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  • What does "Black Lives Matter" mean to you?

    Note: This is a serious question meant for serious critical thinking comments. If I find that all I'm getting is troll comments then I'll just delete this questions or comments.I just want to hear some of your guy's thoughts.

    For me, its about ending police brutality and mistreatment towards African Americans out of racism. But the problem that I have with MY definition is:

    1. It doesn't address racism towards other minority groups. And if it did, the phrase definetly didn't represent them (at least on a literal term). Nor does it address police brutalities against white folks because lets be honest, no race is excluded from police brutality. Plenty of times have I seen videos of white a person getting shot or brutally injured by a police officer who clearly weren't a threat.

    2. It encourages the idea that all police brutalities towards black people is out of racism. Derek Chauvin could (again COULD) have been a man who had many black police officer friends and black family members that he cared for. Point being its difficult to distinguish wether or not police brutality is done purely out of racism. Had the officer himself been colored or the victim white would the outcry have been as bad?

    I wouldn't say I don't support Black Lives Matter, but I would say that the phrasing has its drawbacks. For me, it doesn't matter what religion, skin color, gender, sexuality etc. the victim is, its about ending police brutality and the abuse of authority. Its not always about racism.

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  • How should I prepare for the driving exam as an adult,?

    I'm 19 years old Alaskan and desperately in need to receive my provisional license. I've held on to my learners permit for far over 6 months now but had been unable to get more than a couple of hours behind the wheel. My question is do I still as a 19 year old with a learners permit, legally required, to have a 21 year old driver besides me when I'm practicing on the small roads? I have siblings and friends who can drive but are not yet 21 and my parent's work schedule doesn't match up with my own. Driving school is too expensive, time consuming, and far away to get to, so my only options are now to "hire" a 21 year old, or drive not so legally on the road with my friends and sibling supervision, possibly even alone in when the roads are empty. Does anyone have any other alternatives or advice they could please give me? 

    Also note: Pretty silly how in order to get to a driving school and the DMV for the test, I need to drive there, but if I couldn't drive in the first place legally, how would the expect me to get their as an unlicensed adult? 

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  • Is Ms. Marvel the same as Captain Marvel?

    I always saw Ms. Marvel as a blonde woman wearing all black and a lightning symbol (Kinda looks like Black Canary). Whats the actual difference?

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  • Serious Math help!!?

    if 9+10=21 then how da f*** does that work? This is stupid

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  • Does wii u work with google docs?

    I know it used to but now when I enter on wii u it takes me to a download website for andoid.And oviously I can download it on wii u.And I tried.

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  • goku vs superman is the man of steel the champ?

    who would win (Including ss4)

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