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  • How do Christians reconcile "original sin" with justice and fairness?

    I know the basic answer to this; that god is perfect and sinless, and a perfect sacrifice (I.e. Jesus) was needed for humans to enter the kingdom of god through his atoning death.

    However; this explanation fails to explain why humanity has any sin to bear in the first place. The fact that Adam & Eve ate from the forbidden tree, has nothing to do with you or me. I didn't eat from the tree and neither did you, therefore I am not responsible for that mistake. So I should be born sinless instead of sinful.

    I'm ever justice and legal system in the civilized world (in fact every country on earth as far as I am aware) children do not and cannot be made to answer for the sins of their parents. They do need to be forgiven or proven innocent of Guilt; because they did not commit a crime in the first place.

    How do Christians accept that God can be just, yet he makes them bear a burden of sin for a mistake they did not commit?

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  • do you agree with "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" --Gandhi?

    I understand the meaning he was trying to get across, but I am very critical of this quote, as being irrational in practice.

    First of all, the world would only get blind, if EVERYONE was poking each others eyes out unjustly, and then the retaliation occurred, which itself is justified.

    Surely if someone just pokes out my eye unprovoked and in transgression, it is a fitting punishment for them to have their eye poked out; so that they may learn a lesson, and not repeat such a transgression against another innocent person.


    What is the end result of this thinking???

    The criminals just go around committing crime, stealing, murdering, raping, etc.. without severe punishment???

    the world would fall into ruin and evil, and the innocent would become the prey of the strong and exploitative...doesn't seem like Gandhi thought that part through...

    I'm only criticizing it harshly because I really believe it makes no sense.. and no civilized human society could every survive without having punishments they believe equally represent the crime committed.

    sorry, but it seems to be a necessary part of human life, and infinitely more practical, as well as justified in my opinion.

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  • Can Materialism be proved?

    It seems to me that most Atheists have a firm belief in Materialism; this sort of reductionist mentality that boils everything down to the sum of its parts, at least within the the framework of modern-day physics.

    And that because it is impossible to empirically prove that anything truly exists beyond the materialistic world, (i.e. what are five senses and our equipment can register/read) then all such ideas are merely frivolous and fanciful.

    however; An atheist cannot explain why they believe that how we perceive the universe with our five senses/modern day equipment, has anything to even do with it's true nature.

    we have no way of knowing if our logic is even truly correct, or even if the universe is fully comprehensible through logic alone.

    I fail to see how holy books such as the Quran, Bible, and Torah, can be dismissed automatically as any legitimate source of a divine message.

    Just because there are many human religions does not discount the idea of a divine message and God. plus there are only five major religions that make up the vast majority of the worlds population:

    Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism; all of which believe in a supreme cosmic divinity--except Buddhism, which is undecided, so to speak. Hindus believe there is one ultimate divinity of Brahman, but they also believe in other/lesser manifestations of the divinity, kind of fuzzy edges here.

    This common thread shows that humans seem to generally believe in an ultimate divinity...which could mean they either are naturally inclined to, or there really is ONE.

    I could go on, but i think that is enough for everyone to read.

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  • If owning animals is OK, how is owning people wrong?

    It is generally accepted by Western Civilization, and indeed most of the world now that slavery is wrong.

    While I agree that racially based slavery is wrong, because color should not affect anything, I do not agree that slavery itself is wrong or immoral.

    People own cattle, goats, sheep, livestock in general, and this is not considered wrong. yet these are living breathing animals, yet it is just accepted that we can own them and sell them, etc..

    People own chimps and dolphins, and force them to preform in shows; yet they are known to be some of the most intelligent creatures after humans.

    I do not accept the fundamental principle that humans beings being intelligent makes it immoral to own them, this is a premise that equates morality with intelligence.

    so by this logic, East Asians (who have a higher average IQ than all other races)

    are the superior race in comparison to all other humans.

    Slaves should have rights, protections, etc...

    but I fail to see how it is immoral...and so did humanity for basically thousands of years.

    serious responses/arguments please.

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  • what do atheists lose by believing in the one true god?

    do you seriously lose anything?

    if it turns out we are right, and you are wrong, you go to hell.

    if you are right and we are wrong, we just turn to dust.

    so we have better odds than you!

    can you not see the basic logic in that?

    and don't bring up zeus, thor, athena, and all those false gods.

    about half the world worships the God of Abraham, the rest are divided between hindus/buddhism and a myriad of other faiths.

    Your best chance statistically is with the God of abraham, if you were just purely looking at numbers..because most people are worshiping him.

    what do you have to lose?

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  • Is slavery really any different than prisoners of war, or life in prison, and is it really immoral?

    I know it seems hard to actually make a real argument for slavery; but if you think about objectively and realistically; the following should be easy to understand:

    When nations go to war, prisoners are captured from the battlefield, these prisoners loose their freedom, they are imprisoned, and often have to obey with the threat of physical force....

    they cannot be released until the nation that captured them decides they effectively own them, for all intensive purposes...


    Criminal who have life in prison; are forced to submit to internal searches, forced to obey orders, or they are punished. sometimes forced to do labor like community service against their will, and cannot leave or gain their freedom as a result of their crime...

    so they do not have equal rights to everyone else, they are basically owned by the state... for all practical purposes, although this is not said in name.

    how is slavery really any different?

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  • How come Christians have abandoned the obligatory prayers?

    Jews believe it is an obligation to pray three times a day; morning, (mid-day) afternoon, and night.

    they also prostrate in prayer, bend, stand up, and recite verses of the Torah...

    the old testament describes many prophets worshiping god on their faces, or kneeling, etc...

    How can your religion be true, when you do not pray on a daily basis; despite this being considered a biblical commandment by the Jews for centuries, and is still observed by them even today!

    they also pray in congregations, with an imam, just like muslims do!!!

    can you not see the truth?

    why not embrace the truth and save yourself??

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  • Isn't it time for the Christians to embrace Islam?

    Before Jesus (PBUH) will come back to earth and force you to embrace Islam; In a very authentic report the following is mentioned:

    "He will break the cross" (Al-Bukhaari (2222) and Muslim (155))

    Meaning he will physically destroy it by fighting, and will no longer allow Christianity to be practiced. Either you will accept Islam or be killed fighting against Jesus....

    Why not accept it now; before Jesus himself will force it upon you?

    The doors of repentance are always open.

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  • why do people think Obama is muslim?

    The man has done nothing for Muslims....domestically or abroad.

    He openly says he believes in Christ, etc..

    he has launched a drone strike campaign killing hundreds of innocent Muslims across the world...

    avid supporter of Israel....

    believe me I would be ecstatic if he was A MUSLIM and looking out for my people....

    but he is not.....

    so why all the lies and propaganda about him?

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  • What is wrong with a wife being obedient to her husband?

    The bible seems to say this message very directly:

    "Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord" (Ephesians 5:22)

    "But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband" (1 Corinthians 11:3)

    "And so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled." (Titus 2:4-5)

    Men want to be in charge by their nature, (most men) this command is in line with the general nature of male/female instincts and relationship wants/needs.

    Why do so many people think it automatically means "OPPRESSION"

    If god says it is fair, and commands it, and is from the bible, (which is the Christian book)

    not the Quran;

    so why do many Christians (and in general western people) attack this as being innately unfair?

    is it all because of the feminism ideology that has swept america? (and other western countries)

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  • are you agnostics looking for god? or what? (just curios, serious answers please)?

    Do you want to look for god?

    do you feel that it is kind of irrelevant and a waste of time?

    or is like you wanna believe but you can't seem to be convinced?

    I know everyone is different; but I am sure agnostics probably have other agnostic friends who they hang out with.

    what is the general position of agnostics? (based on your experiences)

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  • do you think that when evolution gets debunked, atheism will loose most of it's followers?

    When the scientific community (whom most atheists claim to follow) finally realize evolution is a joke, and admit that; do you think we will start to get rid of the atheism?

    which happens to be poisoning the minds of our youth in school from such a young age.

    I think that would be the fatal blow to atheism; at least for a lot of people.


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  • does it offend that atheists believe you are an animal?

    and that you are not special as a human being, just an evolved/advanced from of an ape.

    so while they don't walk up to you and say; "hey you are an animal"

    they believe we just animals

    this is their core belief; that we are animals. no more special than pigs, or cockroaches, or donkeys.

    we are just smarter, that is the only thing that gives us any more value then them.

    does that offend you?

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  • why is that atheism leads to a decline in ethical behavior?

    the new secular generation that is coming up which has been raised on "evolution"

    is notably less ethical in terms of lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarizing in schools, etc...

    this is obviously a result of the atheistic and naturalistic approach to the world which leads to self-interest as the main motivating factor in life.

    how do atheists reconcile this horrible truth with their view of life?

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  • why does the universe have rationally intelligible laws if no one made them?

    why don't things just randomly pop into existence, like toasters, or ovens, or puppies, etc..

    why does the universe just pop into existence and conform to a bunch of laws that are beautifully stunning and complex mathematical truths; that require intelligence to figure out?

    laws = law-maker

    randomness = no-law maker

    universe has laws.......

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  • Is the real clash of civilization gonna be between the US and China?

    The Islamic countries are ages behind the West in terms of military and economics, and fossil fuels will become fare less important/dried up within half a century.

    But China's military is not that bad, it's economy is booming, it's a communist country, etc...

    I hear there are already some tensions regarding China basically opposing US foreign policy and stuff..

    and does religion even factor in here at all?

    do the Christians have any bias against the Chinese?

    or vice versa?

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  • How can you love your enemy; when you kill them?

    I don't see how you can love your enemy... because you are trying to kill him (assuming battlefield here)

    how does this teaching make sense to Christians?

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  • Legitmacy of Nina Kulagina as a psychokinetic?

    I recently watched a documentary; that had interview many of the scientists who had contact with, and had tested her, and they all think she was legit.

    even the video show that the items would be placed under a glass/plastic box to prevent any possibility of a string; and often were non metal, to prevent a magnet, etc..

    basically controls were there, respected scientists were there, yet people seem to think it is a hoax

    Skepticism can be healthy; but I don't think it should prevent us from admitting we don't understand the world fully; nor the power of human mind/brain.

    I don't think we should be afraid to admit that.

    what do you think?

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  • The non-canonical gospels.. what do Christians think?

    Of course any Christian knows the four canonical gospels of Matthew; Mark, Luke, and John.

    but who really made the decision to keep these ones in and not others?

    and how can you know the writers were indeed inspired by "the holy spirit" and not trying to promote a competing theology amid the theological struggle that occurred after the Crucifixion?

    non of the Jewish-Christian gospels are included, which mostly reject Christ's divinity, and declare him human, although they accept his sacrifice. (well some do)

    Gospel of Thomas-- was rejected, mostly because of it's Gnostic views.

    The infancy gospels were Rejected-- including one that says Christ cursed a man to be blind, and killed a boy, and was not as peaceful as in the other gospels.


    how do you have so much faith in the four that made it in?

    what if they are wrong? and the others are true?


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  • how much does your religion affect how you view history and interpret it?

    I think it basically dominates it.

    Atheists start from a position of not believing in god and look to establish that.

    Christians look to establish their position in Christ.

    Muslims do the same.

    Jews do the same.

    each believing their interpretation of history is accurate/correct.

    so does it all just boil down to belief? or study of scripture from a theological perspective, not a historical one?

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