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  • Help me on my porsche dilemma?

    Hi YA community, I have a problem.

    First off, let me state that I love the Porsche 911 and I hate posing, and showing off any kind of wealth.

    My dad knows I have this passion for porches, has offered to buy me the 991 c2 for my 20th birthday without me even asking for it, and it seems like hes made up he's mind about this.

    I know I should not accept this gift. First of all, it just feel wrong to me for some reason, its my dad's hard earned money + Ive never even asked/ gotten a birthday gift for the past 15 this is very over whelming to me.

    And It would be frowned upon by future employers, friends if I am seen driving it ( unlikly, I will only be driving it in on the mountain roads + occasional commute, plus some of my friends do drive way better cars anyways...but, it could be a problem)

    And, also I am making a transition into a ivey league school, and I am scared that my attention toward grades would be directed to the car.

    I thought of two solution to this.

    1st, I can ask for a older instead 964 or 930 instead (1/20 price, still very fun, and very 911)

    2nd, just say no, thank you, and buy my own when I have the ability to do so....

    Making this decision is tremendously hard for me because I love porches, and I am sorry if i came off as a snobby person with this kind of a "problem", and excuse my crappy writting.

    Please help, / end rant

    Thank you for reading

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  • Accounting cash flow question?

    equipment beginning balance: 12500, ending balance:8000

    Depreciation beginning balance: 2000, ending balance 2000

    what was the cash inflow from the sale of eqpn?

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  • microeconomics question. Marginal cost?

    A firm has a total cost function TC(y) = 10y2 + 5y + 40.

    What is the firm’s marginal cost of producing 100 units of output?

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  • Fell in love(?) with a girl that I will not see for a very long but unknown period of time.?

    As none of you may know, but you will if you look at my previous 2 questions, I was traveling through Asia. I am back in my home city in Asia now in now.

    a little bite about myself: Asian, never had a relationship, 18, standard for girlfriend: has to be equal to, or smarter than me....I consider my self, average brains.

    anyways, I met a girl through my mother's highschool reunion. She is the daughter of my mother's highschool class mate. This girl and I did not have a chance to converse as much as I liked because we were sitting a few seats apart. However, through the chances that I got to listen to her talk, she really stood to me as a smart girl, with depth.

    That night, I texted her and asked her out for afternoon tea on the following day, and she said yes. I kinda felt that she either liked me, or found a foreigner interesting.

    During our afternoon tea, I mainly listened to her talk about her life, her thoughts on politics, the society, last night's dinner, palm reading,family views....just any conversation...and interesting enough, she noted that I did not talk much at all, contrary to the person was last night.

    Anyways, I ve never met a girl that I am so comfortable to be around with. Unlike other girls, I don't have to make the effort to keep a conversation. She talks when she wants, and I talk when I want to. When neither of us wants to talk, we can enjoy the silence for as long as one of us wants to say something. I just feel so relaxed around her, and I think she feels the same way....If I only had one more week, I would spend every minute possible with her, maybe not as her boyfriend....I don't know, just be around her.

    The problem is that I met this girl two days before I got back to my westerner home country, its really a shame that I did not meet her on the first day that I arrived in Asia.

    She really is the only girl I have met so far, that makes me feel so comfortable, so free, so me.

    I guess this question has become a anonymous letter to the world.

    what should I do? skype, msn, email her and keep being friends with her?



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  • In Taipei alone, night life?

    Hi, Im in Taipei now, it is the last stop of my trave in Asia. If you look at my previous question, I am having the same problem now.....

    alittle about myself, I am 18, 186cm, I look about of 20-24, I am a very logical person although sometimes emotions steer me around as well, I consider my self a more experienced member of the society than other 18 year olds.


    I don't know what to do once night arrives.

    I feel like I should be either going out and meeting those super cute Taipei girls, chatting with cool guys and w.e....but I've never even done that back in my western homecountry, and the 2 friends i have in Taiwan, one is a underage ******* blubbing something August being the ghost month so he cant come out, and the other is living with parents, so he cant go out at

    should i still go?

    So if i go anywhere, it will be alone for sure....but atleast the good thing is that I am asian, I can speak with a local accent, so hopefully no violent Taiwanese Gangs will eff with me.

    and where do i go to enjoy my new night life? clubs, bars, book stores?

    remeber i am alone


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  • 1:25 AM in Hong Kong, TST....what is there to do?

    im a 18 yearold Chinese Canadian in HK, tst area alone....really dont know wat to do! Not really a club person, especially when im alone.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    1 AnswerChina9 years ago
  • Laos Motorcycle rental question?

    On the Laos motorcycle rental website it said that I am required to have an international motorcycle license, but I cant get one right now because I am out of my home country Canada....However, I do have a Canadian M2 license, can my Canadian m2 be held as a international motorcycle license...I know it works internationally in the US...thanks for reading

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  • Girls said she would call tonight, but does not....?

    She is a female friend of mine, only friendship between her and I....So I called her at 5 40 pm ish, said shes having din with a friend will call me later tonight, its now 10:30 pm...Should I take the liberty and call her tomo for a chat, or just wait for it, and if nothing happens just let this pass, and wait for her to approach me another time.

    oh, and she might be drinking tonite too, to celebrate something...I guess that could be why shes not calling too....anyways, I guess i gave one reason to the origin of this question...but still what should I do


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  • Girls are staring at me in the street....why....?

    hey guys, I just arrived at my home town Kunming in China from Toronto...I went out for a stroll at dusk after dinner....and some of the girls that walked pass me took a good look at shy so I kinda just looked ahead and pretended i had some where to goo...

    and for thoses ppl...

    I dident hav anything weird on my face, my nothing was hanging out either....just a normal guy.

    but I am about 187 Cm tall, 6'2 for u Americans, taller than almost every guy in the city lmao, medium muscular built, 190 lbs ....and slightly better looking than the locals, and I have a GQ dressing style...which is pretty rare in this part of China.

    Now, do you guys think that the reason these girls looked at me was because they are interested in me? or They are taking their time to savour the feeling of seeing a tall or do they find me weird because i stand out?

    LOL I hope its not the ladder.

    Anyways, who ever you are, have a good day! and thank you for reading this :)

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  • are you bored? can I give you something to do?

    im doing this survey, I was just wondering if you were the survey if about health and dieting....its pretty short, but interesting.

    do it!! thank you, and your welcome lmao...hehehe

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  • How do you like my survey about fruits'veggies n health?

    Whats your opinion on it?

    if you dont mind, you can do it as well....thank ya~

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  • Canadian Chinese Resident going to United States, Visa Question?

    Hi guys, I am a Chinese Citizen with a Chinese Passport, however, I immigrated to Canada a few years ago.

    Now, because I am Chinese, when I cross the border into the US I need a Visa...and I do have my American VISA.

    Now here is my question, my American Travel Visa expires on June 13th of 2011, and I plan on going to the US to shop before that deadline....

    Since my Visa is going to expire soon, are there any restrictions from America, for example stating that I cannot go 2 weeks before my visa expires? or something like that?

    Thank you very much

    2 AnswersEmbassies & Consulates9 years ago
  • Help me do some weird English editing....?

    Here is the Article:

    The one child policy: a solution to over population, with a array of problems that follow behind. The problems are issues of domestic politics, international politics, ethics, depopulation, and human rights. Over population, however, remains the origin of one child policy. One of the countries that utilized the one child policy population control method is China. With one child policy in place, China’s population is growing, however, it is evident the trend of population increase is at an decline. In other words, the one child policy has worked for one of the most popularized country in the world. As stated before, one child policy is a multi-sided solution for over population. The back fire of problems from domestic politics, international politics, ethics, depopulation, and human rights. When all of these problems created by the one child policy were mixed into a mess of international ethics and policy war, combined with a depleting Chinese workforce; the question of : “was one child policy worth it”? comes to mind. The current generation of Chinese politicians must revise on their own actions, and revise on the decisions of their predecessor, to discover if one child policy was worth it.

    and What I have to edit...and I have no idea how to....

    . Passive Verb Construction - Where possible, replace passive verbs with active ones. A sentence with a passive verb takes more words to say the same thing an active verb would have said. For example:

    - John was hit by Joe. (5 words)

    - Joe hit John (3 words)

    Now locate all forms of the verb 'to be', including 'there is' and 'there are' in your text. If they pepper the page, you may find they are often a bland substitute for an effective action verb. Like the passive voice, too many of them dilute the impact of the writing, partly because it takes more words to say what you want to say. Compare the following:

    - Budget cuts are negative in their effect on education. (9 words)

    - Budget cuts undermine education. (4 words)

    - There is a chance that the budget will be cut further. (11 words)

    - Possibly, the budget will be cut further. (7 words)

    Positive Phrasing

    Go over the writing for negative phrasing, and where it is possible to do so without changing meaning, re-phrase it positively. Negative phrasing takes more words, and lacks the impact of the positive. For example...

    - This writing is not very effective. (6 words)

    - This writing is ineffective. (4 words)

    "Ings" and Things

    Here is one more odd little aspect of verb formation. For some reason, a lot of verbs that end in "ing" do not seem to have the impact of other forms of the verb. For example...

    - "...the opportunity of being a writer" is less emphatic than "...the opportunity to be a writer"

    - "I'm deciding I should be writing my essay" is weaker than "I've decided I should write my essay"

    Sentences beginning: This, those, that, these, it, s/he, they

    The reader needs clear pronoun reference. When you use a pronoun, make sure it is clear exactly what or who it refers to. A common mistake is a general statement followed by "this proves that..." but it is never clear what "this" is, or what it proves. For example...

    - Over the next two decades, there were many more blue widgets produced. This proves that...

    We've spotted the unnecessary "there were" as well. What does "this" refer to...the widgets? the production? the decades? and how can it "prove" anything?

    Try this restructuring:

    - Over the next two decades, blue widget production soared. This increased production indicates that...


    Prepositions are necessary and useful, especially in long, complicated sentences. But when possible, restructure prepositional phrases. Otherwise, reading a sentence overly full of prepositions will give you mental hiccups. For example...

    - The results of my study of that school in the city in the winter led me to think about a follow-up to the research in the fall of next year. (8 prepositions; 30 words)

    - That winter, my research results from that city school led me to plan a follow-up investigation for the next autumn. (2 prepositions; 20 words)

    1 AnswerHome Schooling9 years ago
  • Its a short prose written for my class, can you guys take it look at it, and give some feed back, and edit?

    Rhetorical Devices Prose

    Sunday Afternoon on the island of Grand Jatte (painting)

    “Interesting, why is that poor fellow painting at such as place so full of people?”. I asked myself. That golden Sunday afternoon, I took a brief stroke to the island of la Grand Jatte with my little cosine, Goldia. I noticed him, the painter, but not until he was right in front of me, facing me. Later I found out his name was George. That day, the Sunday afternoon at the park was the first time I met my future lover, George, a person who would later smash my heart and than make it dance again and again. George stood at about 6 feet 8 inches tall, he was like a gaping sore on the landscape. I still wonder till this day, why I did not see him until he was in front of me. Perhaps it was because of the golden radiant sunlight shining in my eye? That day, he wore a cheap top hat, under it, there was a face that had a marvelously handsome features. A face with very gentle strokes of crescents through skin in a golden tone. George forehead was covered by leafs of gold, but if you look closely, its actually his lush blond hair. And his eyes! They were in a tone of deep, dark, blue. Shielded by dense curly lashes.Till this day, fifty years later, my wrinkled cheek still blushes when I think of that Sunday afternoon on the island of grand jatte with Gorge.

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  • What is a thru lane, on a police accident report?

    I recently had a car accident, on the police report, it indicates that the accident happened on a thru lane, can someone please give me the definition of a Thru Lane? thanks

    1 AnswerOther - Cars & Transportation10 years ago
  • implicit differentiation?

    so the function is Y=X^x Why cant you solve this explicitly?? and and wouldn't the answer be

    Y'=(X)(X^x-1) ??

    7 AnswersMathematics10 years ago
  • Special derivative problem?

    D/dx secx, i kno dy/dx is secxtanx....but i keep getting sinxcosx, can someone explain this to me? Thx

    3 AnswersMathematics10 years ago
  • Basic calculus question?

    As a snowball melts its surface area decreses. The surface area is modelled by the equation s=4pie.r^2 s in cubic centimeters.

    Determin the avg rate of.change between radius 25 to 20cm.

    Text book answer:-565.5 my answer: 565.5

    My question is where did the negative sign came from? I know the slope is negative, but my answr is not, so i should just assume and add in a negative sign to my answer? Thanks

    1 AnswerMathematics10 years ago
  • Difficult advanced functions question?

    |(x^2-9)/(x+1)| >= 5

    I solved the positive equation, but the negative equation appears to be not factorable, please help

    2 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Should I ask her again after being rejected along time ago.?

    I am 16, really nice guy, ok looking, tall etc......... I told my my close friend (girl) i wanted to bring our relationship to another level (basically my 1st love, and 1st time telling a girl that i liked her) . But she rejected me, and said that we are better off being friends.....I heard people get over rejections in a matter of days.....but after 4month, today, I am still good friends with her. but I just can't get over her. should I ask her again, or should I just let that part of my heart fade away as time passes on?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago