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  • Runescape question. HELP?

    My brother just started and I wanted to give him some money. I'm gonna give him 6mil. Uhh.. would he get all that, or would it mess up the drop? Kinda like the 26k trick does?

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  • How to clone with GTS no AR?

    How do you do it? I don't have an AR, but I want to clone with the GTS. Help?

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  • Pokemon battle.. I need one. CLICK?

    *sigh* I need some more pokemon battles. I fought an awesome battler, but I still want to get used to it.


    NO illegal move sets, NO ubers (ex. garchomp), NO EV trained pokemon, and No hacked pokemon.


    0259 4772 1952

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  • I'm bored.. looking for a battle.?

    Looking for a battle, NO EV trained pokemon.


    If I see one, I'll disconnect. Leave your FC and name below.

    Name: Matsuki

    FC: 0259 4772 1952

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  • Looking for some pokemon?

    Umm, I need a lvl. 1 magby with magmarizer and lvl. elekid with electrizer. I can offer some pokemon... items and TMs too.

    Umm.. looking for a female bagon and female eevee. I need 2 female eevees...

    Also, can someone please give me a free dark pulse, stone edge, rest, calm mind, EQ, rock polish, stealth rock, toxic, brick break, nasty plot, and energy ball?

    I'd appreciate it if you give it to me free, but I can offer some items too.

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  • EV training? Help me please?

    Um.. I'm breeding my team and I got a Ralts with Rash nature, and I'm EV training it. I trained it on Gastly's and got 80 EV points on SP. ATT. Then, I fed it 2 calciums then it said 'It won't have any effect'. And when I lvled it up, only +1 comes up. I thought 4 EVs = 1+ to that stat?

    Best answer gets 10 pts.

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  • Common football injuries?

    Well, I need to do a project and I'm doing football. Anyone know any common football injuries and what system they affect? (Skeletal systems and the like)

    Sorry, I have no idea since I never played football EVER.. XD

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  • Pokemon Help.... need a Pokemon :)?

    Could someone trade me a Kadabra and a dusk stone?

    You could trade each individually.

    List your names and FC's. I'll be looking 8D

    I need it badly, by the way, please make a good deal, since in the GTS a Kadabra is traded for like Lvl.100 Lugia or something.

    *{Make the Kadabra Lvl. 30-40. I'd like to train it up myself}

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  • Rate my Pokemon team

    Err... rate my pokemon team please? They're all level 100 so um.. yeah.

    Also, when '???' or / appears, that's when you come in. I'm not sure about some attacks and what items to hold so please help ~____^




    Stone Edge

    Grass Knot

    Substitute/Protect/Swords Dance

    Nature: Jolly



    Double Hit

    Brick Break/Fling ( With dread plate )

    Water Pulse/Last Resort


    Nature: Jolly



    Poison Jab

    GrassWhistle/Rest ( Trait: Natural Cure Helps )

    Rain Dance/Sunny Day

    Weather Ball

    Nature: Jolly




    Iron tail

    Protect/Discharge/Giga Impact

    Nature: Adamant


    Head Smash/Zen Headbutt



    Swords Dance/ Rock Polish

    Nature: Jolly



    Calm Mind

    Shadow Ball

    ThunderBolt - ???

    Nature: Modest

    Rank them please!!!! 8D

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