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  • I'm going to fort bennning georgia for basic training?

    I was curious if they allowed cells. And other electronics. I'm going for 11X for basic I'm not sure about my for sure placement. I'd like to be able to update my wife on everything that's going on. But I won't complain if I can't take anything.

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  • I have a beagle basset hybrid mix...?

    And I've heard they aren't trainable. I've heard all dogs are trainable with enough persistence. But my question is how hard are they to train? (Ex. House break, guard and be tolerant of young children.)

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  • My computer won't load past the first loading screen?

    I'm running windows 7 and I have the install cd but here's the thing if I try to boot it regularly it goes passed the first Dell loading screen then flashes the little white bar in the top left a few times and then nothing. It ran with a blank black screen for 30 minutes. No sounds nothing. Now when I try to boot from the cd it runs through everything like the loading files the Dell loading screen and then comes to the starting windows screen with the flag and just sits there the flag glowing and computer not seeming to make an effort to go past that screen. This ran for an hour. I know I have a virus on my computer so I'm trying to get to a place to use command line. I can format it from there. But I can figure out how to get to a place to pull it up. F8 doesn't work it just beeps after the screen goes black and f10 and shift don't work. Same result. Any techs out there that can help? I need my laptop. I do a lot of designing and I was working on an engine and need to get back to work on it.

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  • My CD is scratched for Freelancer I have the key, can I download it using the CD key?

    My brother and I love this game, our opinion one of the best games. I have the CD key itself but with the CD being surfaced scratched and my laptop being a XPS running windows 7 it won't read the game because of the light scratches on it. We really would like to have this game on my laptop and even on other computers in the house to play together.

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  • So my fiance and I are about to go and live out on our own?

    We've planned and planned and re-planned and so fourth. Took a lot of thinking and debating, discussing, and god only knows what else. We've found a house and what not, we have our own cars, a kid on the way, and one side of the family that is showing the motive that they will help. Here's the thing. I am not sure exactly how much it will cost us to live on our own. Whether to just live at my place with my parents or try our best on our own. We have three dogs, I'll be working three jobs, (that's including air force reserves) and she will be working one job and going to college. Seems like a total packed life. But I'm worried we won't make it on our own. To be honest I'm pretty nervous. So what I'm asking is. Is there a site I could maybe go to and type in a bunch of info about our plans and what not and it pops out with a how much money we'll need to make to survive or can someone help me on here. I'm in desperate need of help. Anyone lend a hand?

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  • Needing a metal for an invention?

    I need a non conductor nonmagnetic metal. I haven't ever been good with my periodic table. Plus I can't find anything on google. Also has to withstand temps up to 450* F

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  • I love the sims but hate the aging. What am I doing wrong?

    I know about the "boolprop textingcheatsenabled true" cheat and how you hold shift and click on a sim and then go to "spawn" then "more". But I do all this and when I go to more there are two options. Neither are the sim modder. So I checked in the previous list. Still not there. What am I miss/doing wrong? I want to make my sims adults. Not old people. -_-" And then skip the baby stage for the twins I got on the game. So any help? Please? I hate having old sims. It just isn't right.

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  • My fiance and I are wanting to spice things up in the bedroom any help?

    We want to get some "sleepwear" that is really meant to just to turn us on before intercourse. I am having trouble finding anything with local stores and I can't order offline. It's mainly for her because it's a huge turn on for me for sexy sleepwear. But does anyone have any idea's about local stores or sites for stores that would have like a two piece set? Preferably a something other then just regular panties.

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  • Can anyone give me some real advice?

    It's about telling over protective parents or over-reactive parents that you are a soon to be father. They are my parents and my soon to be wife is 2-4 months along, and I couldn't be happier then I am now. But the thing is. I'm terrified of telling my parents finding out because they overreact about everything. It took them a month to even get over the fact I was getting married. Yes I have some college and I will be continuing my remaining hours of college to open my own restaurant and franchise it. But I need to know how to tell my parents that they are grandparents, again. They already told me they'd beat me if I became a father, which worries me because I'm not sure if they'll stop me from seeing my fiance. I get to know how far along she really is Nov. 11 possibly even the gender of the baby. And if I don't tell my parents soon I will have to get even worse because my fiance's parents want to tell them if I don't. Which won't end well for any of us. Is there a way to tell them without them flipping out? I can't use the "don't flip out okay?" or "We need to talk please keep your cool." or any thing of relation to those because they won't keep their cool.

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  • I'm 17 and I need a way to get scholarships?

    I have been to college before but I've never even seen a scholarship form. I don't even know where to start. Much less how to get one for the course I want to take. Which is Culinary Arts, I want to open my own restaurant eventually. I know they have scholarships for just about anything. I need to know where to start for applying for scholarships. I desperately need it for I will not be able to rely on my parents to pay for my college. I can't afford loans so yeah. Does anyone have any advice on where I should start? Are there scholarships for 17 year old former college students? GED holders? Anything?

    3 AnswersFinancial Aid1 decade ago
  • Need a little help with the first doctor visit stuff with pregnancy?

    Okay so we got a + test finally. Well here's the thing. My fiance says they have to have her take another test before they can even think about giving her an ultrasound or anything. Is this true? I've never had to deal with this part before. So any advice? Anything I should/shouldn't have to worry about?

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  • I want professional answers only. I'm dead serious about this. Help?

    Okay I've been thinking about a lot of things and what has happened to me. I want real answers not childish ones thank you.

    So I've been interested in things like TAPS and Ghost Lab. I try to catch every episode. I thought to myself one night. What if I could do that? Well, I can. But I don't know where to start besides getting members. After that I don't know what I should do about equipment, getting locations, and the list goes on. So my question to you is this. Where do I start? I've seen some pretty interesting stuff and I have an interesting ability. I'm great at being able to tell just where energies are. Meaning I can tell you where a spirit is if it's close enough. Give you a full description and be almost dead on. For instance. I went to a graveyard with some neighbors once and we did some snooping around and some people that were already there told me about having an experience. Mind I've never seen these people in my life before. I walked in the graveyard and asked them if they'd seen a little girl before. Gave the description and was on the dot. Next I told one of them his name before he even said it. Before anyone said it. I heard someone tell me it but it was in an area where no one was.

    So I figured putting this ability to good use would be a great idea. Where do I start with an investigation team?

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  • Player 2 use there own character in fable 2?

    Okay I know you can play co-op on fable two offline. But can both players if both have saved profiles use their own character instead of one using the original character and the other using a henchman look? Because honestly I think we can all agree the evil henchman looks like a freaking retard.

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  • How much would I make if I opened my own restaurant?

    I'm wanting to do like my own sit down/fast food restaurant. Faster food service for those on the go and more romantic and higher quality cooked foods for the sit down half. I later plan on, if it makes it this far, franchising it and becoming a world wide thing. I love food and I have a ton of ideas. I know how to combine my ingredients to make healthy yet great food. I want to make home-made and hand breaded foods and everything. I believe I have a good enough idea to get a load of customers. I just want to know how much I'll make and probably some advertisement ideas once I start it up.

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  • I need help for college and ideas for pediatrician?

    I changed my course of career seeing as I love kids and love helping people and I'm great with others. The thing is I have no clue which college to start with. I can't find anywhere close by where I live which is in KY. I know I won't find any good colleges in this state but all I really care about is it being close seeing as I'm only 17 and out of high school. (GED) I'm would love this course of career for one as I said above I'm great with people and kids. And two I want to give myself and my fiance a good life a better one. Since she has lived in a trailer for her whole life practically. So I wanted to know if there is any good colleges near KY I can ask for info from for pediatric classes. Thanks in advance everyone.

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  • I have a CD key for WarCraft III : Frozen Throne. Can I install the game without the CD?

    It's my favorite PC game because it's always different and new. So is there a way to install the game without having the CD? I have the CD key just don't have the CD. I also have a different question. Can you still install the expansion pack and it work if you just have the demo of the first game?

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  • I just download Frozen Throne and it freezes at the launch screen. What's going on?

    I just downloaded the bloody thing and I am in love with this game ( I know total nerd thing, can't help it.) And I've been trying for 4 straight hours every different way to get this thing to work. I have the right serials and everything. I mount the image onto daemon tools lite and when I do it pulls up the launch screen. Sits there forever not doing a thing. I pull up task manager it says it's not responding. Any help?

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  • I'm really set on trying to learn all the different kinesis' any help?

    I've always have had a true fascination for the elements and the supernatural. I've looked through hundreds and thousands of sites with no luck of finding something that seems truly legit. I know this sounds like it is retarded but I've always thought of what if it was possible to learn to do the things they do on the T.V series Avatar : The Last Air Bender? I know it's probably not going to be able to reach that magnitude but I figure that if just the smallest amount is possible maybe I can work my way up slowly to maybe that magnitude. So any help on learning the basics of pyrokinesis, geokinesis, hydrokinesis, and more? Please no smart remarks. I want REAL answers. Thank you.

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  • Here is some details about my book. Tell me what you think?

    Here are some details about my book I am writing. I won't include much and I will tell you this will be a series. I want you all to be full out honest. I have had great comments from friends and family even total strangers. I'll include a small paragraph from the book as well.

    The book is about a boy who's life is completely changed for the rest of his life. In good and in bad. He learns of another world besides his that he has lived in for year. Little does he know that his remaining life will be filled with dangers, love, tragedy, and much, much, more. This book is based in an old time. The spoken language may seem different but the thoughts/narration is spoken in our time. The names are different as well. I hope that the world will enjoy this book as much as I have putting as I have working on it. Here is a couple of paragraphs from my book "The Dark Vail."

    "My heart began to race, Tara was still fast asleep. I was glad she was I didn’t want her to see my end. I squeezed my eyes shut when I heard the first quiet step on the wooden floor. Could this possibly be the end of me? I couldn’t leave my sister she was too helpless, innocent. Who would look after her for me? Another step, my heart jumped it felt as if it would come out of my chest. Everything went completely quiet the only sound was the grass swaying in the wind, and the sound of the nearby river.

    I felt a cold hand touch my neck and then my cheek, it was a woman's hand. My age, small skinny, yet smooth soft hands, I quickly turned over to catch them with my knife I had under my pillow but when I turned they were gone. I rolled to lie on my back looking up at my ceiling trying to calm my heart beat and slow my breathing. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, I stayed up looking around keeping watch everything seemed untouched. But those cold fingers, I’ll never forget how they felt."

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  • I'm writing a book and I can't find what I'm looking for, can anyone help?

    I'm writing my first chapter book series. I love reading things such as twilight, cirque du freak (I did spell it right, it is french for circus of freaks.) And a few others similar to those. I have had thoughts of this book and I've been working real hard on it. There are a few things I want, (need also) to know before I can do anything more. How many chapter/pages should a chapter book have? My target is for teens and adults. Also who am I going to have to go to for publishing and editing when I decide to publish? It's a book similar to the general for twilight and other books to the same general. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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