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  • how to put books from kindle on calibre?

    I just got a used kindle 4. it does not have a - what is is called ? - a place to input an SD card. so I want to transfer those books to calibre. but I don't know how to do that? calibre is my main library. can anyone help with that. real baby steps please. thnx

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  • i want the ability to create a word or phrase and save it?

    i hope i can explain what I mean. at my work, I use a mac. it has a feature called textpander. which means I can create a word or phrase, name it and save it in the textpander and when I need that word or phrase, I just have to type in the name:

    for example, if I want to enter "have a good summer" in every email, I type it out in full, enter it in the textpander, name it - for example 'hgs' and whenever I type 'hgs', - the words "have a good summer" appear.

    i love it. it saves typing. anyway what i want to know is: does windows have anything like that? if so, what is it called, how does it work, where can i find it and baby steps please on how to use it.

    thnx. i do appreciate you taking the time to read this.


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  • how can I translate my name?

    I KNOW that names can not be translated into another language. I KNOW I will always be called my name where ever I go and in every language. However, for FUN, I want to translate my name into as many different languages as I can - just for fun and use them to sign my email, etc. So I would like to know if anyone knows of a good website that will allow me to see my name written in a foreign language and be able to copy and paste it from that website - for example: scottish gaelic, korean, africaans, russian, etc. just to name a few. What I mean is this: if I happen to write an email to a friend and we are discussing Russia for example, then I want to sign my name in Russian script using the Russian alphabet.So I would like a website that will translate my name into a specific language, but I don't want to download anything. If possible, I would like the website to do it for me. And if the website has more than a couple of different languages that would be helpful. I have already found how to translate my name into Japanese letters, but I hope that I am explaining what I want to do and hoping that someone has some good ideas on where to find the website than can do this. I have already searched but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

    thank you in advance

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  • on a mac, if you are typing something and accidentally delete it, there is a keyboard shortcut - command + z (?

    - I think) that lets you get it back, does the windows keyboard have that feature?

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  • books with Beatles song titles?

    Awhile ago I saw that an author was writing books (crime or something like that) using titles from Beatles songs? Does anyone know what I am talking about? Also, I also saw that someone was writing books about fairy tales but they were modern with a different take. Does anyone know those? I am looking for something else to read right now so I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance

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  • how to export a Numbers table?

    I am trying to export a Numbers table into an email. When I try to copy and paste the table, only the info in the table copies over. I would like the whole table and columns to copy. any help?

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  • tomato plants - need help?

    I am living in southern Ontario Cda, and I moved into a new place that already had a small garden - of course full of weeds. I cleaned it up, except for the strawberry plants which turned out to yield quite a few sweet strawberries. Anyway, I planted my stuff...tomatoes and peppers, a pumpkin and garlic, mint and dill. It has been about 6 weeks now, and I just went out to tie up the tomatoes (I was quite busy working and didn't get around to it), so I noticed that there were about 3 tomato plants growing among the strawberries. I was going to pull them out, thinking that they were from the previous garden, (which they must be cuz I didn't plant them) but noticed that they are quite healthy and have flowers on them. So it looks like they will produce. My question is (yes I am getting to it ;>), will the tomatoes be good and should I leave them to grow, or pull them out? The strawberries are finished now, but continue to keep growing. I would appreciate knowing what to do here. It is my first garden. Thnx in advance

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  • container gardening - how to?

    I am a novice gardener having lived in apts my whole adult life. I recently moved into a house and would like to plant. I have 2 old steel milk containers about 18 inches high with a 7 inch opening. I would like to put flowers in them. I am worried about drainage and how to transplant the flowers from a hanging basket. any help would be appreciated. thank you

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  • I am looking for the name and author of the following

    1) - books (I think they are mysteries) using song lyrics as their titles (specifically Beatles songs as the title)

    2) - modern fairy tales or a reworking of old fairy tales - for adults (nothing risque)

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  • has anyone heard of ...?

    Vacation Promotions and are they legit?

    my bf got a phone call from them and gave them his credit card number for a vacation that we can take anytime up to 3 years. He has 30 days to cancel.

    I told him it was a scam and to cancel right away, but he thinks it is a good deal.

    Is it? Are there any websites that I can look at that will tell me if it is a scam or not? They do have a website but it doesn't say much.

    anyone have any dealings with this company?


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  • I hope that someone can tell me?

    what happens after you submit your answer and then you realize you forgot to add a link or spelled a word wrong, or whatever and then you click on edit and change or add something. Does the answer automatically go to the asker when you hit submit? If so, do they get two answers from you after you edit it? Or is there a delay of some kind?

    thnx for your help in this. I was just wondering.

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  • are you getting excited?

    according to, they just tracked Santa in Chardaia, Algeria

    I have been a good girl all year and I can hardly wait.

    I guess, being in Canada, I have at least another 8 hours to go.

    Merry Christmas

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  • are you getting excited?

    according to they just spotted Santa in Sabha, Libya

    I guess we in Canada have to wait another 8 hours or so.

    I have been a good girl all year.

    I can't wait.

    Merry Christmas

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  • my cat likes to lick and and chew on plastic bags, - any type of plastic bags?

    she makes a point of finding anything I have laying around that is covered in plastic - like magazines, etc., or plastic bags. I try to keep them away from her. But I want to know if she is lacking something nutritionally that makes her do this.

    I feed her dry food all the time because she won't eat the wet food. I usually buy what is on sale. This month it is Purina One. She is 6 yrs old and has done this since I got her as a kitten.

    any ideas?

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  • why doesn't anyone ever use the?

    search box before they ask their question? I mean, I don't care cuz it gets me an easy 10 points for my answer cuz I take the time to search for the answer for them. But they would save themselves a lot of time if they just searched for things themselves. There is so much info out there and it is at your fingertips. Use a search engine - dogpile, google, even the search box at the top of this page. I don't understand it, but keep it up. I will continue to answer and get some points (ususally). Just wanted to ask and vent a little.

    thanks for listening if you got this far.

    I couldn't figure out where to post this so it would get read by a lot of people so I just picked this category.

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  • has anyone read about the dress code at the airport and the?

    Muslim woman that was on the yahoo site? go here to read the news article and all of the posters comments -

    This is what I think - I tried to post at the article site, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. But I say that all who posted there are missing the point here. She got hired back in an administrative job - more money. I don't think it had anything to do with her religious beliefs. It was the money angle. That's the way to go. I wonder if I could do the same - I am not Muslim but I am 4th generation Cdn. But I have to also say that I didn't like it when they changed the Mountie uniform so they could wear turbans and I don't like what happened here. I agree with most people who say, when you leave your country to come here, assimiliate as best you can. JMHO:

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  • fantasy football?

    Let me start by sayin I don't know much about football, but I am in a pool with my husband, brother and neighbour - all guys. The players were put into a pot and everyone drew names. I have: QB- Vince Young, Drew Brees Carson Palmer, Eli Manning; RB- L. Tomlinson; L. Johnson, Steven Jackson, Travis Henry; WR - Chad Johnson, M. Harrison; Anguan Boldin, Steve Smith; TE -Todd Heap, Jason Witten, Chris Cooley, Ben Watson; Def teams are: Minn, Atl, and Oak. As of week 8 I am at the bottom. Because I wanted to be involved I have to do it on my own, but I don't know enough about it. So, who would be my best players to pick every week. We can pick 2 guys in ea category and 1 def team. We can also pick 2 kickers - mine are: Jason Elam, Josh Scobee (I think he is injured), Jason Hanson, David Akers. My brother has Tom Brady and is leading in the pool. Anyway, if someone can help me to choose the best of my poor players, I would really appreciate it. There is no money involved. Thnx

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  • what to read?

    this question is asked almost daily. I don't need to know what to read because I have lots of faves, but I answer this question every time I see it. I'm not being mean, but I suggest that people who want to know what to read should check the yahoo answers first and then ask. Or very simply, go to the library and look for books with the topic you are interested in. Get a list of books and then ask someone if they have read it and if it will be a good read. According to yahoo answers there are at least 152,054 questions by someone looking for something to read. Again, I am not being mean, but if you can't take the time to read any of these prev questions and answers, then how can you take the time to read a book. Just asking. Anyway, I always answer the above question when I see it and I always give my favourites. So check out the yahoo answers first, please. When you type the question, it tells you that they have found similiar questions and give you a list. Thanks.

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