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  • Inside of penis foreskin sticky?

    So the inside of my foreskin is starting to look and feel different. I’ve noticed that there’s times where the skin is much more slower to peel back then usual. Or there will be times where it is more sticky than usual and the skin won’t go back unless I use the other hand to pul back the rest. I don’t know if this is normal but it wasn’t like this before. It used to peel back quickly without getting stuck. I always wash really good too in the shower. I also notice that the inside of the foreskin has a little bulgy look to it. And also, the skin and head feels more sensitive to the touch than usual. Any help or info is appreciated.

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  • Girls: What do you consider “bad sex”?

    I want to know in detail what it means to you guys to have a bad partner. Is it the movement? The size?

    Any experience you would like to share is good too

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  • Should I tell this girl that I’m a virgin?

    So, long story short, a girl and her parents rent 2 rooms in our house. The parents have their own room, and the girl just recently got her own. They’ve been with us for a long time now but the girl just recently got her own room because the guy that was renting it just moved out. I’m 20 years old, she’s 21. So another long story short, she found my Snapchat and we started texting. So, things started getting spicy in our conversations and we started talking about us together, but not in a full on relationship kind of way. She knows I don’t want anything serious, and I know she doesn’t want anything serious. So we’ve already had this whole talk that if we ever do something together, we wouldn’t catch any feelings. So, it’s getting close to that point, last night things were getting just a little hot through our conversations. But she doesn’t know I’m a virgin. From her point of view, she thinks I’ve had a lot of girls, or that I already have a bunch of girls around. She says that I’m really attractive and that’s what caught her attention to text me. But if I told her I was a virgin, would she think differently of me? The things is, she never asked me the direct question. So, before we even talked, she thinks that I already have experience with girls. And I know she’s not a virgin either. I’m scared I might screw up and dissatisfy her from my lack of experience. 

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  • Sex? Urge for sex? How sinful is it? ?

    Hello, I’m a 20 year old male. I am Christian but not strictly. I do follow the basic rules of a Christian. I pray everyday and thank God for everything. I’m a humble person and I respect others. So, I’m a virgin. And I will be honest, I have had sexual chemistry with females before but it has never gotten to actual sex. They’ve flirted and sent me pictures of their private areas here and there. But I’ve never had a sexual encounter. I currently have an urge for sex. I feel guilty because I know it’s wrong. But how sinful is sex before marriage? I know people who claim they are Christian and have had sex before marriage or are having sex with multiple people. Is it wrong of me to have this urge? What will happen if I make the mistake of having sex before marriage? 

    Now for a more serious topic. I have a sexual attraction towards my little cousins mom. I don’t call her aunt because she never married my uncle. They broke up 3 years ago. I’ve known her since I was a child and as I grew, I started noticing she had an attractive personality and body. Which is what has given me this temptation. She’s lived with us for over 10 years. It’s difficult for me to let this temptation go when she’s a person I see everyday. She wears nice clothes that compliment her body. Am I wrong for this? We both have a good relationship,we trust each other. Is it still wrong even though she isn’t my family? She is 35 years old. What can I do to change this? 

    And also, is masturbation a sin?

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  • Something connecting to my testicle hurts?

    Hello, so I’ve noticed that sometimes I feel this small ache above/behind my right testicle and it feels like it’s something that connects to it. When I put pressure or squeeze the testicle, I feel an uncomfortable ache rush up my groin to the side of my inner hip, sometimes I’ll even feel it on the side of my waist. The more I squeeze the testicle, the stronger the ache. And no I don’t squeeze at full force, just slightly. This doesn’t happen all day but it happens often. There will be days where the ache will feel a bit more uncomfortable than other days. I’m not sure what it could be, maybe a urinary tract infection? I also notice my pee is more yellow than before and the tip of my penis burns sometimes. I don’t feel any pain in the testicle nor do I have any pain during ejaculation. I want to go to a doctor but I’m scared to go as this virus pandemic is growing in my area. I can live with what I have, it doesn’t affect my everyday activities, but I’m scared as to what it could be and if it could cause more damage to my body in the future. 

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  • Where can I find disturbing videos on the internet?

    So I’ve become way too curious. I want to find disturbing/dark/creepy videos on the internet but where can I find them? Don’t tell me not to try and watch this stuff because it’s too late lol. Trust me, I’ve already watched lots of messed up stuff. And also please don’t say best gore or YouTube cuz I’m pretty bored of that site and YouTube doesn’t have anything extremely disturbing due to their guidelines. What I’m looking for is this brutally disturbing videos that are talked about on the “dark/deep web”. I’ve heard so much about these videos and I want to know if there’s a website or something where I can find them. I used to be in a group chat and someone sent this video of an infant literally getting raped. How does this stuff even get around. There has to be some source where all these vids are being found. I hear about videos of people recording breaking into someone’s house and murdering them on camera in the most sinister ways, terrifying videos involving children, and other more disturbing things that your mind can’t take in. Links would be nice and thanks in advanced!

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  • Why do spicy foods give me acne?

    So I’ve had back acne for a few years now and i found out whats causing the irritation. It’s spicy foods! Whether it’s hot sauce, chips, jalapeños, peppers, or anything with spices in general, it irritates my skin. My face, back, and chest. I’m going to start an acne treatment for it but I love spicy foods. I don’t know how I can avoid the growth of acne when eating this stuff. Especially when I eat jalapeños, the next day there’s a bunch of pimples on my face and my skin gets irritated and feels very patchy especially on my shoulders, back, and chest. In order to start the treatment, will I have to stop eating spicy food? Why does it cause acne? 

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  • Attachment image

    What do mansion/luxury home owners do? What’s their occupation?

    I live in an area surrounded by lots of rich counties and cities/towns (Northern Va/DC area). I work as a dump truck driver and usually haul stone to new houses being built and I usually go through these area full of beautiful houses. But I’ve always wondered, what are the different things these owners are doing? It’s strange, I never see anyone outside of these huge houses. It’s like they’re never there. Really, what are people doing to pay over 30k a month for a multimillion dollar home. I know that up north there are a lot of congressmen and government people. But what are the others doing?

    I added a photo of a house for sale near my area 

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  • Can I still have intercourse with a UTI?

    So I’m a guy and i found out recently that i may have a urinary tract infection due to some symptoms like yellow urine, slight burn/itch at tip of penis. I will soon visit a doctor to find out what it could be but due to my symptoms, I’m pretty sure it could be a UTI. Now my real question is, is it safe to have unprotected sex with a UTI? What about oral sex? I’m not sure how infections work but would it be safe for my girls private area or mouth to come in contact with my genitals? Thanks in advance.

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  • Penis bends easily to the left when erect?

    So I noticed something strange and I’m not sure if I’m the only one but when I’m erect, my penis seems flexible if I bend it to my left but feels very stiff to my right. Like if I try using my hand to curve it to the right, it won’t curve at all and stays straight. But if I do it to the left, it bends easily like an arc. I’m not sure if that’s normal. Thanks 

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  • Small car accident: Do I have to stay at the scene if there are no injuries or damage to my vehicle?

    So I was involved in a car accident a few months back. I drive a big dump truck. I didn’t see the little Prius that was on my passenger side and I dinged it as I was trying to pass on my right lane. I hit it very slightly but since my vehicle is pretty large, it made a big dent and some deep scratches on her door. My vehicle is made of hard material so I had no damage at all. I gave her all my information, drivers license, insurance, license plate, etc.  I told her I would be on my way since I didn’t have any damage and she had all my info. And of course, her name had to be Karen. She had her computer out with the State Farm website open and everything and apparently was telling me I couldn’t leave because someone has to look at the damage. She seemed very nervous and shaky and kept telling me about how she got in an accident a while back and got scammed or something. I told her she had all my info and that the damage wasn’t even that serious like 5 times. She kept saying “No no but someone has to come look at the damage”. I stood there watching her “dial” a number because she never came in contact with anyone so I told her I would be on my way and left. I’m not sure if the laws apply the same in every state but am I obligated to stay in a situation like this?

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  • Males: Best place to get checked for UTI?

    I may have some kind of infection but I’m not sure where to go. I went to a patient first clinic but they don’t have the right equipment. I have a small lump on my testicle and the doctor told me to go to a urologist to get scanned. But after I went to that clinic, I started getting some symptoms a few week after that showed signs of infection. So I’m not sure if I should go to a urologist first to check the lump?

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  • Men/Woman What did you do your “first time” ?

    Explain the process of when you lost your virginity in a detailed story kind of way. What happened first, what happened last, how long did it last, what words were said, was it planned, and was it a good experience?

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  • Males, have you ever had a urinary tract infection?

    Have you ever had any type of genital infection and what was it? What symptoms did you experience? How did you cure it? I’m asking this question because I’m having some symptoms that might mean I have some kind of infection. I will be going to the doctor soon. I’m worried but hopefully it’s nothing serious so all information you might have from personal experience will help. Thanks

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  • Girl I’m attracted to likes parties and getting drunk?

    There’s a girl that I like and she’s not even 18 yet and likes to drink and party. I’m not the party type or drinker type. Most of the girls I know like this habit of drinking and going to parties while wearing barely any clothes and they say they do it because it’s fun. But do girls actually have fun by drinking a lot and making themselves look stupid afterwards by shaking their asses at parties and letting guys touch them. I know not all girls like this but i don’t understand how all that is fun. So this girl that I like has LOTS of friends. She has a drinking habit but it’s mainly at parties. I’ve never drank before. I don’t remember the last time I even tasted alcohol. I just turned 20. After high school, I avoided all my friends that were bad influences to me. The ones that liked parties and smoking weed were the ones I cut off the most. I did it because I hate people who try so hard to make me do something I don’t want to do. Call me boring all you want but I’ve always hated these kind of parties where everyone is drinking and being loud and annoying. I just don’t see the fun in it. When I watch videos on this girls Snapchat, I just see a bunch of idiots being loud and stupid. All I see is them taking shots and yelling dumb things with loud music. My other friend was at this party and everyone was dancing and girls were shaking their asses. And then those same girls are out here saying they are innocent. So the final question is why do people like these kind of habits?

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  • Is there any advancements in the trucking industry?

    My dad owns a small trucking business that consists of 2 trucks. He drives one, I drive the other. We work as vendors for a stone company hauling materials to job sites. We get paid by trip, there’s no taxes taken away, no benefits, no vacation pay, or anything like that. My dad pays me a certain percentage every week from what the truck makes. I personally like getting paid in full because you get to have all the money you make but taxes is coming up and I’m not sure how much it’s going to be. I’m also 20 years old so I’ll probably be a target to them. I’ve always wondered if there’s a way to move up in the position that we are. Buying more trucks just means more expenses, more fuel, more maintenance. It would be nice to own the company and have people work for you. Like hiring a maintenance team and drivers. But that also takes time and lots of money. We usually work from 7am-3pm or 4 on average every week. Is there a way we can advance in the industry. Or is there anything we could do on the side? Money isn’t a problem for me at the moment but I notice my dad has such a big annual salary but wayyy too many expenses. It’s like he’s working for the trucks which makes me feel sympathy. Thanks in advance 

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  • Those that didn’t go to college, what’s your current occupation?

    For those that didn’t go to college, how successful are you at the moment?

    What’s your average salary?

    What’s your occupation?

    Are you happy with where you are?

    Do you regret not going to college?

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  • Smelly testicles? How to cure?

    I’ve never had bad body odor until about 2 months ago. Out of nowhere, I started realizing I had this bad odor somewhere on my body and it was coming from my testicles. I rarely sweat down there, I take showers everyday and clean the area well. I sometimes use shampoo to clean the body but I don’t know if that really affects the situation? I’m not too sure what is could be. I seem to have lots of spots all over my scrotum/sack that look and feel like tiny pimples. I believe they are called fordyce spots. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it either. How can I cure this problem. I’ve always cleaned the area very well and all of the sudden this is happening? 

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  • Discomfort/Pain in groin when touching testicle?

    I have a small lump the size of a pimple on my right testicle. The discomfort/pain in my groin definitely is coming from my testicle because when I squeeze the testicle, the pain rushes up through my groin. It sometimes just feels uncomfortable and sometimes I will feel a hard pain in my groin. I dont think my testicle has swollen or anything. They both feel about the same size and are firm and feel like a grape. I’ve had the lump for about 2 months. Just today, I was running outside and my groin started to feel strange. I didn’t feel like this before. When I rubbed my fingers around the testicle, the pain felt a bit stronger than before. I don’t feel the pain directly in the testicle, mostly in the groin. At the moment, the pain doesn’t feel as intense as before. The pain is only felt to the touch of the testicle. And as of today, when I run I feel discomfort in groin. What could this be? 

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  • How did you meet your soulmate?

    How did you meet your significant other? 

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