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  • Haircut ideas?

    I'm cutting my hair in a couple months cus it's pretty annoying in the winter (it's really thin so it gets dry and static-y in our really long winters)

    Are there any style suggestions that could also make me look more my age (I'm really short and often get mistaken for a middle schooler T-T)

    1 AnswerHair6 years ago
  • tips for starting high school?

    to be perfectly honest, im not really terrified or anything but i was stuck inside of an extraordinarily small (in comparison) school for the past 11 years. the junior high building was literally an abnormally small hallway with 5 classrooms.

    uh yeah the school im going to now? its huge. giant. im going from having 30 people in my grade (biggest class in the school) to 550 people and I have no friends because everyone at my old school either hates me or transfered whoooo. yeah also im only 4'11" and i dont have anything to make up for that defect and a majority of the people i meet in this town are unusually biased

    so uh any tips to not have a terrible experience because thats really not ideal yeah id like to not have a crappy life

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  • Accidentally picked up friends dialect?

    So my friend went to camp for two weeks and we met this person in our cabin who has this particular noticeable way of talking from pitch, voice, and that stuff. Yeah my friend is talking exactly like her now and we don't know how to stop it so uh any suggestions?

    1 AnswerLanguages7 years ago
  • Question regarding Angel Beats! Manga?

    So I started reading Heavens Door and I was wondering if it was supposed to end so abruptly

    There were only 26.5 short chapters and they were about to have their operation to take over the principals office using iwasawa & hisako, Chaa, and Noda but then they end TE chapter, show a mini chapter about Noda x Yurippe, and then that's all

    Is that really al???

    And what's this other four panel manga about angel beats (it starts with a K. Kona? Koda? Something like that)

    1 AnswerComics & Animation7 years ago
  • reasons for a building to implode?

    so in my novel, a few people are on the first floor of some public building because reasons and for some unknown to me reason they building collapse and they get trapped inside the sturdy basement level (floor collapsed so yeah) and survive. NOW MY QUESTION IS

    what can cause this?

    be creative but //logical//

    if you happen to say earthquake, then what magnitude would you say could cause this without being some national crisis? in other words what magnitude could collapse a building (or at least part of a building trapping some people) but still have a relatively small range?

    and like i said i would like some logical reasons other than earthquake if possible.

    thank you~

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  • Does anyone know these old poems?

    NOTE- as for the first one, we are positive it is very old so i can't guarantee that the the verse we do know of is entirely accurate

    Anyway, here's a fragment of it

    "He was tattered and torn, forever forlorn"

    Another similar version I found was something like

    "The man was tattered and torn.... Kissed the maiden, all forlorn"

    POEM TWO. This i don't even have a single verse of. My cousin said it was about a girl who cannot look at her reflection or she dies. Well she ends up seeing herself in the mirror and well u get the rest.

    So I know my information is pretty vague (^_^;;) but any help is appreciated~!

    3 AnswersPoetry7 years ago
  • What should I do this summer?

    Well I've got 2 friends. One lives on the other side of the country so I can only talk to her thru text and calls while the other is really popular and almost always busy. My mother ultimately won't let me stay home during the day but there's literally nothing to do in this town other than go to the library. It's a nice library but I can't spend my whole summer there

    I've got a light novel that I'm working on with my friend but even that doesn't take up much time. I'm in all the art classes so there's always that, but then again I can't spend my whole summer drawing/writing/reading

    Ill die of boredom

    So does anyone have any ideas to make life in a boring place less boring? Anyone?

    Ps- I can get almost anywhere in town by bike

    And don't say go to the beach because its //extremely// expensive

    And don't say get a job because nobody hires anyone under 16 where I live

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  • How possible is virtual reality?

    So there are already a few groups working on inventing it. But if its possible, how could it even work?

    If anyone has seen Sword Art Online, it functions off a large headset. In the projects ive seen however, the world is viewed through goggles.

    In SAO, it seems implied that the headset connects your brain to a separate server accessable strictly to users of the game. I guess its kinda like how the internet and radio work. It is called an MMO theoughout the series, after all.

    If powerful enough, could waves really interfere with your nervous system to provide tastes, scent, touch, etc?

    Returning to this show/novel thing, it was mentioned that the levels of pain and other senses a player has can be controlled by the gamemaker. Which would would mean theyd have to access each individual headset or the server as a whole right?

    With our current technology, all we can really do is make you see a virtual reality. But think about it, we didnt always know that electromagnetic waves even existed, let alone know how to utilize the wavelengths to the extent we now have.

    So what do you all think?

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  • How can I copy a BJD skeleton mold?

    So me and my friend are making BJDs. I'm lacking in the art area (well compared to her perfection at least), but she told me it was possible to just make a copy of the mold. So now I'm just wondering how to do so. Could someone explain or provide a link to a tutorial?


    3 AnswersSculpture7 years ago
  • help with japanese counters?

    ok so the counter system completely confuses me. mostly because i cant find anywhere to learn it

    (_ _lll)

    so could someone please confirm the first ten counters (idk if what i have are correct) as well as telling me how/when to use them since theres the other number system.

    oh and another random question- whats the verb "to have"??

    Arigatou gonzaimasu!

    4 AnswersJapan8 years ago
  • Kido Tsubomi (Kagerou days) cosplay help?

    So I have been totally obsessed with the Kagerou days manga and vocaloid series. And I love Kido's outfit *^* so basically I was looking for some help...

    For the outer sweatshirt I can just cut it and line it with white. And I'll paint on the "headphones" pattern and put on the iPod keys... Somehow... (^_^;;) any ideas for adding that circle thing? I was thinking about painting on the sound bars in the pocket.

    A big problem is the red jacket underneath. I've looked a lot but I have no clue where to find the plain red zip up jacket with that really high collar that covers the tip of her chin.

    Any help is appreciated ^_^

    2 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • how can i make a vocaloid PV?

    so my friend and i have taken up the challenge of making a vocaloid fanmade PV. i can digitally draw on my phone (not the computer tho :\ ) so i guess whta i neeed to know is how i can out everything together. im aware that the hardest part will probably be having to make a new drawing for every movement *sigh*

    1 AnswerComics & Animation8 years ago
  • anything i could do in this situation....?

    so theres this girl who came to the ice rink i skate at about 3 months ago. from what ive been told, she started skating at 11 and is 13 now and landing all her triples. since some u probably dont know what that means, basically shes freakin amazing. im 13, a pretty serious skater, and have only just passed all my single jumps (passed my final jump last week actually). so yeah its practically impossible to be at her skill level in only two years. u have to work your a** off. and i mean serious labor. the coaches were talking about her and said shes at the rink 5-6 hours a day. when she isnt skating, shes doing off ice training. lets start getting to the point. her mother is insane. her mother is the reason shes gotten so far. but its not exactly a good thing.


    shes being overworked (long hours, constant training, shes gasping for air like an anemic while working out and her mother just screams at her for not trying at all)

    recently during open ice she was landing all these jumps perfectly and her mother starts screaming at the top of her lungs at the girl. girl goes over and the mother grabs the girls arm and starts pulling her and screaming at her extremely loudly (tmeanwhile the kid is grasping onto the door with her free hand for her dear life). one coach goes over and asks her to quiet down. woman shoes the coach away. after about 10 minutes the girl returns to th eice, the mother gets a notebook and begins writing down all the girls "flaws" even tho shes perfect. also making nasty faces and waving her arms around and yelling at her.

    so yeah her mother is vicious. i have friends who are abused at home pretty severly, but even their parents wouldnt act like that in public. having said that, imagine how this 13 year old girl gets treated at home.

    my friends said i should post this Q tho im not entirely sure what im trying to ask. i guess "what can i do in this kind of situation". we all know the hell of parents who simply shouldnt be parents and thats why we're so upset over this. i dont know the girls name however thats very easy to figure out. i cant talk to her since shes constantly being watched over by her mother and training. even my own insane mother admitted that it was abuse. i do have a small hope that the coaches may be able to intervene in some way but im not quite sure they will

    im sorry this is long but we just wanted some kind of advice for the situation.

    1 AnswerFamily8 years ago
  • Angel beats yui cosplay)?

    So basically. I want a yui cosplay that Includes the cuffs, leg staps, necklace (possibly the hair bands) but is there anything under $60??? If it doesn't have the extra stuff then does anyone know where to buy it for around $50? Thx

    1 AnswerComics & Animation8 years ago
  • What's wrong with my ear!?

    Ok so yesterday my ear kinda hurt but not a lot. That night I couldn't hear out of my right ear and it felt strange. I checked online and it said to try cleaning it. I did that and it helped a little. I also tried sleeping with the weird war against my pillow. I could hear this morning but I still had. A strange feeling in my ear as if it was likeee either emptiness or something was there. IDONT know how to explain. I could feel something different existing. Then today I started get random spasm of pain that only lasted a few seconds but hurt like hell. All this but only in my right ear. I'm kinda scred now so can I have some help pleaseee???

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • One month to earn as much as possible. Help?

    Ok so I'm doing a skate a thon for cancer so I new to earn as much money as possible. I have just under a month and the minimum is $100 but id like to earn a lot more. Ok so my friends reaching me how to make her amazing cupcakes and I can bake pretty much anything. I can draw pretty well (but Only anime tho) and me and my friends know some rly hard vocaloid dances. Can u get money for a flash mob? Skbslsdbd k I'm bad at this kthxbai

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  • free touhou download?

    where can i download the first few touhou games (or at least the first one) online. FREE AND SAFE PLEASE

    thank you!

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • free touhou download?

    so where can i download the first few touhou games (or at least just the first one) on my laptop. SAFE AND FREE PLEASE

    4 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • hakurei reimu cosplay?

    so i wanted to buy a hakurei reimu cosplay but i was windering if there were any under $50, and if not, how could i kind of make one

    1 AnswerComics & Animation8 years ago
  • where to watch ponyo and other ghibli films online?

    free and safe. i used to be abel to watch them but all the places i used to stream them have been taken down. ive managed to find some ways to watch some of them but certain ones (especially ponyo which ive been wanting to watch for months now) are no where to be found.

    4 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago