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Hello there! My names Coco. I just love singing, dancing in the rain, and making people smile. I'm easy going, and if i could go back to anytime period, it would be the 60's and you would most definitely find me at woodstock. <3

  • United nations help/ opinions EGYPT?

    My school is doing a project/ day where we have to represent a country and debate the United Nations resolution for peacekeeping. I am the delegate representing egypt this is the resolution we have to debate:



    May 31, 2013

    Be it resolved that the United Nations establish a standing peacemaking force for peace operations and conflict resolution and to ultimately prevent genocides. Each member nation of the General Assembly must commit a set number of troops to the standing force, relative to their GDP. Developed Nations will commit 6% of their GDP; Developing Nations will commit 4% pf their GDP; and Underdeveloped Nations will commit 2% of their GDP.

    *The standing peacekeeping force would be ready to deploy from their country at any moment the Security Council deems it necessary."

    I need to ask 5 questions to other countries about the resolution. please come up with these questions. The reason i am so stuck with this project is because i have no knowledge on egypts history with other countries , and the internet doesnt seem to have much. if you could provide a source or refrences it would be awesome!

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  • stabbed in arm with pen; hard to move ?

    I got stabbed in the arm with a pen, and i just blew it off at first. It bled a bit, and i didnt bother cleaning it. Now my arm feels like i just worked out, , its hard, and sore, and hurts. i dont know what to do ?

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  • What kind of headaches/ migranes ?

    I have been having horrible migrane headaches for as long as I can remember .

    I do drink a good amount of water , and eat all the right things but still find my self exhausted , throwing up, crying , getting dizzy, and everything else. The light hurts , and even the smallest of noises hurts , as well. It feels like someone is going in my head through my ears grabbing my muscles , and squeezing and twisting and squishing them. I always get them in the same place , aswell, on my temples and directly behind my ears, ir feels symmetric. I got a migrane, and right as it was slowly going away I started to shiver , and shake , I wasn't cold , at all, it lasted about 3-4 minutes and then just stopped . Please help , I can't find anything for this !

    Ps: ive tried Advil and tylenol ,

    Pps: if you know anyways for relief please share.

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  • When you have a hysterectomy does it mean you are no longer a woman?

    My mom had a hysterectomy because she had cancerous cells. She has to take hormone pills , but even though she had a hysterectomy doesn't mean she isn't a woman right? Or does the hormone pills keep her a woman ?

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  • What color should I dye my hair?

    It's naturally brown Link below:

    But right now it's dyed to this reddish color :

    My mom wants it close to its natural color, I kind of want a scene cut, but my hair is short. Idunno if i should get extensions.

    Should I get extensions? What colour should I dye it? (close to natural color) What "scene" cut should i get?

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  • How to turn down guys asking for nudes?

    I'm under 18 , and I understand that it is illegal to send nudes to people. I constantly get asked for nudes by guys. I am a normal weight, but my boobs are like way too big, ( DD36) and i dont really know what to where to hide them ? I ask my friends, and they say that im not exactly advertising myself, but it really annoys me when guys ask for nudes. This guy that I really like asks me for them all the time, like almost every second day, but I dont know how to say no without him being mad, or like totally hating me. There is like maybe 7-8 guys that do this regularly, and then some random people do it too. Please help me, I want to be nice about it , but want them to know that im not going to send them pictures.

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