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  • Sending a PRAYER REQUEST, possibly a CALL TO ACTION?

    SENDING A PRAYER REQUEST for the health of Young Young (Yes, that's her real name, her first name is Young (Korean) and she married a guy whose last name is Young) who was shot in Glendale AZ last month. She worked at Fashion HQ on Glendale Ave. She is a wonderful Godly lady. She wasn't really working so she could survive, but so that she could serve breakfast to all her fellow church members every Sunday morning. She felt is was part of the way for her to share of herself, her talent, her time, her love, all to Glorify his name. Never once have I heard her take credit, she just did it quietly, for him, not for any credit of any sort or not as "works". Just a way to share love and joy.

    If any of you choose to, you can also call Elaine M. Scruggs, the Mayor of Glendale AZ and ask that this case continue to be followed up on and that the city do what is necessary to get this into a "We Tip" or "Silent Witness" type program. At the very least they should be added to the "Glendale's Most Wanted" list.

    City Office: (623) 930-2260

    City Fax: (623) 937-2764


    Letters: City of Glendale, 5850 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301

    There is good video on the perps from the store camera and from Peter Piper Pizza Parlor next door. Most of us have free long distance on our cell phones and email costs nothing more than a few minutes if you choose to. The Detective's name is Det. Droban. Let's make sure he has all the tools he needs to catch the guys who hurt this wonderful lady.

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