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  • Destination Wedding?

    I received a card from a former coworker who I was friendly with several years ago. It announces that she will be getting married in Hawaii over Christmas holidays. It is not a save the date or an invitation. It is formally printed up and asks that "in lieu of gitts" donations be made to a gofund me account. Is it normal to give a gift if you are not invited to the wedding? I was a little weirded out by the card.

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  • Destination Wedding Gift manners?

    I received a card from a former coworker who I was friendly with several years ago. It announces that she will be getting married in Hawaii over Christmas holidays. It is not a save the date or an invitation. It is formally printed up and asks that "in lieu of gitts" donations be made to a gofund me account. Is it normal to give a gift if you are not invited to the wedding? I was a little weirded out by the card.

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  • my mother in law announced my pregnancy and the babies name on facebook?

    I am in my first pregnancy to make it out of the first trimester and will hopefully be induced next week. With our history of pregnancy losses despite the fact that this pregnancy is going much better we really wanted to wait until the baby was born to announce it publically. However my mil, whom we are not extreme close to recently announced our pregnancy, approximate due date the babies name and gender on Facebook.

    She refuses to remove the information and continues to post about it. Many friends and family did not have the information. We figured out that her SIL is also becoming a grandmother again soon, but her daughter has posted a lot of information, so we think she is jealous of the sister in laws attention.

    This will be mils fifth grandchild and our first baby, so it is not as though she has never been a grandparent in the past. She has also not shown any interest in the baby prior to posting this. She and my husband generally speak about once a month when he calls her. She does not enquire about the pregnancy or the baby, he gives her information because he wants a bond with his mother. I support that but am horrified by her behavior if this pregnancy should end poorly everyone we know will now be aware of that. If it does end well most of our family now found out all about it by Facebook rather than by personal phone call, which is what we wanted.

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  • Best ways to save for retirement?

    My husband and I both have IRAs but that's about it. Should we focus on those or look at diversifying our savings a little. He's in his early forties, I'm in my early 30s. We've got very little debt, which is what we have been focusing on up until this point. Now that our debt is under control, we don't really know what the next step is.

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  • What is a good interest rate for a US credit card?

    My husband and I have good credit scores, but I have an old student visa with a 15% interest rate. We don't have any money on the card, but I am wondering if I should try to get a new card with a lower rate. Is 15% a reasonable rate for people with clean credit reports and a mortgage?

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  • Does age difference matter? Do men take slightly older women seriously?

    My best friend (33) is interested in a guy who is 26. She doesn't want to be treated like a party girl/ sex crazy woman, which is her view of a cougar. I don't know the guy at all, but he sounds really nice. She's worried that he won't take her seriously since she's so much older. I've been telling her that at a certain point, age doesn't really matter, but I don't know if that's true at 26. What do you all think?

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  • How to most easily leave a group of friends?

    I'm an adult and I've been hanging around with a group of friends for about a year now. We have an on-line forum that we mainly talk in and since my husband works out of town, I spent a lot of time chatting with them between times we see each other. (Husband has no problem with this.)

    Anyway, lately the dynamic of our group has been changing and I don't like the direction it's going. (Substance abuse/sexism/negativity/things married women don't need to be involved with.) All of the other women have left and it just isn't a positive experience for me any more. I've kind of bowed out and haven't been in touch with anyone for about a month. The problem is that I am really lonely. I've got plans in June to move to be with my husband full time, but I still have six months to go. I peaked at their forum last night, because I was thinking of hanging out with them again, but it's getting worse, not better and I know that it's best for me to stay away from this group. How do I break this habit? I've been talking to these people every day for almost a year and while I know it's become a very toxic environment, I miss having such a convenient group to hang around with. We all live in a rural area and there aren't many people around so it's tough to make new friends. I'm trying to keep busy, but it's hard. Any advice? I know that once I move to be near my husband, I'll be fine. It's just getting to June.

    I do have OCD, mildly and part of the problem I think is that it was habitual for me to have a glass of wine before bed and chat with my group. My doctor has me handling the OCD with diet and exercise since it's pretty mild and I had some nasty side effects with meds.

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  • Can I grow out damaged hair or does it need to be cut?

    My hair hangs in layers to my mid back. I love, love, love long hair and though I think many women look adorable with short hair, I've tried that and I am not one of them. I was getting ready for a Christmas party and noticed that my hair is "broken" around where I put it up into a pony tail. I must've let it get too dried out and damaged it. The ends are not split, it is broken in the middle. My hair is fine in texture, but I've got a lot of it, so it isn't obvious, it still looks really good from a distance, but I know it's damaged.

    What I'm concerned about is the damage spreading, like split ends do. Because of how high up the hair the damage is, I'd have to cut it to chin length with bangs at cheek bone length. I really don't want to go this short - like I said, short hair just doesn't suit me at all. If I condition it and trim it, will it be possible to grow the damage out without it spreading?

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  • Does any one have statistics about the differences in divorce rates....?

    between working and stay at home moms? I find that results of things sometimes aren't what you expect.

    We are looking at both moving and starting a family and it might be easier for me to take a couple of years off. I have a teaching license, so it won't effect my pay when I re-enter the work force. I became curious about this, because I feel that my husband and I argue less about money now that we are both working full time and each have some of our "own" money than we did when he controlled the finances entirely. (We have the freedom to not worry about each others small purchases.) I'm a bit concerned that staying at home will put additional strain on our marriage, rather than strengthening it. Any actual stats or personal anecdotes?

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  • Best 22 cal pistol to buy for practice?

    Basically, I'm new to shooting and am intimidated by the range. I don't mind the kick from a larger caliber pistol, but I can't afford to shoot as often as I'm going to need to to stop being intimidated and to get comfortable. I'd like to eventually carry concealed, but that's going to be more of a concern after I get a little better at shooting. I'd like to shoot a 22 for practice, but I'd like it to be as similar in feel to the larger caliber pistol I would eventually carry. I notice a lot of 22s seem to be for competition and I don't think that will be for me. If possible, I'd like to buy an American made product, but quality, appropriateness to my goal and price are my top three concerns. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Caring about what other people think?

    When I was in high school and college, I didn't really care what other people thought. I'm finding that as an adult, I care a lot more. And I wish I didn't. It really effects me when people don't like me and I think I need to accept that some people just won't like me. It's easier said than done, however. Anyone have some tips for letting go of this anxiety? (I've already tried not thinking about it. That hasn't been going well.)

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  • What is a good marriage help book?

    My husband works out of town and we don't have much time together. Recently, he was out of work for a few months and we really enjoyed each others company. Now that he is bad at work, we've gone back to our routine and it's not as much fun. I'm looking for a marriage support book that isn't for people who are in deep trouble. Neither of us has had an affair or is abusive or is addicted to anything stronger than coffee. Just looking for something with some tips in it to remind us to connect. I am Christian, my husband is not, so I don't mind something with some religious element, but if it's overpoweringly about Christianity it won't speak to my husband and we both want to read the book.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • How do you ignore horrible people?

    There are some really amazing people in my life and I'm choosing to spend all the time I can with them. There are also some really difficult people (mom and MIL). I just set firm boundaries and keep my distance with them, but I'm find that the things said by the horrible people, even ones I hardly know, bother me to the point that I have trouble sleeping and am full of tension. I can't just "let it go", even when it's something small. I have OCD, but it's been pretty well handled. I don't know. How do other people deal with this, when it just sticks with them?

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  • How do kurtas fit (women)?

    I love the way they look and I think they might be nice to wear at work, but I live in a rural area and there are none for sale near me, so I'll have to buy on line. The problem I have is that I have really narrow shoulders compared to the rest of me. I usually wear a 4/6 on top and a 6/8 bottom. The problem I see with the on-line shops is that this puts me between a small and a medium. I'm concerned because I don't want the kurta to look funny.

    The weight on the bottom for me is mainly in the hips, so if the kurta naturally flairs there I might be able to fit a small. I'm leaning toward the larger size though, because there's nothing less flattering than clothes that fit too tight. Any advice on how they generally fit?

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  • What kind of dog should I get next?

    I have a male retriever/coonhound who is the terror of our acreage. He chases chickens and my husband all around the yard. He likes female dogs when we dog sit (fixed obviously) so we're thinking of getting a female dog for him to play with.

    Things we like about him:

    He's funny, loves to play, was easy to train and loves us.

    Things we could live with out:

    He's very, very high energy (coon hound?), eats everything (even every non-food item he can get his hands on).

    The truth is that we have the space to live with the high energy, but the eating everything is something I would like to avoid with our next dog. I'm an over protective dog owner and he is at the vet MUCH more often than other dogs I've had because I'm always worrying about something he may or maynot have eaten. I haven't had a retriever before and I've heard this is a retriever trait, so I'd like to avoid another retiriever. We are foster parents, so we can't have pitt bulls or other "aggressive breeds". (I know they can be great dogs, but the county guide lines are what they are.)

    We'll get our next dog at the pound when it's time, but we're just kind of looking for suggestions for breeds to look for and those to avoid. We like being able to hike and play ball and frisby. I've been thinking about an australian shepard mix, but I'd like to have a few things in my before we go.

    Any suggestions from the forum?

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  • My dog keeps getting out of his cone?

    My dog has had an e-collar (traditional and see threw) and he's gotten out of both of them. The $5 one from the vet he destroyed. The more expensive see threw one from the pet store took about 4 days for him to get off. It isn't broken, it's just not on him anymore. He is going to have surgery on Tuesday and I'm not sure what to do about this. I'll be off work that week, but the next week I'll need to go back to work and I don't want him to tear out his stiches.

    Am I putting on the cone too loosely? It felt snug, but I have to admit that it wasn't incredibly tight, I wanted him to be comfortable. Is it possible for dogs to get out of them if they are fitted correctly? He is a retriever/coon hound cross if that makes a difference.

    Edit: He's been wearing the collar for a licking issue that is pretty much resolved (I hope.) for now. I'm more concerned at this point about the up coming surgery.

    3 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • I need a new series of books to read!?

    Something like Barbara Micheals or Kage Baker, clever but light enough to read in the bath tub. I'm a little too old for Twilight and I red Vampire Diaries when they first came out so I may skip the vampire craze. Any suggestions?

    7 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • Can anyone recommend a good dog training book that is fun?

    My dog can sit and come, but he's got lots of energy and we've got lots of space, so I'd really like to do some more interesting training with him. We live in the middle of nowhere so training classes are not an option. I'd love to find a book that discusses training with verbal and gestural commands that we could work on. Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • Does canine igy work?

    My dog had bad diarrhea on Friday, I took him to the vet yesterday because although he seemed fine, his poop was still green and soft. The vet seemed distracted by how energetic my dog was and gave us canine igy. He only has one day left, and his stool is still soft and green. The vet didn't examine him except to try to take his temperature (dog was not in favor of this). I'm thinking about taking him to a different vet on saturday if his stool is still messed up. But I don't want to be paraniod or spend a fortune on vets for no reason.

    I suspect that the initial bout of diarrhea was due to eating from the garbage, but I'm not sure exactly what he ate. Other than his stool, he seems completely himself. My question is, does this medicine work? Should I take him to a different vet or give it time to clear up on it's own?

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  • My dog has diarrhea. What should I do?

    My dog got into the garbage on Thursday night and on Friday had bad diarrhea and may have vomitted. He was very excited to see me and ran around trying to play while I was cleaning up his mess. I with held food for 24 hours and gave him lots of water. He drank it and continued to seem fine, except that he had a very small amount of diarrhea. I gave him rice with a small amount of his regular food for dinner. He continues to seem fine, but I'm worried about how bad the diarrhea was. There are all kinds of things in our garbage and he seemed to eat/destroy a lot of non-food items.

    For your reference, I am a bit of a dog hypocondriac. I am always taking him to the vet. I guess I just can't tell when he needs to go and when he doesn't. How can you tell if he needs to go? Other than the little tiny bit of diarrhea today he seems totally happy and fine. Since our last dog died, my mind always goes to the worse case scenarios.

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