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  • Sole trader vs ltd company taxes?

    Hi, I currently operate as a sole trader (courier) but I'm thinking of starting a LTD company. I'm trying to work out the benefits tax-wise.

    At the moment I charge vat on deliveries at 20%, and I pay back 10% to the tax man on the flat rate system. (So effectively I pay 10% vat)

    On LTD company - I think - I pay the vat, but 20% corporation tax, which means I would be better staying as a sole trader. Is this right? 

    Thanks for any advice in advance, Rob.

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  • Advice on Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)?

    I would like to control a 3V motor using a LDR which would get it's light from a graphic on a computer screen. The motor speed would be dependent on how bright a block on the screen is, varying from black to white - full speed, off.

    I need a bank of LDR's controlling several motors with software controlling the shade of the black squares (each LDR will be insulated from the others with a rubber housing).

    Could you give me advice on which make/model LDR would be suitable for the light range and voltage.

    Much obliged.

    1 AnswerEngineering7 years ago