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Retired educator, and long-time dog owner. I have owned many dogs over the years, including Siberian Huskies, a German Shepherd, various mixes, and currently Akitas. The present crew consists of three Akitas (one a rescue), an elderly Siberian, and two coonhound mixes. I'm active in rescue work, and try to stay abreast of current legislative efforts to impose MSN, BSL and other anti-dog laws.I have conducted dog massage seminars for a local shelter, and am also interested in fly fishing, music, art and crafts.

  • What does this dog body language mean?

    Please tell me what emotional state you think your dog is showing when it's teeth are bared, and (A) the corners of its mouth are pulled back, (B) the corners of its mouth are pulled forward. The mouth would most likely be closed, not yawning like my avatar.

    This is just sort of an informal poll prompted by a recent mention of dog body language. Please don't pay attention to other answers, just tell what YOU think.


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  • Are you a dog owner in Britain or a European country?

    Do you live in a country where "pit bulls" have been banned? If so, are there efforts underway to ban other breeds, or have other breeds been banned? If so, please tell me the country, and what breeds have been banned, and which ones they are trying to ban. Thanks.

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  • What's in your dog library?

    I'm building my library of dog-related books, and wonder what you have in your library that you find to be a valuable resource for anything dog-related - training, showing, nutrition, behavior, breeding, whatever. If you have some that you think are particularly good, would you please share the authors, titles and dates of publication? Thanks in advance.

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  • Who can define these terms?

    The terms reinforcement and punishment get thrown around a lot here, and they way in which they're used makes me think that most people don't understand them. Who can give good definitions of these terms, in the context of learning theory, since when you're training a dog, you're using one form of learning or another. What are your definitions?

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  • What do you think are the stereotypes of various breeds?

    There have been a couple of questions along this line recently. So here's one I have. Pick a breed or two. What do think the stereotypes of this/these breed(s) is/are?

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