands, Same-sex marriages are only recognized as being legal (note: legal in the sense as being recognized in court) in a handful of states. In others they're not recognized legally. Given this, what would happen hypothetically happen if a couple were to move from one state where their marriage was considered legal, to another where it wasn't? Would the marriage be recognized, considered a civil union, annulled, or what?

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  • What would you do if Jesus returned today?

    Please please please no snarky answers. The question is directed at both theists and atheists.

    This was prompted after running across a very campy (as in oh my god it's bad) game based off of some campy novels written a few years back called the "Left Behind" series. The novels always struck me as being somewhat amusing, and a bit hard to take seriously from both a religious point of view, as well as a science fiction fan. There were some good parts, but as a whole the series just struck me as badly written. That it spawned a really weird strategy game was something of a shock to me.

    Having said that I've often wondered what people from both sides of the aisle would do. Putting the snarky "No God" and "Great Spaghetti Monster" answers aside; along with the incessant quoting of scripture and trying to save souls, I'd like to see the most honest thought out answer to this. Putting all your feelings aside, what would you do if the Christ returned today?

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  • Is it possible to ask a question in Politics without getting an answer that reads like a manifesto?

    It seems to be a common problem. Someone asks a reasonable question in Politics, whether about this recently passed law, or that political figure. There are a couple trolls and one sentence or word answers, and then somewhere out of the woodwork comes a full on three paragraph or more answer that reads more like a party manifesto (whether Democrat or Republican) and does nothing to answer the question but simply state one person's personal and political opinion on the subject at hand; or in many cases something that has nothing to do with the original question.

    Is it possible then to actually get an answer, or must we suffer the rants of fools?

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  • Do you think the Democratic party will go with Obama or not?

    Please, no anti Obama, anti Republican or anti Democrat answers to this. Those will be ignored and thumbed down.

    While talking with some friends about the pending election (2012) we came to the question of whether or not the Democratic party will try to elect Obama again in 2012 or not. One of my friends stated that he felt (he is a democrat himself) that the party would not seek to re-elect Obama, but would likely go with another member of the party. Equating the election to something similar that happened with Johnson who did not get his own party's nomination for election.

    Taking all things into consideration, from performance to the popularity polls, what would you think the answer is? Do you think the Democratic party will nominate Obama for election in 2012, or do you think they will seek someone else within the party? Please explain your reasoning for your answer. Thank you.

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  • Considering that the fuel companies are privately owned, why then do people think government can...?

    (man they need a longer character limit on questions.)

    Considering that the fuel companies are privately owned (though some publicly traded), why then do people think that government can tell them what prices to charge on anything?

    This question is in response to so many people begging the government to do something about the rising gasoline and fuel prices in the united states. As it stands, in a capitalistic and free market, there are no laws which allow the Government to dictate to private companies what if any prices they are allowed to charge. In fact, laws are in place on both the state and federal level which explicitly prevent such action. Yet time and time again people are calling for the government to do something about rising fuel and gasoline prices. Keeping in mind the current laws in place that prevent such actions, why then are people angry at the government for not doing anything when realistically there isn't anything they legally CAN do?

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  • Muslims, is this something you yourself would do or have done?

    Not a bad question, though sure it could read that way.

    Recently my mother passed away. While driving to the funeral, I happened to stop in this little run of the mill gas station in Atlanta. While there, this gentleman was having a bit of trouble, apparently lost. I spoke with him at length, realizing he was looking for another highway and had missed his exit. Pointing him in the right direction, we spoke some more and he asked me where I was headed. I responded Kentucky for my mother's funeral, and the man seemed very saddened. Turning to me he reached out to touch my shoulder and squeeze it, saying "Rest assured, she is in Allah's hand's now." That really comforted me, even though I'm not of the Islamic faith. Smiling I took my leave of him, and went to the restroom before coming back. The gentleman was gone, but when I approached the cashier I found that my gas and soda had been paid for, and upon reaching my car I found a small leather bound quran waiting in my front seat. (Yeah, I never lock the doors. I know...I know.) There was a passage marked in it, that says “Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.” That book has come to comfort me, holding a cherished place in my home.

    My question is this, is this something you would do yourself, or would have done?

    I never caught the man's name, but if he were to read this I wish to say thank you. You brought me comfort in a very troubling time.

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  • Pro Pot supporters, do you realize this, or is it conveniently ignored?

    In several states, the move has been made to make Marijuana legal on a state level. Yet in every case where this has happened, the drug (it's classified as one, and easier to type that way) remains illegal on a federal level. Meaning that the federal law trumps the state law. Is this conveniently ignored, or something that isn't generally understood?

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  • What's wrong with me?

    I've noticed of late that more and more I find myself getting frustrated with the world around me. Usually I'm fine, with everything just rolling off my back, but of late I've noticed that I have a really short temper with things. I've actually found myself screaming out loud at the television, or even snapping at the dog for making a small sound. I don't sleep much anymore, and find that my mind is often racing when I do try to lie down. Usually I go to sleep by passing out, and that's it, I wake pretty quickly, and tend to be a light sleeper. Nights are filled with very vivid, and usually scary dreams, and I find myself in front of the computer once again. This started with the death of my father (I found him in the bed) and has kinda gone down hill since. What's wrong with me?

    And yeah, I need to see a shrink, I know that. Just can't afford it.

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  • Christians, why can't we get a straight answer?

    I recently had a question up that asked what I thought was a thought provoking question. After getting a handful of answers to it, I found that every last one of those answers had nothing to do with the question, but were instead attempts to "save" my soul. I won't go into all the answers, but suffice it to say some were somewhat attacking, pointing at my handle as a suggestion that I needed saved, while others were outright hateful; one going so far as to say they looked forward to the day I would burn in hell.

    I shan't re ask the old question, but I do want to know why some Christians won't give a straight answer to the questions asked? Also note, First, I am religious and "saved" if you prefer, and second the name "Magick" is an old gaming handle, I won't go into the details of it, but it centers around me being fifteen at the time and a horrible speller.

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  • Regarding Political questions on Yahoo Answers. Agree or Disagree?

    Do you agree or disagree with the statement:

    Every question on Yahoo Answers' political section is a variation of a recurring theme. The posters don't care about the answers they get, but seek to stroke their own egos by finding others who follow their own scope of beliefs; while at the same time hoping to bait members of opposing beliefs into posting comments that will ultimately be down voted.

    And no comments bout me stroking anything! It's a serious question/poll this.

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