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  • Wracking my brain and can't find it on the internet: What was the name of the "estrogen" pill in Super Troopers 2?

    I keep searching and all I can find are narratives that describe the plot. I remember the name being funny and I just can't remember what it was. Anyone?

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  • Requested DD214. Got a letter instead.?

    OK this is weird. I sent for a copy of my 214 to get my COE to apply for a VA loan. I got a packet of documents that included a formal, stamped letter releasing me from duty. It included all of the information found on a 214 (authority for separation, characterization, RE code, etc., etc) but it's not a form DD214. It's just a formal memo. It's officially stamped; it's from ARPC... in every way it has everything a 214 does but it's not a 214. Along with the memo I got a summary of all of my participation points; DOE, DOS, etc.

    Anyone ever run into this? How the heck do I have all of the information from a DD214 without having an actual 214?! If you've run into this before, do you happen to know how I go about getting an actual 214? Did they screw up and just not send me the right stuff? Thanks!

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  • For the regulars around here: What's your background?

    I'm around here a lot and I see quite a few of the same names, etc. I know I don't list my whole stinking resume every time I answer a question; I usually just put what aspect of my personal experience is relevant to the question.

    For example, I used to be a flight medic in the USAF and I was also a training manager. If the only experience I draw on to answer a question is my general experience, I just put "Former USAF flight medic". If that also includes things I picked up from being a training manager, I include that. In my civilian life, I'm a former paramedic, a respiratory therapist, and my degree is in biochemistry and evolutionary biology. If a question alludes to anything from that, I'll include those.

    Long before the seasoning program existed, Reserve units had to sometimes get creative in order to get med techs some experience. In my case, that meant my unit sent me to MEPS for a few months. I bounced around there as a med tech and got somewhat familiar with the process, regulations, etc. So when someone asks a question pertaining to MEPS, I'll include that experience as well.

    What about the rest of you that I see here all the time? What's your military background? Civilian background? Do you just note your own relevant experience? Does it really matter? (There are a few "Jason"s around here so I like to differentiate myself).


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  • Wondering about VA loan eligibility?

    I was looking up eligibility requirements and ran into some confusing language. Hoping one of you folks can help.

    The VA site says that separation must be "characterized as honorable". Does that mean Honorable d/c's only or does that include General -Under Honorable Conditions? I guess I had always assumed it applied only to Honorable d/c's (since that's true of a lot of benefits) but reading that, I'm not so sure. Anyone work with VA loans that knows? Just curious.

    I was medically separated and given a General -Under Honorable Cond. d/c. I've always been a little pissed that it wasn't Honorable and never got a good explanation as to why. I always suspected that it was because my reason for separation was a non-service connected medical condition (Crohn's disease) and somebody figured out that if they gave me an Honorable, then they'd be on the hook for my health care. I also wasn't booted out, they simply pulled my waiver and declined to allow me to re-enlist. I didn't really put up a fight at the time and now I'm hoping that isn't going to bite me in the *** as I look into home loans. If I can't go the VA route, then I can't but I will if I'm eligible.


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  • Help on a story idea -- multiple moon systems?

    Hi there! So I'm working on a story idea and I had a few thoughts. There are some smart folks in this section (Geoff -- I'm lookin' at you buddy...) and I'd like to get some input on the physics of my proposed home world system.

    I'm envisioning a system with a large (>Jupiter-sized) planet with at least two moons (probably more). The two primary moons are a binary system (i.e., orbit each other) that has been captured and now orbit retrograde to the planet similar to Triton/Neptune. I was thinking one would be a little smaller than Earth (maybe Mars-sized?) while the second is a little larger than our Moon. The planet orbits just outside the habitable zone of it's star, but the tidal forces of the moons' orbits generates heat. The larger planet is substantially water and it has enough gravity to maintain some degree of atmosphere. The second is too small to support a permanent atmosphere, but I'm thinking it might have a seasonal one. Any thoughts about moon composition? It's at least carbon based, has some silicates, but has to have a surface of mostly, if not all, water. The smaller could have an ice crust like Europa; do think the larger one would likely be iced over or could it have some open seas as well? Maybe some greenhouse gases to keep it habitable?

    So thoughts? This would be a complex, dynamic system. What might keep it stable? I assume another moon; perhaps in a resonant orbit? Anything else? Might there be a combination of orbit eccentricity and resonance between the moons that would keep it stable? If so, any ideas of what that might be specifically? What about radiation from the planet's magnetic field? I suppose the larger of the two could have a molten core that might generate enough of a protective magnetic field; any other possible sources of radiation protection that might exist naturally?

    Any flights of imagination, inspiration, or insight you can offer would be most welcome. Other ideas and details are also appreciated. Thanks!!

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  • Want to learn to code. Ruby on Rails? Python? Others?

    I have ZERO programming experience (save for some Apple basic in the 80's) but life situations have worked out such that I have some time on my own to spend learning some new stuff. I would really like to learn to write some basic programs/apps. I know virtually NOTHING about programming so even commonly-used jargon and technical terms just go right past me.

    I began building an Arduino-powered cat feeder a few months ago and got stuck when it came time to program the board (my poor ancient computer was so old and beat to crap I couldn't even get the downloaded Arduino files to unzip and open. Ol' Shep has since made a final trip to the woodshed...). Now that I have a brand new comp with some actual power to it I can get back to the project. Getting back to it, though, has made me want to expand and develop a better understanding of programming in general. I know that Arduino has a bit of a reputation for being easy to work with for novices which is why I started there. But I'd like to be able to move into working on other non-Arduino based projects and I need to start somewhere. There are just too many languages to choose from and being such a novice, I really can't evaluate one vs another. I haven't even really started working with Arduino so I can't even compare anything else to that yet.

    I'm not trying to become a professional developer; I'd really just like to be able to write a simple app or two here and there. Perhaps I don't know what I'm even asking? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • I am a Buddhist. Fiancee's family is catholic. Parents want a priest?

    OK. I have been a Buddhist for a long time now. My fiancee is not especially devout; e.g. doesn't go to church but her parents are and do. They have known I am a Buddhist since very early in our relationship and I get along wonderfully with them.

    In doing a bit of research, it would seem that I am in a bit of a sticky wicket. It would be very meaningful for her family for us to be married in the Catholic church. I am not now nor will I ever be Catholic. If a priest asks me: "Do you believe in God the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and in his only son Jesus our Lord?" my answer is "No." I don't say that beligerantly or with the intent to offend; I simply don't and I never will.

    In addition, we had no intention of being married in a church at all (we're planning on a boat). As I understand Catholic tradition (which is poorly I might add), the ceremony must be performed by a priest inside an actual church.

    While I do have a few ideas and compromises in mind, I'm interested in the ideas I CAN'T think of. There have to be a few. Is an outdoor ceremony completely out? If we HAVE to pick a church, how likely am I to find a priest that will even perform the ceremony? Any other ideas or compromises? We have considered eloping more than once but her mom would be crushed and I just love her family and I want to respect their traditions and feelings as much as I can while maintaining my own integrity.

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