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  • Do you think if she like me ?

    Alright so last night I went to a club with my friends and my friend asked this girl to dance with him and I was standing in the corner lookin for a girl to dance with suddenly my friend came to me and told me the girl that was dancing with him told him that she wants to dance with me so we kindda switched our positions I danced with her for a while then she asked me if I wanted to go outside with her to take a break and I agreed then she grabbed my hand took me outside. outside we asked each other some questions and got to know each other a little bit more then we went inside to dance again we did the same dancing and taking the break for a couple of times and she gave me het number all this time we were holding hands but after a while when we went out and we were talking some older guys came and she told me they are her old friends and she is gonna dance with them but I should txt her buy I'm kindda confused that if should have kissed her or not and that if she likes me or not cause I saw her holding hand with the other guy too should I kiss her next time or what should I do ???????

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  • what will be some of the best careers or pro jobs in USA or Iran in next 4 years?

    hey everyone I am a freshmen in sierra comunity college and im looking for some good ideas about some of the best careers that I can go to. I alredy have some ideas about the good careers for example anyone knows that if I become a doctor or a lawyer I would make tons of money but the thing is that Im not really into those two majors first because it takes a long long time to study them second I dont any pacient for them. The majors that I wanna go to doesnt have to be as long as 12 years(like becoming a Doctor) and I dont want it to be as short as 1 year. the career that I wanna go to has to have the most percentage of hiring in next 4-5 years in IRAN or USA cause I will be living in one of these two countries. I have some ideas about the majors that im intrested in and they are going to a pilate school or management Please tell me your opinions. Thanks

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  • Do you think she likes me?

    hey guys there is this really cute girl in ma english class that i really like.Today we had to represent our projects and every one had to go in front of the class and talk about their project.she went in front of the class and started.i tried to make an eye contract with her durin her presentation suddenly she looked me in the eyes and smiled to me. she didnt look away till some of the other students that sit in front of me started lookin back to find out what is she lookin at and they looked at me so i looked away. now do u guys think that she likes me and if so please tell me how should i start a conversation with her?

    thanks to anyone who helps

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  • where can i watch wwe royal rumbol 2010 online for free?

    hey guys I really want to watch royal rumbol 2010 but i dont have even a buck to pay for it. If u know any website that shows it live and with a good quality please let me know. I am lookin for a website that doesnt need any registration or filling out a survey or anything somethin that shows the whole show and doesnt stop working at the middle of the show. so remember NO Survey or bad quality web sites.

    Thanks alot to anyone who tries to help

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  • I cant enter any of yahoo messanger's chat rooms. What do i have to do?

    everytime I try to enter a chat toom afetr i choose the chat room that i want to enter it says " the request was refused" if anyone knows wat do i have to do pliz let me know... Thanks

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Messenger1 decade ago
  • someone in ma math class has stolen ma brad new 16 GB Itouch .....?

    I worked really hard 3 months for this ipod touch and finally bought it on saturday but on monday someone stole it in ma math class. it happened in the 10 last sec of class so when i figured out i dont have it on ma desk the bell already rang and the teacher couldnt stop peple from leaving the classroom. I talked to the officer in ma school. it didnt workout for me. I dont want ma ipod anymore because i know its gone but now i need to know who the hell in ma class did this to me. Pliz write for me how can i find the person who stole ma ipod. I want to find that person on myself so dont tell me to go and ask for help from office. tell me the ways i can find that person without askin for help from anyone els but ma frends.

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  • where is the best volleyball club in Roseville California?

    I need a professional volleyball clube in Roseville California. A club that can make me as good as i can get scholarship for ma collage or even more. please if you know know tell me their website or address or phone #.

    Thanks for any help

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  • I like a girl and i guess she likes me too but she already got a bf and i think they love each other ...?

    there is a girl in ma class that i really like. she is helpful and nice to me sometimes she just looks at me but when i look at her she doesnt look away for a second then she smiles and looks away.the problem is that I have an acent when I speak english also she got a bf and it seems they love each other. they have been together for 3 do u think with ma problems there is still a chance for me to get with her. What do i have to do? thanks for your help.

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  • what kind of web site are you interested to go in?

    hey guys im about to craet a website but i need you guys opinions about what kind of websites would you go in. Sports. News. Games. Music. Video. or whatever you think can make you to go in a website.even if you dont really care just tell me your favorite subject.

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  • What kind of web sites would you go in?

    hey guys im about creating my own website but I dont know yet what kind of website. I need you guys answers to figure out what kind of websites most people would like to go in.

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  • What is another name for Drafting ?

    What is another name for Drafting ?

    4 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago
  • Give me the address of many website that with them I can see Iranian TV with good picture and no hang?

    Give me the address of many website that with them I can see Iranian TV with good piccture and no hang

    1 AnswerTVs1 decade ago
  • does anyone know, why curry is healthy for you?

    like, why is curry important to eat and have besides taste.

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  • what is curry made off?

    i mean the most popular curry powder, what is that made of?

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