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  • How is this for a life plan?

    I'm 16 right now. I aspire to join basically any special forces unit in the military. After doing some research I found out that the 18x Contract through the Army is probably my best bet. I work out 2 hours a day and understand the physical and mental strength required to pass these types of programs. If I make it through to SF, sweet, if not, not that big of a deal, I'll try to join infantry instead. Following my time in the military I want to make it big on Wall Street. I plan on enrolling in a local CC for two semesters and treating it like a job, trying to get my GPA as high as possible. After this I would like to try and transfer to either UPenn Wharton or NYU. I would like to complete a 5 year MBA program while majoring in economics. I will be networking my *** off in college. After college (I'll be 29–30) I would like to land a job at a bulge bracket, where I would ideally work there for two years. After, I want to switch to either hedge funds or private equity as it sounds like that's where the moolah is. I plan on working as an analyst until working my way up to PM. Once I have gained a plentiful amount of experience I want to create my own fund with money that I will have been saving. I would like to start a family around this time as well. And that's all I have really thought up to at this point in time as I would like some uncertainty in the future. Any tips/advice/thoughts? Anything helps! Thanks!

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