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  • Permission to delete C:\users files (windows 7)?

    I do not have an account on my computer that allows me to delete/change many C:\users accounts. The guy who built the computer gave me some possible passwords (two years later).

    I still don't understand how to allow any of my three accounts to access/delete/change locked (?) files.

    How do I give an account permission to access/delete/change any folder or file on my C: drive?

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  • Guys with attractive wife/girlfriend: Are they really high maintenance?

    I married a really pretty woman. She has a cute figure, long blond hair, pretty face, great laugh. She is smart, funny, tender, generous.

    But, she is really high maintenance. I have to compliment her all the time, never criticize her, take care of her feelings. I am no peach myself - she has her problems with me. But, is she typical for an attractive woman?

    Has this been your experience too?

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  • How can I easily view and skip through PDFs in one folder (Win7)?

    I am scanning my documents to PDFs, so I have a folder filled with PDF files.

    Unlike JPG files, which I can view and manage easily with software like ACDSee, PDFs are cumbersome. I can't simply flip from one to another.

    Is there software that allows this sort of viewing, or should I scan my documents to JPG?

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  • Which monitor for prepress?

    My 30" Apple Cinema display works intermittently. I bought a (used) power supply hoping to fix it, but it did not help. Apple will not repair such an old monitor, and one local repairer did not want to work on it.

    I am a professional photographer, and spend hours a day retouching in LR and Photoshop.

    I do all the retouching and prepress for the photos that I send to my publisher (for calendars and photo books).

    So, it looks like I have to buy a new/used monitor optimized for color (NOT for speed, NOT for resolution).

    What are three new/used monitors (and calibration system?) should I look at?

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  • excel macro: How to fill range with formula based on values of range on different sheet?

    Sheet "Results" has (D12:L37) to be filled with a vlookup formula that references a corresponding cell on sheet "Calculations"

    How do I write it in actual vb code, either as a loop, or simply as of lines of code. Here is what the meta-code might be:

    'Results'!D12 = vlookup ('calculations'!B11,table,3)

    'Results'!D13 = vlookup ('calculations'!B12,table,3

    'Results'!D14 = vlookup ('calculations'!B13,table,3)

    'Results'!D15 = vlookup ('calculations'!B14,table,3)

    I might also want a macro for each cell, which would look like one line from above meta-code.

    Would R1C1 method make it easier or harder?

    thank you

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  • Excel macro: increase cell value?

    What lines do I need in a macro to increment cell B4 on sheet "Calculations" by 7

    I do not want to view sheet "Calculations" I just want to change/set a specific cell on that sheet

    2 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • Excel VBA: Take value in A1, select a range from B30 to B(30+A1)?

    How do I select (then copy) a range which has the number of cells as specified in A1:

    e.g., Select a range from B30 to B(30+A1)-1

  • Sound/video play too fast win xp pro?

    This "fix" did not work:

    Following directions from

    From Control Panel I selected

    "Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices"

    then under "Speaker settings" I selected "Advanced", then "Performance".

    I moved the "Hardware acceleration" from "full" to "none"

    Then I rebooted (I have rebooted several times since this problem happened)

    - everything stills plays too fast.

    What should I do

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  • Spotify playing at high speed?

    Spotify is playing too fast. I think it is about 20% to 50% faster than normal.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify, and I updated QuickTime. It is still playing too fast.

    Windows XP, sp3

    Software8 years ago
  • Can I create a gmail user name that does not include

    Can this work:

    I own my, and I want my employee to get her mail via gmail. So I tell her, open up a gmail account with username, and I will redirect all email for you to your gmail account. And, all your gmail outgoing mail will seem to come from

    1 AnswerGoogle8 years ago
  • Which aftermarket brand for Camry LH Mirror?

    I have found several brand names for aftermarket Toyota Camry 2001 LH (driver's side) mirror. Are there some brand names to avoid, or some that are especially reliable?

    Examples of what I looked at:

    How do I know which one to buy???

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • What if there were a plan to fix the US economy?

    Americans, there exists a plan (a bunch of potential federal policies) that would grow the US economy, shrink the debt, and increase employment. In fact, these policies, together, would make both the rich and the poor get rich faster than they are now. This would all happen within ten years from the time these federal plans would be passed. It would strengthen capitalism, too.

    What would you be willing to sacrifice now so that in ten years you would be a few percentage points richer than were you not to make the sacrifice? What would you be willing to sacrifice to lift millions of people out of welfare, and would still make you better off, even if your are middle class or rich?

    I am not saying you will have double the money you have now, but in ten years, instead of losing wealth or increasing it at, say 0% to 5%, everybody was getting annually 3% to 7% wealthier. The haves and have nots getting richer than under current laws.

    Some of you already know what I am talking about, and tens of millions of Americans explicitly support enacting this legislation. In fact, since you end up richer in the end, it's more of an investment than a sacrifice.

    How about this: What percentage of your income would you invest if it would make you much more likely to be wealthier in the future? And if, as a bonus, the country gets richer!

    Do you want to invest in your country?

    You can read about it here, if you want - it's pretty long, but it strongly supports making that small investment is a very low risk proposition.

    8 AnswersPolitics8 years ago
  • Which programming language should I learn?

    I just upgraded to Win 7 (64) and my old language (dos basic LOL) doesn't run.

    I need to write routines to open files of all types as if they are .txt files, do search, string operations, and then output to file.

    For example, I would like to write programs that would generate html for simple online galleries - I have been doing this for 16 years in Basic.

    btw: I wrote a word-processor in Basic in 1980, but object oriented programming has made sense to me yet.

    1) What language should I learn

    2) What environment (?) should I use

    3) Where are good tutorials?

    7 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • DVD Internal - SATA or ?? for older computer?

    I have a four-year-old computer. The internal DVD/CD burner is connected to the mobo by a ribbon cable.

    I have to replace the burner.

    I have one free sata plug on the motherboard, and I also have the ribbon cable that connects the current (broken) DVD/CD burner to the mother board.

    1) Should I get a SATA oem internal burner or some other type of oem internal burner?

    2) What is the other kind called? SCSI? IDE?

    Thank you.

    ps: motherboard: ABIT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI

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  • old dos commands: dn up?

    These two commands were NOT part of dos, but I ran a utility that installed them as DOS commands. In CMD.EXE (the DOS prompt screen) UP moved up one directory. DN moved down one directory. If there were more than one folder, it would list the folders and then prompt user to select one.

    Where can I find this utility???? It may have been developed in the 1980s.

    1 AnswerSoftware8 years ago
  • Fatality motherboard flash screen appears after 4 years. Will not boot?

    Today I moved computer outside and blew out dust, swapped G: drive .. It is just an external drive swap, I: goes external, G: goes internal. I do that often.

    Then, brought computer back into office, and something new happens: I get the Fatality splash screen, which I have NEVER seen before.

    Then, boot screen shows both drives (Raid 0 via motherboard), then says Disk Error. Then waits for me to reboot.

    I disconnected all data internal drives, leaving the two C: drives. Then I removed sata card which controlled E and F drives, and same thing:

    fatality splash screen

    Shows that there are two 400G drives

    Then disk read error.

    What did I mess up?

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  • What is more important: lower taxes or better USA?

    Tax cuts seem to be a goal in themselves, in Republican eyes.

    Yet, the growing inequality between rich and poor has major downsides:

    - slow economy

    - increased social instability

    - increasing number of people on welfare.

    Shouldn't fixing the economy and making the US ready for another growth spurt be #1 for both Democrats and Republicans.

    One would expect "fiscally responsible" Republicans to push policies that would put people back to work, such as increasing tax rates on the top 2% or 5%, and spending it on teachers, roads, schools, electrical grid, renewable energy research, pollution abatement, bridges, environmental agencies, and so on.

    Instead, the emphasis on cutting taxes (and balancing the budget) cripples the economy and throws millions onto foodstamps. We could call this Congress "The Food Stamp Congress."

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  • Conservatives: Do you consider externalities?

    Drilling for, extracting, producing, and using fossil fuels is terrible for the environment. Consider oil spills, mountain-top-removal coal mining, mercury pollution, etc.

    When you talk about the price of energy (renewable vs fossil fuel) do you consider these externalities.

    Don't forget the cost of asthma and lung cancer.


    "The quantity of mercury released by burning of coal is estimated to be of the order of 3000 tons per year, a quantity comparable to that emitted as waste from industrial processes. "

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  • Christians who believe the bible is literally true: What else must be true?

    Christian fundamentalists don't believe that evolution is an pretty accurate explanation of how the many variety of life forms came to exist.

    Do you also dismiss the the thousands of other fields of study which work within the framework that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old, and the Universe is between 12 billion and 15 billion years old?

    16 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • IPad ap created FaceBook status/post. How to remove post?

    I read an article using the Washington Post ap (on my ipad 2).

    The ap then posted it to my FaceBook wall.

    I need to remove the post from my wall. How do I do that?

    FB Help said "hover over post, then click on the x", but that x appears only on comments. I want to remove my original status as posted by the stupid Washington Post ap.

    3 AnswersFacebook9 years ago