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  • Confronted my friend and she refuses to talk to me now?

    I ve been friends with this girl now for about 3 years. We both met in university. Lets call her Sarah. Around two months ago, I noticed that her behaviour started to change toward me. I didn t want to overreact but the behaviour continued. Some examples that I noticed were, failing to text me back if I asked her a question, canceling plans last minute, ignoring my messages on social media. I wouldn t talk with her everyday, every few days, but every time I tried, she would almost always ignore me. I decided to ask her what was going on. I did it in a polite manner as I don t know what else is going on in her personal life to cause her to act this way. I just said So I ve noticed that when I try to talk with you, you ignore me, is everything alright? . She basically kept avoiding my question and said that she was ending the conversation. I texted her once after that saying that I was hurt and didn t understand why she would just shut me down like that. The next day, before work, I left her a voicemail saying that I hope she gets back to me because I ve been rather confused and hurt. She never got back to me and its been about two weeks.

    I don t think she will get back to me at all at this point. I am still rather hurt as I thought she was one of my closer friends. I do still have her on social media. Should I leave her on there or remove her completely? I just want to do what s best for me because I doubt she will give me an explanation or even apologize for her behaviour.

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