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  • Please rank these r&b songstresses from favorite to least favorite?



    Beyonce Knowles

    Deborah Cox

    Erykah Badu

    Faith Evans

    Mariah Carey

    Mary J. Blige


    Toni Braxton

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  • Please rate some of my fav r&b tracks of the past decade?

    Now alot of people say that r&b died with the nineties but there was still some hot joints in the 2000's. Please rate each on a 1-10 scale.

    Day and Night - Isyss ft Jadakiss

    Youtube thumbnail

    Star - 702

    Youtube thumbnail

    Not Your Friend - Case

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    4 Ever - Lil Mo ft Fabolous

    Youtube thumbnail

    Be Your Girl - Teedra Moses

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    Addiction (remix) - Ryan Leslie ft Cassie & Fabolous

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    Say I - Christina Milian

    Youtube thumbnail

    The One You Need - Megan Rochelle ft Fabolous

    Youtube thumbnail

    Heaven - John Legend

    Youtube thumbnail

    Mesmerized - Faith Evans

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  • NFL scoring rule question?

    The NFL has the most complicated rule book out of all sports but I can't seem to find an answer for this. Quarterback receives the snap and laterals a pass to the running back, both are behind the line of scrimmage. Are the yards accumulated by that running back considered receiving yards or rushing yards?

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  • Have the precursors been set for a worldwide Socialist revolution?

    I mean let's be honest. Europe is mostly socialist, Russia and China are socialist, South Africa and many African nations are socialist, Iran is a socialist dictatorship, South America is comprised of mostly radically socialist govts, and the US has its most left leaning govt in its history. Is it any wonder we are seeing a global economic crisis - this is what true socialists want, a complete collapse of the economic system of capitalism.

    Am I being an alarmist or is there any merit to my observations. Please discuss civilly.

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  • Rate these Jodeci songs in order from best to worst?


    Forever My Lady

    Come & Talk To Me

    Love U For Life

    Freek'n U

    Get On Up

    Cry For You

    My Heart Belongs To You



    BQ: Is your fav Jodeci song not listed here? Mine is

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  • In honour of Sade's 6th official studio album being released Feb 9?

    1) Give me your 5 favourite Sade songs

    2) Will you be buying/downloading the album?

    Also Jaheim's new album officially drops Feb 9 as well. I just heard the album today and I have to say its impressive.

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  • Foreigner 4 album question?

    I know must of you don't lend much credence to Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time but for the life of me I don't know how they can exclude this album. Every song was good and it had smash hits "Juke Box Hero", "Waiting For a Girl Like You" and "Urgent".

    Am I overrating this album or is this a legitimate beef?

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  • Do you agree with the Grammy award going to Pretty Wings?

    Pretty Wings by Maxwell won best r&b song at last night Grammy's awards. Was that the right choice? Personally, I thought Pretty Wings wasn't even the best song on the album. And I would have given the Grammy to So Beautiful by Musiq. Thoughts?

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  • Question: Pete Rock & CL Smooth and The Pharcyde?

    Both came out at the same time (early 90's) and both had the same # of notable LP's - 2.

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Mecca and the Soul Brother", "The Main Ingredient"

    The Pharcyde - "Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde", "Labcabincalifornia"

    For each of the groups which was their better LP? For me its a no brainer, their debuts are significantly better than their follow up I off base here? If you prefer their sophomore albums please explain why.

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  • Would you consider Ghostface's rap style "abstract"?

    I'm not sure if I would call it abstract. There is no question his style is a mixture of free association & stream of consciousness. Similar to RZA. But does that fit the textbook definition of abstract?

    Can you give me examples of other abstract rap artists?

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  • What do you think of this video?

    Youtube thumbnail


    This is what hip hop was about back then. A community that comes together, all for one, checking the egos at the door. Can you see any of today's so called artists doing anything like this?

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  • Why the hate on for Paid in Full - Eric B & Rakim?

    I've noticed this trend in a few recent threads. It is almost universally accepted by hip hop afficianados as the greatest hip hop album of all time yet there are people on here calling it "overrated", they'll "never listen to it", "its junk" etc etc. In my 3+ years of being on this board this is the first time I've seen a consistent pattern like this. Why do you think that is?

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  • Beats headphones by Dr Dre?

    Does anyone own a pair of these? I'm looking at the solo over the ear headphones in particular. Are they worth the price tag of $199 or should I spend a few extra $$ and pick up the Bose headphones?


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  • As you mature should your musical tastes change?

    For example, I'm mid thirties and I enjoy listening to the same type of music when I was in my teens and early 20's. This came up recently with a group of friends who are more into rock music. They couldn't believe that I still listened to groups like Hi Five and Soul 4 Real, calling it 'bubble gum' music. They couldn't understand how my musical tastes haven't matured or graduated completely into adult contemporary r&b.

    #1 Do they have a point?

    #2 For you younger folks (say 25 and under), do you think your musical tastes will be the same in 10-15 years from now?

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  • My main man Kevon, what do you think?

    He's back with a new album, 10 years after his first solo effort. This is the 1st released single "Oh"

    Youtube thumbnail

    What do you think? Anyone cop the LP yet?

    On a side note: Does anyone know you the girl is in the video? She is absolutely stunning!

    3 AnswersR&B & Soul1 decade ago
  • Donell Jones album "My Heart"?

    This was his debut album circa 1996. The album was mostly produced by Donell Jones and Eddie F for Untouchables Entertainment. The question is have you heard the album? Where do you rank it as far as his discography goes? And what are your 2 or 3 fav songs from it?

    The reason I ask is I just pulled it out recently to put onto my ipod and I can't stop listening to it.

    Thanks and Happy New Year

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  • The never ending Nas vs Jay Z comparison?

    Yeah I know its been played out but I'm curious

    Q1: Illmatic vs. Reasonable Doubt. Which album is better lyrically? Which album is better musically?

    Q2: Who made the worst album of the two and which album is it?

    Q3: What is the most underrated song for each of them?

    Q4: Who will retire first?

    Q5: List your favorite 3 songs from each of them.

    I hope this Q doesn't crash and burn.


    14 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago
  • Give me your top 10 fav (or 5 if you don't have time) rnb tracks of this decade?

    Here's mine (not in order)

    4 Ever - Lil Mo ft. Fabolous

    Star - 702 ft. Clipse

    Stay With Me - Ne-Yo

    Separated - Avant

    Don't Talk - Jon B

    U Already Know - 112

    Let Me Love You - Mario

    Not Your Friend - Case

    I Wish - Carl Thomas

    Hit The Freeway - Toni Braxton

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  • Did anyone pick this album up?

    This is Me - K' Jon. Was released about a year ago. If so how is it?

    Here is a song sample from it. This is being played alot recently on Heart&Soul (Sirius Satellite Radio)

    Youtube thumbnail

    I really love this song. Nice vibe and deep lyrics.

    2 AnswersR&B & Soul1 decade ago
  • Give me your top 10 1990's R&B albums?

    And your fav song from each. These are mine

    1. What's the 411? - Mary J. Blige "Changes I've Been Going Through"

    2. Diary of a Mad Band - Jodeci "Cry for You"

    3. Love Deluxe - Sade "Bulletproof Soul"

    4. For The Cool in You - Babyface "Never Keeping Secrets"

    5. R. Kelly - R Kelly "(You To Be) Be Happy"

    6. The Revival - Tony,Toni,Tone "The Blues"

    7. Takin My Time - After 7 "Truly Something Special"

    8. Intro - Intro "Let Me Be The One"

    9. Hi Five - Hi Five "I Like The Way(The Kissing Game)"

    10. Secrets - Toni Braxton "Let It Flow"

    7 AnswersR&B & Soul1 decade ago