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  • Heard strange (low deep) bubble noise under ocean water - shallows.?

    Anyone know what it might ve been?

    I felt it as much as I heard it. I was swimming in ocean, on the sandbar.

    No one was near me, and I felt more than I heard, but also heard, this deep low pitch bubble like noise...

    As if someone released all the air from their lungs right next to me.

    Water was dark so couldn t see anything, but scared me.

    Was that a fish or trapped air or something? It was so low pitch I could feel the reverberation. Was to the side of me and slightly back.

    any ideas?

    Zoology3 years ago
  • is it weird to think about wanting to die randomly?

    So is it weird if sometimes I think about how nice it would be to get hit by a bus and just flat out be gone?

    I mean I would never EVER do something to myself so selfish and retarded.

    I don't want to die.

    But pretty often like once a month or so I think, wow maybe if I just ride my motorcycle tomorrow , it'll be the day, and I won't have to deal with any bullshit or people talking about bullshit all day long?

    That ringing noise you get with a concussion would silence everything in those final moments. Sometimes I ponder it, and I ask you, is that weird?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • ghost face in mirror... HELP?

    Ok so. Last week I noticed in my bathroom mirror, after taking a hot shower, the steam fogs up and there was this symbol on it. It looks like a rain drop with 3 swipes coming out of the top left side of it. And thought... wow that is weird. And my family also noticed it.

    So today, I decided to try and figure out what it was exactly. I know that powder sticks to oil, figured we had oily fingers and wiped it, or kid had toothpaste rubbed into it, or whatever. Threw a ton of baby powder on the mirror. And..... there WAS a face. just there, in the powder. I shook the mirror and blew on it to ensure I removed all excess powder, only the oil-combined-powder stuck on the mirror remained. Then I took multiple photos of it from different angles.

    And I used photoshop to apply the following layer masks:

    1.) Emboss (gives depth to edges)

    2.) darken filter (since camera flash made it quite overly bright)

    3.) deleted outter layer around the face to show original

    And the crazy thing is that, depending on the angle of the photo, and the way you look at it, there's like 100 different facial expressions all in this ONE spot. And no matter what I do in photoshop, or even without it, it still looks like a face. It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen, paranormal wise. Please tell me your thoughts on this!!!

    I understand that you people might doubt this, but go ahead and look at the second image. There's like 3 different faces in it, no one can even artistically make that...

    5 AnswersParanormal Phenomena6 years ago
  • if something with mint in it, is minty, then..?

    If something with mint in it is minty, then what is something with pistachio in it?


    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits7 years ago
  • foot pain due to injury?

    I was carrying two 40lb bags of dog food, balancing it on my head to ease the weight off my arm muscles. I do this often, no big deal, it's part of the job I do. I move over 100 of these every day at minimum.

    So today, I was doing this, and as I leaned forward to drop the bags from above my head into my arms, so that I may place them in their destination, as I always do... I underestimated the weight of the bags, and so I fell forward. But because I was in a near-squatting position at that time, the bags landed on my knees. I was on the toes of my feet at that moment, so 80lbs of weight on my knees in a forward momentum, shoved my knees down, which means my shins practically touched my toes. I didn't feel any snaps or breaks, just incredible pain. Feels like muscle pain.

    My question is, assuming you read the above and assuming I properly conveyed what happened, what part of my foot/ankle do you suppose I injured? And how big of a problem is that injury?

    I have difficulty walking normally, as well as pushing in the clutch on my manual transmission car.

    1 AnswerInjuries7 years ago
  • dealing with perceived pain?

    Thank God for alcohol, how else does one deal with a broken heart?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • help interpreting dream?

    I had a weird partially lucid dream, which I have one in a long while (1 per 2-3 months). And this time something , well, moved me to ask others about it, to ask here....

    Contextually speaking, I remember doing some things, like skydiving with a movie actor (lol?) , and traversing in a jungle with giraffes (lol?) that had abnormally large pupils/eye-sockets. I remember running from an alien ship that I never saw, just knowing it was there.

    Then suddenly it was me in a mountain side by myself, completely frozen over. A man and his young child daughter approached me and said "can you read a chapter for us father?", which I (lol!!??!) proceeded to do as though I were a priest. They asked me to read "John the Baptist 7 , 31". I don't even know if that passage exists, because I never read the bible, and I never go to church. And when I tried to light a candle flame, because it was pitch dark, the breeze of the harsh cold wind wouldn't allow me to light it, using my apparently priestly modern charcoal lighter (long stick butane lighter). At this point it became lucid, I was aware I was dreaming.

    It finally became lit (the candle) after what seemed 5 minutes, and moved the candle over to the daughter who was shaking and complaining about the cold. Reached for the bible which happened to be submerged in a wall directly in front of me, covered in ice and snow. Opened it to try to find the passage, and realized the man and daughter were no longer there, it was just me with a candle and a frozen book with no letters on the pages.

    Which is when my eyes opened, and I was paralyzed. Which I've experienced before too, many times. They call it "sleep paralysis", and indeed it is quite freaky. I always fight to wake myself, usually struggling to breathe.

    Maybe in the future I'll try to relax and go back into the dream, and see about facing my fears. But for now I'm just interested in trying to understand why John 7/31 came to me in a dream, when I don't even read the Bible and never have?

    1 AnswerReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • is it possible for two people to make a decision, without influencing the other?

    Trying to entertain a hypothetical.

    Let's say you're in a relationship. You/Your-partner becomes pregnant, and you inform/are-informed of the situation; and therefore must decide to abort or proceed. Social stigmas aside, it's still quite a decision to make.

    Is it possible to reach a decision jointly, without influencing the other person?

    For instance, say your a man, and your girl tells you, and you respond in favor of keeping the child. That would influence her thought process on the subject, and most likely her decision.

    Is there a way to converse a subject like this, without influencing the decision of the second person? Or by conversing, rather "communicating" in general, do we subconsciously transmit our intentions to each other (verbal/non-verbal + body language) regardless, ultimately meaning that the final decision is influenced by one person inevitably?

    Am trying to gauge how truly "joint" a joint-decision is.

    1 AnswerSociology7 years ago
  • Pain between ribs, whats wrong?

    My job consists of moving ~400 boxes per night, varying weight between 10 and 60 lbs. Everything has been fine but couple days ago I noticed pain when I take a deep breath, it lessened over 2 days and seemed to be gone. But today I went surfing and the pain is back even worse. Much harder to breathe as well as dead-lift objects. Not ungodly pain like when I break a bone but enough to make breathing hard.

    However I noticed if I put pressure between my lower ribs with my finger at the area causing the pain, I can breathe again so easily, zero pain. But pain is back when I release my finger.

    What is the reason for this? Did I bruise a bone , worse did I fracture it, or is it just a muscle strain that's inflamed?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management7 years ago
  • Why does a transsexual need to state they are a transsexual?

    Perhaps there are some out there that have successfully lived their entire life post-op, and never exposed their origins to anyone. But I haven't ever heard of any such person.

    I am curious because it seems to be a fairly complicated topic. Women need not state they are woman, nor a man state they are a man. For what reason does a transsexual, near inevitably, declare themselves?

    I feel like it isn't necessary, and I ponder the deeper motivation for doing so. Clearly some people would want to know when getting involved; but I would think that defeats the purpose of a sex change operation. If I fell in love with a transsexual, I don' think I would want that kind of bomb dropped on me. It's incredibly manipulative to do such a thing. To deceive someone WITH the intent of revealing a secret at a later time.

  • Take girlfriend skydiving?

    Ok so I want to go skydiving with my girl, and she does too (woot) , but I don't want her strapped to some dude, but rather me. So my question is what does it take to be able to skydive with another person strapped to you? Most places here in Texas let you skydive alone after a vetting process around4-8 dives with instructor. Thanks

    1 AnswerOther - Sports7 years ago
  • plastic fabrication online service?

    So I am a bit of a hobbyist engineer you could say. I have some electronic modules I wish to enclose in a plastic casing for protection. I've got it fully modeled in 3D with millimeter accuracy, and therefore can produce 2D templates for easy measurement.

    I was hoping to find someone here that knows of an online fabrication company, that might be able to take my 3D & 2D objects, and fabricate actual plastic from the model, and ship it to me. Anyone know of such a service?

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance7 years ago
  • situation with girl at work, help please?

    So at my job this girl works in another department and I like her but I'm bad with socializing, and because I unintentionally gaze into her eyes everytime I see her, I've noticed she is doing the same now, and she walks by me intentionally at least 4 times in the 2 hours of her shift that we work nearby. Not in a creepy way lol. It's like she is waiting for me, and I'm really good at detecting these things - so I simply know.

    Because of my past (not relating to dating -- had a really hard life), I'm afraid to start a relationship especially when I can barely afford my own bills. But I really like her and I know she likes me too. She's basically just waiting for me to say something, but I'm too afraid to. I don't even know what to say..... ex:: "I like you a lot, but I'm not sure I want to ask you out cuz I'm socially awkward and broken by life" -- AS IF that would actually turn out in a positive way. lol. But it's the truth.


    I want to tell her that she would be better off with someone else who isn't screwed up. Because I'd rather she be happy. I like her that much.

    So as you can see I'm conflicted. I would love nothing more than to spend time with her, and to just talk to her even just once. but I know I'm not good enough for her.

    In Conclusion:

    I don't get nervous when talking to girls that I like, I'm pretty headstrong, but I do have trouble starting up the conversation, as I explained. I don't know if I should

    a.) ask her out, and not tell her the truth about me

    or b.) try and properly tell her the truth in a way that doesn't hurt her feelings

    or c.) <your advice here>?

    Does anyone have advisement on this situation?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • anyone eat food watching chef ramsay?

    And if so, what particular show and what kinds of food?

    I usually eat one of the following when watching Kitchen Nightmares or Hells kitchen...

    Macaroni & Cheese

    Ice Cream (Cookies & Cream)

    Fast food

    PB & J

    1 AnswerReality Television8 years ago