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  • how to look more androgynous?

    questioning my gender identity right now, thought changing my gender expression might help figure out who i am. (i am aware that they have nothing to do with each other.)

    i look female. going to cut my hair again once we’re out of quarantine. 

    any tips on styles or clothing?

  • questioning my gender identity?

    i have been comfortable with being female my entire life (i’m 15.) i’d always liked my female body, my female name, she/her pronouns, it’s all been okay for me.

    then suddenly i just changed. i looked at myself and i said ‘this isn’t who i am.’ 

    my name doesn’t feel right, my pronouns don’t feel right, i started desperately wanting to look more androgynous. 

    i gave myself a new nickname and changed my pronouns online.

    i don’t know what or who i am, but i’m not this. i don’t feel quite female anymore. i don’t know why it came on so suddenly or unexpected. i thought it would just go away, but it’s been a week and i’m getting less comfortable with my identity. 

  • my parents don’t believe me, how do i fix that?

    they always accuse me of lying. i don’t lie. they caught me texting my friends after 9 pm ONCE and now they think that’s all i’m doing. i stopped texting after 9pm. 

    i need my devices for asmr, i can’t sleep without dad came up last night as i was switching videos. he thinks it’s too unlikely to be a coincidence. 

    i heard him say to my mother that if i really needed to text that one friend, my best friend, my only friend, whatever, that he would be okay with it as long as i didn’t make up excuses. there were no excuses made.

    he won’t believe me when i tell him the truth and neither would my mom. they’re talking about taking the internet away at night so i can’t text anyone. that means i can’t listen to asmr either, so i won’t get the sleep he desperately wants me to get.


    Mental Health3 months ago
  • can you be edgy and soft at the same time?

    i feel a little bit of both when it comes to style but my personality is soft completely. can i still dress edgy?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories3 months ago
  • strange itchy spot on my toe, white bumps?

    i just woke up, its 3 am. my toe is driving me nuts. It itches like crazy. so far, hydrocortisone hasn’t helped. What’s really bothering me though is what’s on it.

    on the side of my toe, there is a small red area that might be a bit swollen. on it, there are 2 tiny white bumps, side by side. i’m afraid i may have gotten bitten by something.

    the itching isnt even in that spot. It’s on the front of my toe, where the spot it on the side.

    is it some kind of fungus? or is there something in my bed i should be worried about?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions5 months ago
  • Why are theatre kids so nice?

    Some of the kindest people I’ve met in my life are drama kids. They’re so understanding and they never judge me. I’ve met very few theatre kids who are mean.

    They’re such a diverse, accepting and inclusive community. We have each other’s backs.

    I’ve had people I barely know give me relationship advice, help me through panic attacks, help me accept myself and let me goof off and be stupid without judging me.

    They’re all either my drama classmates or my fellow cast members in the school musical.

    What is it with drama kids that makes them so nice?

    4 AnswersTheater & Acting5 months ago
  • How do I find out if someone is homophobic without coming out?

    I am pansexual. My close friend (this is the one who has a crush on me) doesn’t know. He also doesn’t know I already have a crush (on another girl.) 

    He’s one of my closest friends. He’s helped me with anxiety and depression and low self esteem. I trust him so much and I want to come out to him. I feel like it would make me feel a lot better and safer if he knew.

    But I don’t know at all how he feels about this stuff. He’s never said anything homophobic or transphobic or anything. But he’s also never said anything good. Or neutral. I’ve never heard him mention LGBTQ+ stuff anywhere, so I have absolutely no idea where he stands. 

    I don’t know if it is safe to come out to him. How do I get his viewpoint on it without outright asking or coming out?

  • Can you like when someone flirts without liking them back?

    There’s this guy, he evidently likes me, he flirts a lot, he calls me cute ALL the time. Like a cute awkward flirting, not overly confident, he’s approachable and just likes to flirt with me. I don’t like him back in a romantic way, but I do like when he flirts. I find it cute, but I wouldn’t date him or flirt back. Maybe it’s because it helps me feel good about myself? 

    Anyways, is it normal to appreciate his flirting and not really have much desire for him to stop, but not like him back?

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  • I need good excuses for bruises.?

    I’m gonna have some bruises pretty soon. A whole lot of them. Like, a lot. Mostly on my arms and legs, some on my hips, expecting a very large one on my upper arm. But most likely, there are a lot more to come.

    I do plan to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. I can cover it up with makeup sometimes if I actually have to show my arms and legs. But makeup fades and people are bound to notice pretty soon. I don’t want to tell the truth. I don’t want people to worry. I don’t even want my parents to know. I have a few friends who will get very concerned and possibly suspicious. I don’t normally have bruises. I can’t just keep saying I fell all the time. And some of them are on my inner arms and legs. I have no idea how to explain those. 

    Please give me some believable excuses, maybe some long term excuses. Any help is appreciated.

    3 AnswersInjuries6 months ago
  • How do I stop shaking while performing?

    I have a concert tonight, so fast answers would be appreciated.

    I’m singing an original song, along with a backup track made on GarageBand.

    I auditioned about a week and a half ago, in front of around 20 people. I did well and I got in, but the whole way through, I was violently shaking and thought I was going to fall over. I was focusing most of myself on singing and the rest on standing up.

    I don’t know why it’s happening now. Back in the spring, I performed an original in front of at least 200 people, and only my hands shook. This time, my whole body was trembling.

    I am confident in my abilities, I’m not afraid of not doing well, and if I don’t, it won’t be much of a big deal anyway.

    People say they have stage fright up until they get up there and start, getting lost in the performance. But I’m totally fine up until I start, and then it hits.

    I just know it will happen again tonight. I need help.

    4 AnswersPerforming Arts11 months ago