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  • How can I get out of my academic situation?

    Today I learned that on my final report card I will be getting a D in my math class, a class in which I have received A's in my whole life. It was because I failed 2 tests and we've only got 3 grades in the system, all tests. The last test I got a B. What should I do? Ive been in the class for a whole semester and I can switch to the regular class, Im in honors, but I don't know if i should. Also, I really hate the school system, I rather take college classes at college campuses. At least they give me credit. How can I do that? And do i have to at least take some classes at a regular high school because i might be a semi-bright student but I really don't like the curriculum of schedule of school.

  • Why do I feel this way? And how did I get into this mess? Is this a date?

    Okay, so my father s best friend from high school called my father and asked if I would go to prom with his son. I m a sophomore and love to go to dances, but at the time I wasn t sure if I should since I have never spoken to his son. I met my prom date yesterday and it was very awkward but went well under the circumstances. Now, after everything, I kind of feel disgusted, because at first I believe I was in shock. How do I overcome this feeling, and is this a date, I m not sure I want it to be one.

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  • What book should I choose for my English assignment?

    I have to read Metamorphosis for our Magical Realism Unit in my honors English 10 class. My book options are; Life of Pi by Yann Martel, White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Tin Drum by Guntar Grass, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, Orlando by Virgin Wolf, and Midnight's Children by Salmon Rushdie. I like books that include fantasy, romance, action, and drama. I will admit that my favorite book series is The Mortal Instruments, but in my defense I have not had a chance to read any classics. If not too much to ask as well I would love a happy ending.I want a book that colleges recommend you read, as well as, a book that will go hand in hand with Metamorphosis and Magical Realism. Please help me decide which book I should choose. I don't want a huge book either and I am not a fan of books like The Lord of the Flies and romance novels such as The Fault in Our Stars. Please help me decide on my book, I want to enjoy reading it as well as have a good understanding of the book. Thank you.

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  • Danced with a guy at homecoming. Does he like me??

    We have been friends for about 5 years(I'm a freshman). Well anyways about halfway through the dance he walks up to some of my friends and says hi to them while I'm walking up to say hey as well, when he tells me I look amazing then he asks me to go to the grind circle with him. I said yes and we dance for about 4 songs. After that we got really sweaty so we go to get a drink (he holds my hand as we are getting out of the circle). I told him that I must look terrible being covered in sweat but he said I still look amazing. We get a drink when his friend (that's a girl) walks up and asks him to go to the grind circle with him because she cant find anyone else. He says yes because he's super nice, smiles at me, then leaves. The rest of the dance I notice him looking for me after each dance. About 30m after he gets through the crowd while I'm talking to a couple of friends that were asking me about him. They see him coming first and he asks if I want dance again (he said it really fast) I said yes and we dance for about 2-3 more songs. Another one of his friends that are girls tell him that she is dancing with him next (none of these girls like like him, they are just friends) and he's too nice to say no. The last song I spot him looking for me and he almost gets to me when a girl asks him to dance and he says yes(too nice as usual). He watches me the whole time he is dancing with her. At the end of the dance he tells me bye. Does he like me?

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  • I need to make a 7 3" sculpture to a way smaller scale. How big should it be?

    I have to scale the Korean war memorial and I don t knowhow big to make everything so I need help on figuring out the size. The statues should be like action figure size. Please help.

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  • What Should I Do? (In Details)?

    Ok, I want to be a actress and a screenwriter. I live in Ohio, school would be in the way for auditions, and classes. I want to stay in school to get my high school diploma, so I am considering getting home schooled, and won t mind not being in a public school. My parents don t think acting and screenwriting are good ideas for my future, but I can t ignore my dream. I live in a small town and can t move too, so I don t know how to go to auditions. I am just beginning high school next year as well. I also need to find great acting coaches around me, and screenwriting classes. I don t want to give up on my dream, so what do I do???

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  • What are some acting exercises that will make me a better actress?

    Ok, I want to be an actress, but I don't know what exercises will help me become one. I can fake cry and make realistic facial expressions and remember lines easily. I want to become a better actress and I hope that you can help me become one by giving me ideas that really work!!!

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  • What do I do?

    Ok so I have a dance coming up and my best friend wants a friend to have a sleepover at my house with the 3 of us. The problem is I don't like the friend she wants to have come over to my house because I think she's bad news. I only have my best friend in school because my ex-friends turned to drugs and alcohol in just one summer while I was away and I'm not the drugs and alcohol type. So I don't know what to do it's just me and my best friend in a group and maybe the other girl I don't like at all. So what do I do about this dance because I don't want to end up going alone because my best friend chose her over me and I don't want to look like a loner going to my dance.

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  • Guy problems.?

    Ok I know this is going to sound very weird sense i'm 13 and to some people they think I shouldn't date but here it goes, please don't submit any answers that say I shouldn't be dating I know that. Ok well first this guy in class keeps staring and smiling at me and to everyone else he is the hottest guy in school but i'm a shy girl who keeps her grades up but doesn't really know anything about guys so I just want to know If he likes me because he doesn't really talk to me. The second guy who I don't know if he likes me is kind of like my best friend he always wants to touch me, like hugging me and leaning my way. Third guy is a total flirt so I doubt he likes me he basically flirts with me in every class we have together so I don't know. I know what this sound like but I just want to know for I can know what to do about it so please leave great comments below.

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  • How to start my acting career? (read details for farther questions)?

    Ok well first I am gong to get acting classes to help with my acting. Before I get those classes though I want to know where I can start acting at. I live in a small town but my parents I think are willing to take me to Hollywood for spring break or for the whole summer. I also want to be in some sort of series of movies. I really want to learn to play a supernatural character like in Teen Wolf. I am 13 but I get REALLY often that I look older and if I put on enough stuff that makes me look older I can apparently look 20 lol. Oh and I am a girl and I would need to learn to act and star in things near Richmond, IN or Dayton, OH because I'm living in between those two places. So I guess my questions are- How do I start out? Do I have a chance in making it big? Where should I get my classes taken at? Should I do private classes? How do I manage acting and homework? Where can I go for auditions? Is there any tips you can give me?

    PS. I already know how to fake cry and laugh

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  • What movie/series should I watch?

    i'm having a hard time trying to find a good movie or series. I don't want it to be corney or like romeo and Juliet, they both die. I want a happy ending but also so it keeps you on edge and you don't know what is happening. I also want a good romance too and some lies mixed in with all of that, oh and some mystery. I love supernatural shows and movies as well but not like ghoast ones like werewolves and vampires and angels or half-angels (nephlim). Here is a list of different movies and shows I have watched or are watching (not in order).Ps.I am going to name books on the 2nd list.

    1. Teen Wolf

    2.Pretty Little Liars

    3. So Undercover

    4. Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

    5. All over the Amazing and regular Spider-man movies (no more super-hero person

    6. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

    7. Hollywood Heights

    8. Hart of Dixie

    9. Twisted

    10. The Lying Game

    11. The Fosters

    12: Arrow

    13. Star-Crossed

    14. Divergent

    15. The Hunger Games

    16. The vampire diaries and more


    1. All of the Hush, Hush series by becca Fitzpatrick

    2. All Clasondra Clair's books

    3. All the divergent series

    4. All of Laurn Kate's Fallen series

    5.The Water Keeper's series bychristie Anderson

    6.The vampire journals by morgan rice

    7.The Freak House series by C.J Archer

    8. Lacey Weatherford books

    9.The things we cant change series by Kassandra kush

    10. All series by Erica steavens

    11. Grey Wolves series by Quinn loftis

    12. The Arotas series by Amy Miles

    13. Aaron Patterson books

    14. Grey Eyes B.Alston & Q. Ramey

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  • Where can I read Hush, Hush online no download?

    I want to read this book so please help me. (:

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  • I like my friends boyfriend?

    I have a friend that is dating a guy I like. They have only been dating for a week but every time I'm with her boyfriend its always a good time and I don't know if I can stay away from him ,but I want my friend to be happy and for her not to know I like him. I don't know what to do please help!!!

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  • Where can I watch harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2?

    I've been looking for a long time for it and I want it to be free no download and I already tried megashare and it paused and won't go forward please help

    Movies7 years ago
  • Is the catcher in the rye a good book report book & can girls read it?

    I am doing a book report and I want to know if it would be a good book also I want to know if girls like this book please answer my question.

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  • How can I meet a famous actor?

    I want to meet the actor Cameron Boyce because he is my favorite boy actor but I don't lie in Hollywood or new York city or anyplace like that I live in a small town in Ohio and I cant get a flight to any of those places so how can I meet Cameron Boyce?

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  • How can I be famous whithout my parents knowing?

    my parents think stars are stuck up and I want to be one I no they would say no to a agent and my friends say I am a really good singer,dancer, and actress help please

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