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  • how come I can t get an erection?

    so I try to arouse myself and I cant seem to get hard or throughout the day. I think this could be an issue I experience this daily sometimes when I do get erect it last only for a few seconds then it disappears I do not like being soft I want my penis to be hard and horned not soft and small

    please help

    4 AnswersMen's Health3 years ago
  • should QB Drew Brees sign with the broncos?

    i feel like if drew brees sign with the broncos they will be a superbowl contender in 2018. The Broncos are 1 quaterback away from being superbowl champions again they have a elite defense and i believe drew brees can revive Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. I think Drew Brees is at the point of his career where he doesn't want to play for stats and wants rings.

    11 AnswersRugby League3 years ago
  • how can i be a NFL GM?

    I have so much football knowledge that its ridiculous and i feel like i am wasting it. I need to show the world my football talent and my amazing knowledge and be a GM of a NFL team and try to become the best GM to ever live.

    6 AnswersFootball (American)3 years ago
  • My Phone has water damage what should I do?

    I did the basic stuff like turn it off quickly as possible and put in rice

    I had it In the rich for around 36 hours and more when I went to go back to it to see if its okay and it was but it still struggles with water damage right now.

    my phone charges and it powers on but I cant turn it off or put in my pin number because it still has water inside of it because I can see it.

    so I put it back into the rice hoping it will work but right now its pointless

    I don t know what I should do

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • Why is porn so popular?

    I don’t know why it’s so popular help me

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • what happened to old school gaming?

    The Gaming industy is such a waste of a time and money in this new age gaming

    where we stupid things such as micro transactions. Micro transactions are literally a HUGE SCAM!! but gaming companies try to deny and say things like micro transactions are not a scam and balances the reward system in games when it really doesn't us gamers know that these are scams bought upon us to take our money. I remember when their was no such thing as a DLC or Micro transactions way back on the PS2 I remember when there was no such thing as waiting for a game to download for 5 hours or more depending on your internet speed. game companies like EA and Rockstar games are guilty of this but rockstar isn't as greedy as EA in terms of DLC and Micro transactions every game EA made had micro transactions except for the PS2 games because there was no such thing as micro transactions. But every gaming has scammed us for decades and I still cant believe we still support these companies like Electronic arts AKA the worst company in America all they do Is mess things up

    we need to stop supporting these companies and shut them down for their unnecessary scams and rip-offs

    or us gamers will continue to get punished

    1 AnswerOther - Games & Gear3 years ago
  • IS it okay to take a picture of my penis?

    I’m trying to figure it out and I wasn’t going to send people my penis that’s illegal but I want to take a picture of it without any consequences

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • how do I get this girl back into my life?

    we recently graduated high school

    and I used to talk to her all the time

    and we built a huge connection and I liked her because she was perfect and stuff

    and ever since then I stopped talking to her and I feel bad because she was a awesome person

    I still follow her on social media and I do have her phone number

    but I lack communication skills so my communication skills are very low

    I'm not shy about girls majority of my friends are female

    but I need help

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • how do I open my own strip club business?

    I am really interested I always wanted to make my own business

    and since strip clubs are very popular I thought I would be able to do this

    now how do I do it

    6 AnswersSmall Business3 years ago
  • Is it true that sex stimulates your penis and make it last longer and make it longer and stronger?

    I heard this but I don’t know if this true

    That’s why I’m asking this

    7 AnswersMen's Health3 years ago
  • can grand theft auto 5 run on my laptop smoothly?

    I have a HP Laptop and here are the specs

    it has windows 10

    up to 500GB

    with a intel Celeron N3050 processor

    and a 15.6 diagonal HD display

    I have not experienced any lag on this laptop when it comes to surfing the web

    when I watch videos on youtube it runs smoothly.

    I have played some games on my laptop like off the steam store and I'm not going to lie some of the games are laggy.

    like cities skylines at first it was running smoothly and when I added 200 mods it stopped working

    and I also tried Day before Dawn and they ran smooth and Also CSGO I suck at it

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • how do I make a printing service?

    people keeps telling me can I print them out stuff like for projects or just pictures to hang up on the wall or try to make them a poster.

    or other things such as DIY Flags

    I charge them but I feel like a printing service

    so how do I make one and how do I start

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)3 years ago
  • How do I get posters of nude girls?

    well I don't know how to get posters of nude girls and there is no sources telling me how so I came here. since I am a guy at 18 I thought it would be cool to get nude girls posters on my wall to make it feel more like a real teenage guy room.

    I know what some of you are going to say

    go get a girlfriend and look at her but if I could I would lol or might call me disrespectful. IM NOT LOOKING FOR TROLLS OKAY

    if you have the answer to my question give it up please

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How do I get GTA five PC version for cheap?

    Most stores are selling GTA five PC for $60 and I don’t think that’s worth it no more so how do I get it for cheap on one line on the Internet because I want to play but I don’t to pay 60 bucks for it and I would want to get it on PC so I can get some mods

    5 AnswersPC3 years ago
  • Why is my penis so hard?

    My penis is so hard I’m not sure why it’s happening I wasn’t fantasizing about anything or anyone

    It just sort of happened and it’s really big and hard and it makes me move around a lot

    Is this normal? I am a single guy

    Sometimes it gets hard at the wrong moments and it drives me insane sometimes

    But I like it when my penis gets horned it’s better than it being tiny

    How do I control my erections?

    Men's Health3 years ago
  • What business can I build for $500?

    I want to build a business but I don’t know to do so business can I build for 500 dollars

    4 AnswersSmall Business3 years ago
  • will it still be possible to talk to a girl without my phone?

    so my phone broke and I want a girlfriend

    but the only way we can probably talk is by phone. is it possible we can talk on Instagram? I don't know when I'm getting my phone

    is there any other forms of communication I can do that would not be embarrassing?

    the only problem I have with Instagram is I have to use it on my laptop thank windows that we are allowed to download Instagram app version on the laptop

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • what should my business be about?

    I really don't know what my business should be

    and I need help

    what business would bring in the best income

    I'm talking businesses that can bring up to 3k a month

    12 AnswersSmall Business3 years ago