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  • Questions???????

    Why do people on here post a response to a question that does not answer it?

    12 AnswersYahoo Answers7 months ago
  • Song Title?

    I have had part of a song playing in my mind for a while now. I would like to know the title and who sang it. 

    The lines I have are

    I don't want to feel like I felt that day,

    Take me to a place I know,

    Take me all the way

    2 AnswersLyrics7 months ago
  • Middle Names for quads?

    My husband and I have finally settled on two more girl's first names and two more boy's first names. Looking for middle names now.





    They only have to fit with the choice for the first name and the last name. 

    7 AnswersBaby Names7 months ago
  • Niece's New Baby ?

    My niece Rayegan and her husband Carson recently got the news that they are having a fifth child. They want a name that will fit with the names of their other four children. They need both a girl's name and a boy's name suggestion.

    Xavier Robert

    Lavender Noelle

    Natalia Desirée

    Brayden Douglas

    6 AnswersBaby Names7 months ago
  • Walker Texas Ranger Reboot?

    My husband and I love to watch Walker Texas Ranger reruns. We were talking the other day that we would love to see a reboot of this show. Does anyone else out there agree?

    3 AnswersDrama7 months ago
  • Naming Quadruplets?

    My husband and I were recently told the news that we are expecting a set of quadruplets. We aren't sure of the gender of any of the babies and have names for two girls and two boys. The last name is Johnson. The names we have definitely settled on are

    James George

    Nathan Mark

    Kaytie Lanaye

    Pamela Georgette

    Names we like but aren't settled on are

    GIRL'S.                 BOY'S

    Teraysa.              Sean

    Meganna.           Phillip

    Isabelle.              Ryan

    EmmaLeigh.      Christian

    Anna-Marie.       Wilson   

    Denise.               William

    Serenity.             Dale

    Leigh-Anna.        Zacceus

    Please be respectful but feel free to offer suggestions not on our list.

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  • Naming Quadruplets?





    Emma Leigh














    My husband and I recently got the news we are expecting a set of Quad-ruplets. We have names for two boys and two girls that we are definitely set on using. Since we aren't sure of the gender of the babies at this time we would like help with choosing two more girl's names and two more boy's names above is a list of names that both me and my husband like. We would like for the names to flow with the last name Johnson. The names we are definitely using are

    James George

    Nathan Mark

    Kaytie Lanaye

    Pamela Georgette

    5 AnswersBaby Names7 months ago