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  • What is wrong with me? ?

    I am a 28 year old woman and I am still a virgin. I've made out with men maybe an handful of times (once when I was very drunk) I've had opportunities to have sex but it's never felt right.

    I go on dates and cannot connect with men romantically. Like for example tonight I was on a second date with a sweet and romantic man who I  was getting along well with, he leaned in for a kiss and I was mortified and couldn't kiss him. It killed our entire night and upset and embarrassed him. 

    I watch porn sometimes and fantasise about sex but I am very 'frigid' and prude in real life, unless I have had a few drinks, I have zero confidence around men. 

    Can any of you relate to this? I really want a relationship but I don't know what is wrong with me. 

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  • Why are the best writers not working in Hollywood ?

    A lot of movies seem to be terribly written these days, with a lot of clichés, poorly written characters and ridiculous story lines. Where is the true talent? Surely the mega rich studios could afford very talented scriptwriters?. Is trying to appeal to a wider demographic for more money hurting the business and stifling creativity? 

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  • Does the sexualisation of rape in TV shows and movies piss you off? ?

    For example in Game of thrones it is shown in a cheap and sexual way, sometimes just thrown in there for no reason and not for the horrific and violent act it actually is. It is the same case for many other TV shows and movies.

     Some of these male producers and directors seem to have a rape fetish and rape is also used as a plot device because they cannot seem to write female characters properly. It's also interesting how male rape is rarely shown in Hollywood or in TV shows. 

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