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  • Am I overreacting or overthinking with my friend?

    So I’ve been friends with this girl since we were 14 and now we’re 21. It feels like I’m always messaging/snapping her but she doesn’t reply or snap back. When we hang out tho she’s always on her phone talking to tinder guys or her cousin. She goes out to the bar with her a lot and never ask me to come hang.

    Thanks to tiktok, I got the idea to check her snap numbers and she’s been talking to people while ignoring me. 

    The only time she really texts me is hang out and sometime I drive her to her cousins so she can go out. Also I drove her home after the weekend and she never gives me gas. I ask her a few times and she makes it a big deal.

    So now I’m kind of getting annoyed and not sure what to do.

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  • Why have I been feeling dizzy for the past 6 days?

    So this is been going on for the past year but only would happen once a month or so. When I roll over in bed I would feel dizzy for a few seconds. Since last Wednesday I’ve been dizzy more frequent. It’s not just rolling around in bed, but outside petting my dog or grabbing something off the kitchen floor I would get dizzy. I turned on my phone to check the time and light was bright and my mind went blank and also felt dizzy. I have a doctors appointment next Monday. Thought I would ask here first.

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  • How much would a signed baseball jersey cost that’s been signed by 4 players?

    I have a signed blue jays jersey signed by Marco Estrada, Justin Smoke, Dalton Pompey, and Aaron Sanchez. I’m thinking about selling it. How much would this jersey be worth?

    4 AnswersBaseball1 year ago
  • Why isn't my car starting?

    I have a 93 Mazda 626. Around Feburary, I got a new alternator, I tested it to check it works. A few weeks later I needed a new battery and it is fully charged, yet my car isn't starting. The car lights aren't even turning on or the radio when you turn the key. Help?

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • Why my dad wont let me drive?

    I got my 'L' in May so I'll go for my 'N' in May but I have only drove 4 times and I'm not going to be ready to get my 'N'. I have 2 older twin brothers but they don't have thier license and I'm the youngest in my family. And when I asked my dad if we can go driving he says no I'm a scary driver and I say I can't become a good driver if you don't let me drive. Then we get in argument and I'm just tired of it, so what I do.

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  • Should I text him again? Or would I seem creepy/obsessed/coming off to strong?

    So I like this guy for a couple months know and Friday I got the couarge to measage him on facebook. I think we had a pretty good chat, but he said good-bye first,is that bad? So I want to talk to him again, do i measage him again or do i like say to him at school tomorow?

  • Should I measage him again?

    So I like this guy and I finaly got to measage him, so I think we had a good chat, but he said bye first so I want to talk to him again but I don't want to seem clinqy or obsessed or something. So what should I do?

    Singles & Dating6 years ago
  • Is it ok to like my friends ex?

    So on friday, i had a french class last block, and in my french class there is only 8 people and there only me and another girl, but she didn't show up i was the only girl and 4 guys, so anyways, only 5 people showed up, than john asked if we can play football, than kris said i can handle it, you play rugby, so anyways four of went outside( other boy went to finish test) when we went out there was 2 boys outside in our grade so they joined ous, so me,kris and john were on the same team verus the other 3, so he would be the quarterback and i would be that one player who would throw it to him when he says hut hut, a couple times he would say hey nice blocking or after we got in a circle and pass the football, he would say nice throw, and if it was a long pass to me, he would say nice catch or nice try you almost had it, or he would say to some people hey pass to her, so i guess i grew a crush on him, but kris dated my friend keneesha, but keneesha is dating john, but john dated keneesha friend, so i think keneesha would be fine me likeing her ex, is it?

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  • How do you meet vancouver canucks?

    Im going to a canucks game on 16 th birthday, and i thought it be cool to meet and get thier i was wondering how to meet them, help thanks

    2 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • What is this song called?

    I really like this song but i don't know the name , all i remember is

    "I can't believe you're were the one who build me up, and tear me down, like an old abandend house"

    And " should've have seen coming along long time ago"

    "Im getting/got over you"

    "Picking up the pices"

    "More then you know"


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  • How to meet vancouver canucks?

    So i'am going to a canucks game on my birthday so i thought it be cool to meet some of them and get autographs

    I was just wondering how to meet them

    1 AnswerVancouver7 years ago
  • Should i play baseball and rugby?

    Im a 15 year old girl, im only 5'1. I never joined a sports team so i wanted to play a sport. I been thinking rugby because im quite aggressive even though my hight, i can run fast i guess. But i never played rugby and i looked it up on google and it was confusing. And baseball because i like watching baseball and i been pkaying catch with my brother. I understand baseball. So i was wondering if i should join both sports, or shiuld this play one sport since i might be to busy with school and 2 sports.

    What should i do.

    2 AnswersRugby7 years ago
  • I have a Guy problem, help?

    ok so i like this guy, and this girl on facebook did a tbh on him and said you're attractive, message me,so i think he might be going out with this girl soon and i don't know what to do. help

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • how can i train my dog?

    my dog is 2 years old and i put her on a chain. so when she gets loose or off her chain, she runs and doesn't come to me, she runs away from me when i walk towards her. it takes forever to get her. we have a backyard but the gate is broken so i was wondering how to train her.

    Dogs7 years ago
  • what can i do for my sweet 16 birthday party?

    my birthday is in a few months so i want to sart planning. i was thinking about alice in wonderland themed. but i don't know what i can do for food,drinks,decorations,and actives. i want to hold my party in my backyard. any ideas?

    1 AnswerEntertaining7 years ago
  • what is it like to work at dq?

    im 15 years old, and im a reglar custmer at dq. so i thought dq would make a good part-time job. i enjoy cooking, i can do math in my head, i have my level 1 food safety. and i was wondering how is it like to work at dq, what do you do, what questions do they ask you in the interview, do they train you?, how much do they pay?, do u like working at dq

    6 AnswersFast Food7 years ago
  • I don't know what i want to be when i grow up?

    I'am 15 and i feel like i should taking classes i need and pick which career i should do, but im instrested in a couple of carers,

    I kinda want to go to the military after high school and i love animals and want to be like to work at as a zoo vet or a cook/baker, im been cooking for a while and i enjoy it, but i also find like csi or criminal minds instresting, it be cool to be a cop/fbi

    I don't know what to choose

  • How do i ask my mom to start wearing make-up?

    I'am 15 yrs old and im pretty sure im the only girl in my grade who dosen't wear make up

    I kinda want to wear masquarea, blush, lip glush and maybe eyeliner and im don't know how to ask my mom, help?

    6 AnswersEtiquette7 years ago
  • How so i join the military?

    Yeah im 15 and live in BC, Canada and was thinking about joining the military after im done high school

    2 AnswersMilitary7 years ago