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  • Truly scary movies???

    Someone recommend me some Really scary movies, or at least with good acting. I have seen so many ....Sort list of the type i have seen and not really all that impressed

    The ring, the grudge - us and foreign version

    Human centipede

    REC 1 and 2 as well as US version Quarantine

    A Siberian film ( that's just sick not scary)

    Dead of the dead,old and remake

    Last house on the left, Old and remake

    The thing- Old and remake


    Of course all of the Halloweens, nightmare on elm street, Friday the 13ths

    The descent 1 and 2

    Let the right one in, remake and old.

    Just suggest me some movies that have at least good acting, which a kinda creepy feel. I did like 28 days later...didnt like 28 weeks later

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  • Religious people, please answer...?

    Why so many questions posed to Atheist? Are you really concerned for our souls. or concerned that your beliefs are wrong and need more disciples to make you feel like your belief is valid?

    Tell me how many atheists come up to you and ask you to believe their views, honestly?

    I don't mean to sound flippant, I'm just very curious at the reasoning. I have no problem with anyone believing anything they wish, I don't try to sway them nor dub them wrong for their religious beliefs unless provoked to do so. Why isn't there a like minded common courtesy?

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  • 80's early 90's movie about a male mannequin that comes to life. Come on movie guru's help me out?

    It's not the movie mannequin or the squeal to that. It's about a male mannequin that comes to life and either a girl who works at the mall or some girl shopping discovers him. Dresses him and has to teach him everything. It's driving me crazy I can't remember the name

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