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  • What are other mangas that are similar to Ito Junji s works?

    I just finished reading every pieces of Ito Junji s work and they are extremely good. I like the drawing style (depressing, dark and creepy) as well as the plot. I hope that I could find other manga / manhwa that could give me the same feelings.

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  • How do you change the cursor moving distance of your mouse?

    Ok, I don't know if I the phrase "cursor moving distance" really means anything. But basically, when you move your mouse, say you move left & right by 2cm, your cursor on the screen move like 10 cm or so. I just bought a new mouse but when I move in by 2 cm the cursor only moves 1 cm or so. I want to increase its "distance" so that the distance is the same with my old mouse.

    I tried looking up on Google but all the videos are just about mouse speed or cursor accuracy. Maybe I don't know the correct key words. Appreciate if you can tell me how.

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  • What are some classical movies that are similar to Rear Window (1954)?

    I ve been looking for good suspense movies for a really long time and most of the post-2000 suspense movies always seem like they lack something. I just finished watching Rear Window and I must say that it s a brilliant movies, because:

    1. All characters act in an ordinary way (no "you re just dreaming" b/s like these days movies).

    2. The suspense builds up gradually, then the climax is executed extremely well.

    3. The movie gives away clues to the audience and keep them (me) guessing all the time.

    4. The plot just involves interaction between people, it s simple but at the same time quite complex.

    5. Characters conversations are meaningful and well-written.

    The only post-2000 movie that provides me with that level of suspense is "The Body" (2012 Spanish Movie).

    Really appreciate if you guys could give me a list of similar movies, preferably Technicolor movies.


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  • Are there any Korean Drama that are similar to Jumong?

    I just finished watching Jumong series (all 81 eps), I really like it mainly because it has:

    1. Level-up character: Main cha was very weak early on but later became nearly invincible.

    2. Good vs bad situations where evil characters got punished

    3. Badass-ness: Main cha is naturally clever, independent, got protected by the gods and able to wield legendary weapons.

    Really appreciated if anyone could recommend me similar series, especially the ones with the above characteristics. Thank you in advance.

    Drama11 months ago