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  • My sister has become an extremely disrespectful person help?

    Lately ever since quarantine she has slowly but gradually changing into a very rude person she has gotten extremely disrespectful towards everyone in her family she disregards anyone's feelings and she has become very selfish and plain rude to us now she talks back to everyone and yells and screams in an unpleasant manner she very well lacks manners but that's not the type of person she was when she was younger I would spend more time together watching movies and bonding with her while I still could with her so she could grow up to be a good person in life I tried to teach her what manners and discipline are and why it's good to have them I tried to show her what good morals are through educational cartoon shows that I grew up watching as kid she was a smart and nice person 

    But lately things started to change with her she is not the same person she used to be she is instead the complete opposite of what she should be she gets into fights with her younger sister and her mom a lot and even sometimes gets an attitude towards me when I try to talk to her and well I too react with anger because I don't like who she has become and it frustrates me knowing that she was once a sweet caring person to now an awful disrespectful little brat like what the heck is the matter with her how did she end up like this and most importantly how do I change her back??!!

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  • Help where can i find an app to learn about pop culture?

    I'm really interested in learning more about popular culture 

    Such as popular songs from any era 

    Popular TV shows 

    Popular movies 

    Iconic scene quotes and phrases 

    Iconic characters iconic people 

    Stuff like that 

    Like a trivia quiz 

    Are there any good apps on the play store that you could recommend 

    Or maybe a youtube channel 

    Or such ? 

    I'd like to be informed 

    Would like to know these stuff 

    So it can be relatable in conversations and such 

    You know 

  • Overly aggressive and demanding step brother what to do about this ?

    I hate living with this guy but I'll move out of there soon and find my own place I can't stand living with him but I want to know what I can do so that this doesn't happen to me with anyone else cause I don't ever want to be treated like this ever again He has a very short temper about everything and gets overly aggressive he gets mad about anything

    He's also very demanding over everyone he tells everyone what to do and he wants us to do as he says he is just overly controlling you can't do whatever you want around that guy cause he's just overly critical about it too he's just very manipulative towards people and situations he wants to boss everyone around he is ridiculously controlling about everyone's life's he disregards everyone's opinions, feelings and everything he doesn't care at all he does as he pleases he's apparently better than everyone and he knows everything so we apparently have to listen to his orders and commands he'll argue to just about anyone over everything he will not take criticism from others or be told what to do whether it's a home or in public or at his job he is just so f*cking toxic and no one can man up to his bull sh*t cause he's so f*cking big he'll just start fighting us and we'll end up getting beat up like how are you supposed to deal with someone like this ?? How do you man up how do you take charge and control over your on life and not get told what to do by others ? Especially from a guy like this

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  • First day at construction work was bad that I quit?

    I never did any sort of construction work before I went to give it a try to see if I could end up working there since they make more money than working at a fast food chain so I wanted to give it try despite knowing that it might be difficult but I will still get paid 3x the amount that I would get paid working at a fast food place I was excited that I would finally be able to make more money but what I didn't know is how hard the job was gonna be I knew it would've been somewhat hard but I would have never expected anything like this - I had to wake up at 5 and get ready and be there at 6 then I had to clean out the big giant trucks and empty out any trash and it was really heavy having to pick up those stuff to throw out then we had to stock up the truck with supplies and it was also really heavy putting it on the truck after that and being exhausted drive around and pick up the guys that work with us and that was exhausting too having to drive far way places then driving back then I had to drive the big giant truck an hour away to the house that we will work on after we got there unloading stuff was extremely heavy stressful and exhausting then we had to carry everything to the house extremely heavy and tiring then we had to pick up all the concrete rocks we destroyed put them in the bucket and carry it out to the truck and it was extremely heavy the whole job was extremely physically painfully I couldn't take it knowing how I would have to this every day for 9-10 hours :(

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  • I want to sell the car I just bought help?

    I got a question 

    The car that I have I never got the chance to registered it under my name because all the DMVs were closed at the time 

    I signed the title under my name as the buyer but now after owing it I grew to dislike the car and it became an inconvenience to me 

    At first it started out as an obsession seeing all those people with their Loud fast cars made me want to get one really bad I wanted to be just like them I had to have it which is why I made the mistake of buying this 

    It was fun at first cause it looked so cool and sporty and it was actually quick which is what I wanted 

    But since I bought it for cheap there's a lot of things wrong with it 

    The interior is really beat up and the seats are worn out the exterior has cosmestic flaws as well it's fine for someone who is a car enthusiast and wants a fun sporty daily driver which was the case for me but not anymore 

    I wished I had a 90s Corolla or a 4 door Honda Civic as a daily I don't even use the car to race or make it into a race car I don't want to be a car enthusiast anymore I just want a regular car is there a way I can go to DMV and have them make another copy of the title without my signature so I can sell it?

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  • Attachment image

    How do I read my birth chart?

    Don't know too much about astrology but am interested in it cause I find it quite interesting 

    Would like to know how to read my birth chart and find out what all those signs mean when it comes to my personally traits 

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  • Help me find the name of this anime movie?

    There's an anime movie about some homeless kid who steals wifi to play this video game online where he meets this girl in the game and she's adopted by this old man who's the creator of the game and it's actually the kids grandpa but he doesn't know it till later on in the movie I can't recall what it's called but I remember watching it a few years ago


    Basically this kid made some sort of device that helps him connect to wifi and he goes on to play this video game online where he meets this girl and he falls in love 


    The girl is adopted by this old man who is the creator of the game and he's really rich and he has a grandson 

    Which is the homeless kid 

    And there's people after the old man about a new device for the game and they kill him 

    And go after the boy 

    Movies6 months ago
  • What the heck is Roku TV and how does it work???

    My parents have had this Roku thing for a month now since we got internet 

    I thought it was going to be some sort of platform where you would be able to go to YouTube Netflix and tv and stuff 

    I did not know that it actually gave you channels to watch I mean I guess I kinda figured it might give you like free channels like having an antenna that provides channels that are aired through an antenna like the one we used to have before this 

    In the home page it only gave me opinions to go on YouTube or Netflix or hulu or Disney + so I thought that's all it could do 

    Until I started playing around and messing with it 

    And figured out that I could actually watch TV here!!! There was so many channels that I couldn't believe we actually had there was tons of different Nickelodeon channels showing different shows and I even saw some channels showing old school tv shows from the 90s,80,70,50s.... there was just too many channels to choose from I was going crazy I even found some music channels that had good 70s 90s music we haven't had cable TV in over 10 years we only had an antenna which aired local TV channels 


    Can someone explain to me and tell me exactly what Roku is and how it works and what it does 

    And what others things it can do please!!!!!!

    TVs7 months ago
  • My little sister has a hump on the bridge of her nose due to always getting hit in the face when ever she plays around!?

    My little sister who is 10 

    Has a small noticeable hump on the bridge of her nose I believe it's because she always got hit in the face when she was younger - 

    Every time my sister would play with my other sister she would accidentally get hit in the face with the ball or fall down from the bed when jumping or she would trip on something and land on her face and ever time she would cry and run up to my mom crying cause she hit her face -

    But it became very often that she would get her face hit when playing around or not paying attention that what kinda got used to her always hitting her face because it became frequently and out of places she could get hurt when playing it was almost always her face 9/10 times

    She wouldn't bleed from her nose or mouth or anything but she would just cry of pain my mom would always tell her to be more careful and to take care of herself but I was worried that one of these days she would break her nose or break her teeth I always felt bad for her every time she got her because of how many times she end up getting hit in the face which I know hurts so I could only imagine all the pain she endure and it made me sad that the only place she would get hurt was in her face and not on her knees elbows hands like a normal kid she even got hurt at school during recess when she ran into a pole and hit her face and I recently started noticing a small hump on the bridge of her nose which is what I was afraid of is there anything that can be done to prevent h

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  • Why is homosexuality not wrong?

    There's a group I joined and they asked me if I believe homosexuality was wrong in a way yes and no? And they asked why personal religion beliefs I think it's wrong for a gender to like the same gender and I think that has something to do with how they were born. I don't really discriminate cause I don't really care too much at the same time if you like whatever you like cool I'm just more worried about myself than others in a way think it's okay I guess if other people like other people because they can do whatever makes them happy wether I believe it's morally wrong or not

    Is how I explained it but then they kept pushing me into accepting it that it is right and there's nothing wrong with it and that I shouldn't guess whether it's right or wrong but rather accept the fact that it is because if not that I'm just a homophobic who has no logical reason or explanation as to why it is wrong other than believing in a stupid religion that brainwashes people into believing certain things 

    They basically said I'm wrong everything I believe is wrong the way I see world is wrong and unless if I change my views on how I see things I'm just another one of those toxic peoples who is closed minded like what? I said I believe it is partially wrong in a way and partially alright in another and the reason why I believe that is wrong is because of my religious beliefs but I guess it's fine if you like people in the same gender because they kept saying why is it wrong to love someone and stuff

  • I had really bad abdominal pain when I woke up this morning?

    I woke up today and when I tried to move I had a very sharp pain in my abdomen felt like I was stabbed so I remained still I tried to breathe normally but breathing normally cost my stomach even more pain cause you know how the stomach moves up and down so i had to breathe very slowly and I couldn't move whatsoever because the pain was so bad it literally felt like my organs were gonna explode if I were to move an inch it felt like it I took anymore breathes or even moved the slightest that my stomach would've exploded and all my organs would splatter across my room with lots of blood so I remained still but gosh the pain was extremely bad even when I stood still but 10 minutes of staying still and then being able to breathe normally where my stomach could go up and down I was able to move again 

    What the heck just happened to me 

    What was that all about 

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    When ever I get mad for whatever reason caused by someone over something they either blame me or say bad stuff about me or tell me what to do that I don't like I get angry inside and when I try to express my anger by trying to defend myself and talk back I would try to raise my voice to be loud and try to yell back but I would stutter I would start to shake in fear my voice would start to crack and start sounding like I'm about to cry any second 

    While I'm still trying to yell back but it's like stop it just stop you're embarrassing yourself what started of as me trying to defend myself I ended up making a fool of myself by looking like a little girl I didn't even have the balls to defend myself I looked like a total wimp 

    I always let me tell me what to do 

    I always let people talk bad about me 

    I can't defend myself whatsoever 

    And I'm freaking sick of it 

    How is it that I can't defend myself when others are treating me bad why do I get so scared like I'm about to piss my pants when ever I try confronting them after I try to talk back to defend myself I get extremely scared I get sick to my stomach I feel the anxiety kick and I get very very scare and get a panic attack why am I such a little btch why can't I be like those other guys that look like real man who are tough strong muscular doesn't take sht from anyone is it because I lack of high male testosterone levels is there a way I can transform myself into being one of those guys is it a mental thing physical thing or?

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  • Help me my friends!!!!!!!!!?

    I'm going to go look at a 98 Honda Civic it's 18 miles away from where I live my mom will take me there in her car Google maps says to take the highway to reach the destination much faster once I get there I'm going to have to drive the car back home I'm not a very good driver and my driving skills aren't so great yet I cannot take the highway it's too much scary for me I almost crashed one time switching lanes because of the stupid gps I need to find another route to take to get home somewhere where it has slow traffic with traffic lights or residential area so I can make it home safely with the car please my Yahoo friends how do I use the GPS to find another way home without taking the stinky highway as I'm not ready for that yet!!

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  • I have back problems help?

    I have a problem where my back cracks every 10 minutes when I stand up or sit up straight after slouching from watching my phone it's uncomfortable and a bit painful

    This has been happening for a few months and I think it's because of my bad posture I can find some relieve by actually cracking my back on the edge of the sofa I don't want to wear out my joints how do I get rid of this bad habit and help my back not pop anymore ?

  • Why are black people Dominican people Arabic people so Alpha?

    Like my friend I don't understand why they are so strong so tough don't give a sht about anything they just do what they wanna do they say whatever on their mind they don't care about people they do what they wanna do they tell people what to do not the other way around you understand my friend like how ? You know ?

    How can I be like this ?

    I'm tired of being a pussy

    I want to have balls for once in my life

    I want to be in charge

    And not let people tell me what to do

    Like where do they get all that confidence from my friend you know

    Like I want that

    How can I be them

    Unfortunately I wasn't born like them people but I want what they have you know

    I just wanna know why they have it and other people no like I don't understand my friend

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  • Which Samsung phone is the best one out there?

    The new Samsung Galaxy phones are coming out and I'm really interested in getting one 

    I don't know the difference between each of their 3 models 

    Some people are saying that the S20 ultra is overpriced and not worth it and that the note10 is better

    I wanted to know which phone is superior and better than all of the above

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  • When is the Samsung Galaxy S20 coming out?

    I've always had Android phones and never bought an iPhone I have been on Android for 15 years but I always had low end phones under $200 the top high end phone that I wanted to buy was the Samsung Galaxy S8 back in 2017 but didn't have the money it's been some years now since then and there's been a lot of new phones 

    That I don't know about 

    I used to be into tech back then and would always watch videos on YouTube about almost every phone that would come out but it's been like 3 years and I have no idea what phones came out in those years 

    All I know is that there is a Samsung s10 as the latest Samsung phone and iPhone 11 pro I've been saving up and finally want to buy my first high end phone as I never had a phone that cost over $200 and I'm really excited to see that high HD display and awesome camera and awesome features so just a few days ago I was researching about phones and was looking towards the  s10 or the iPhone 11 as I never had an iPhone and kinda wanted one but now I know what I want and I want to get Android phone I was ready to get the s10 till I heard that the s20 is coming out

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  • Anyone name the name of this p0rnstar that looks like Marzia the YouTuber?

    There's this ad that some times pop up when you click on a video it's one of those "if you love p0rnhub you'll love p0rnhub live and there's this really hot chick that looks like Marzia same blonde hair same color eyebrows same nose very similar faces I think this is the p0rnstar version of Marzia and wanted to know her name for research purposes

    Celebrities10 months ago
  • Are there different terms for the word rice?

    This guy had his interior "riced out" he spray painted his interior plastic trims put a bunch of stickers and he asked for peoples opinion on what they thought about it I wrote that it's cool I guess but looks rice and another person reply saying how is it riced when the term is race inspired cars and this is just a custom interior design 

    Even though it still looks rice because of all those decals and painted plastic trims and something a ricer would do 

    So how do I back my previous statement about it being riced even though it's supposed to be for cars that are modified from the outside to look like race cars 

    Isn't there a different meaning for the word rice like it doesn't necessarily have to be your car modified from the outside to look like a race car right?

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  • If you're a mechanic or into cars you know how manuals transmission work and how to drive them right?

    Every single mechanic out there knows how to drive a stick shift because they're mechanics after all they have to work all sorts of cars so it's an obligation and mandatory to know how to drive stick 

    People who are into cars know how to drive stick because in other to drive a race car you have to shift gears people who somewhat know how to fix their own cars may not necessarily drive stick but I'm pretty sure they know how to the only people who can't drive stick are those who are not interested in cars and has never driven stick nor do they care to learn how to but do you know anyone who's into cars but don't know how to drive stick ?

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