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  • professor layton diabolical box help!?

    finished the game.  sat through the very long end game credits and was told i could go back to solved any unsolved puzzles and finish the mini games.  i am still missing one piece of the camera, one more steps challenge for the hamster, and two tea recipes.  so after i finished it asked me to save so i did.  and went all the way back to the castle where we try to escape with katia!....

    wtf!  so.....what do i do now 

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  • Help! Professor Layton and diabolical box tea mini game?

    Help I can’t seem to find information about the mini game I need.  I want to know what happens if I do not brew the correct tea for the drinkers in the game.  Will I be able to brew them again later on because it seems once I have the right ingredients to brew it I already missed the chance with the drinker. Or is the mini game something I can’t complete it I do not brew the correct tea at the time of request ? Help 

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  • five below order question?

    I noticed that my recent order from five below was a bit weird.  I received a tracking shipping confirmation and noticed a few items missing in the tracking invoice. then I noticed that I was issued a refund.  why would they send me tracking and then I have a pending refund? and why would items be missing? is it possible that I will be getting separate orders and separate tracking or is my order being changed? I checked and the missing items are still available on the site and not out of stock so whats going on??? 

  • I don't think I am doing my makeup correctly. maybe you guys can give me some tips on the proper steps?

    A little background:

    I have normal to combo skin, I get oily in my T Zone which is typical, mostly around my nose. But I have dry patches which is so annoying, as you get older I learned, your skin changes FANTASTIC. Between my browns and on the edges of my nostrils and in small areas on my cheeks I get dry patches.

    I am porcelain and fair skin toned with light pink undertones, although someone at Sephora told me I had yellow undertones, which made no sense at all.

    This is my makeup routine.

    I apply moisturizer: Cliniques dramatically different gel (this is the only moisturizer that seems to work with my dry patches) I apply an initial all over layer, and give it a moment to sink into my sink then apply a second small layer over the really dry parts of my face.

    Then primer: I usually use Benefits porefessional on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and spread it around. This seems to work well.

    (I am not sure if I am supposed to apply a foundation primer after the porefessional or before? there are so many primers I don't know what step comes first or second or if i should even be applying both? I believe some people are using facial oils? not sure where that step comes in or if I should bother?)

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  • Hair is a disaster! my hair is the worst it has ever been in my entire life. please help me fix the disaster that is my hair.?

    let me just say my hair is the worst it has ever been and I used to dye and bleach my hair. My hair is naturally brown, and has been dye free for 10 years. My hair is also, fine, and has no natural volume or bounce. its just there, hanging out on top of my head.

    I was my hair at night 2-3 times a week. I air dry. I do not use oils, creams, or heat/styling tools ever on my hair. ive tried creams a few times and have not seen too much of a difference. also heat and styling tools tend to never hold anything. my hair wont stay curly or straight or any style for more then 10 mins so I just don't bother.

    so for one day, after I washed my hair the previous night, my hair is clean, soft, light, and fluffy. lovely.

    the next day, my hair is oily! sooo damn oily! its like someone rubbed butter into my hair while I was sleeping. and my scalp. ugh my scalp is so dry. the only way to combat my oily locks is to put some dry shampoo on it, but then my scalp gets irritated and my hair feels like greasy straw. my hair feels so thin, and lifeless, and sad. like it has no purpose in life.

    I do not over wash my hair, I don't wash it every day I just cant.

    ive tried tea tree shampoo with peppermint, ive tried sea salt shampoo, volumizing conditioner, sulfate free, this free that free, herbal essense, dove, garnie, and aussie....

    and yet here I am...with second day hair that feels like third day hair.



    lifeless mop for hair.

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  • Should people with "united health care community plan" be concerned with new health insurance law changes?

    With new laws people passed, many people are concerned about health coverage especially those with United healthcare. I specifically have united health care community plan, which I have been told no longer is under Medicaid. So the ultimate question is, should users of this insurance be concerned about their health care coverage? And what steps should they take after certain laws come into pass?

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  • Can I use 1 Pete plastic mold for resin casting?

    I have a large 1 Pete plastic mold and I wanted to know if I can use it with epoxy resin to make a tile piece? I don t want to waste a lot of resin before finding out if it s ok to use

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  • Can you use photos in resin?

    Hey guys! I am making a resin tray for my sister for Christmas and I wanted to embed some photos of her daughter, but wanted to know how to approach it? Can I print images on photo paper at Walgreens and embed them in resin or should I seal them? Any suggestions would be helpful. I want to make sure I do it correctly so I don't waste resin. It's epoxy easy cast resin, cures in 24-48 hours.

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  • Do I need a special case for sclera contact lenses ?

    The lenses are 22mm in diameter and I have a regular contact lens case. Will it fit in the one I have or should I get a special case ?

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  • Resin problem! I can t get my eyepins or eyescrews to stay in the resin pieces they keep coming out! They won't stay put?

    I tried securing them with crazy glue, and then I tried e6000 but the are not staying they can be twisted off and pulled out. I don t know what to do any ideas?

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  • I deleted all my mail on my iPhone and yet it still says I'm using 12gigs of data in mail?! I tried restarting the phone but it didn't work?

    I went onto the desktop site and deleted all the phone, deleted the account on mail and re added it but to no avail, it still says I'm using 12gigs of data in mail which is insane. How can I fix this issue? I'm using an iPhone 6 with the latest update (9.3 I believe)

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  • How can I use creamy Parmesan chicken noodle soup as an ingredient when cooking chicken breasts?

    I have creamy Parmesan chicken noodle soup in my pantry and chicken breasts in my freezer. What is the best way I can cook them together to make a nice dinner for a family event?

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  • Resin crafting help!?

    to all my resin crafters out there

    I am a polymer clay crafter who has finally started the resin game. And I won't lie I'm struggling!

    I have two questions and I hope you guys are able to help me out:

    1) I am having issues sealing my paper stickers. I have tried tape, and modpodge but the tape

    Makes the sticker curl and the modpodge is visable through the resin I also still get water marks , should I attempt at using crafters delights method and cut closer to the sticker? What am I doing wrong?

    2) I see many sellers with hello kitty Sanrio, Disney, etc merchandise and they sell it no problem no deactivations nothing? yet I keep getting flagged and my items keep getting deactivated? So how can I sell anything in those categories like other sellers ?

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  • Song lyrics help?

    Here's the song lyrics to a song that plays at work

    "Pictures of your mother, boys you loved when you were 16, boys you loved when you were 19"

    Any clue as to the song?

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  • What song is this ?

    I have been looking but just can't find this damn song!

    Here are some lyrics from the song

    It's s female singer

    "don't give it up i dont want to fight no more we can make it we can make it we can make it you dont need to rescue me rescue me"

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