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  • Where should I sell stuff on Skyrim?

    I just bought a house on Whiterun, and I do not have to many funds, although I have some things that may give me some money, like: some animal's skins, garnets and dragon's bones. But, unfortunately I'm trying to sell the stuff I just wrote about in belethor's general goods, and he's not giving me the money they're worth. For example: I just sold a garnet that in my inventory says that's a worth a 100 gold, and instead he gave me just 33 gold. That's not a fair price, so I'm wondering if can I sell those things in another store, or if I just have to enhance my Speech skill.

    Thank you very much.

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  • How can I enter to harvard?

    Hello, my name is Juan Manuel from Colombia and one of my dreams is entering to harvard.

    I' am one of the best ones in my class, I'm in a mathnasium, My school is I.B. and I want to be an Electronic Engeneer, but I really need some of your help, and some advices from you, I'd be really grateful if someone answers this question to me, and please tell me about the financial aid.

    Thank you!.