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I am a spiritual-atheist. Yes, they exist. I believe in reincarnation. I'm totally fine with other religions, provided that they don't discriminate. I also am very interested in the paranormal. I love the Victorian era, and basically history in general, especially fashion in different eras. Please, if you want to chat, message me first. I am not just going to talk to you. You want to debate, cool. You want help, sure. But let me know first. I've had one bad encounter with a weirdo who I accepted to chat, and I will never do that again.

  • I just bought an old pottery wheel, need parts, ID, help!?

    I've been looking for a pottery wheel for a while now and recently found one for $150 at an estate sale. Considering the usual price and that the wheel is electric and actually works, it was a steal. However, the man I bought it from mentioned that it was a model from the 60's. I didn't think much of it at the time. I did notice the bat pins were missing, which is understandable, small parts and all, and I figured that it would be easy to pick a pair up, which it is. They are at the clay supply store.

    HERE IS THE CATCH: they don't fit. The bat pins I bought, which are standard size, are too large to fit in the holes of the wheel head. They are also too big for the bat that came with it. I've tried looking for smaller ones online, but it appears they no longer exist. Also, I cannot find a single model of my wheel online. It is a wheel on wheels, with a pedal operated by a rope when tugged. The splash pan isn't removable, and has a drain on the side. The wheel head has no concentric rings on it. The splash pan also has a small shelf built into the side to set tools or a water bucket on.

    So, really, I am looking for any way to solve this problem. Any thoughts at all. Does anyone know where to find smaller pins, how to identify this wheel, know if I can change the wheel head completely to a modern one that fits normal pins, or if you think I should somehow widen the metal holes in the head so that they fit?

    Of course it's usable without the bat, but I would much prefer to use bats for transport.

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  • Looking for somewhere to camp for spring break, WA state? Experience.?

    I managed to find a place last year near Mt. St. Helens, and it wasn't bad, but I would like to try a different place this year. The main problem, of course, is the fact that most places are snowed over. I've been through many web sites, but most are not very helpful. Some can be very cryptic about when the camp reopens for spring, or what the conditions are like. Some have no information listed at all. I plan on tent camping, so I am not looking for anything RV related what-so-ever. I don't want electricity, or a "camp store". I don't do KOA.

    So here's what I've looking for:

    Somewhere in and around the southwest region of Washington State

    Somewhere with a nice forested area

    Not too hard to drive too (I do not have 4 wheel drive)

    Somewhere not snowed over

    Nothing near the coast- it will just turn into a beach trip and not a camping trip

    I am open to camping in Oregon, provided it's not too far away; nothing in Bend. I live in near Vancouver/ Portland, so used that as a reference. No where much more than about 90 miles away.

    Also, links are great. Thank you for anything you can turn up.

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  • Windows 8 loads to black screen?

    Not long ago, about 3 months ago, I bought a Dell inspiron laptop 2nd hand with windows 8 on it. The owner was also nice enough to leave microsoft office 2010 installed on it. It was very fast and worked perfectly until about 2 days ago. After an update, it became sluggish, and would freeze completely, and I would have to turn it off and on. After this happened a couple of times, it would not even load up nightly (firefox for windows 8) it would just have the blue spinning circle. After turning the pc off and on a couple times after this, it would not load up at all. The windows logo would pop up, the dots would spin, and it would load to a black screen WITH NO CURSOR. I emphasize that because while trying to do a google search to try to find out what was wrong, everyone always mentioned that they had a cursor and maybe it blinked. There was maybe one link with no cursor, and I couldn't understand all of the things described.

    I now have the laptop running in safemode. It finally loaded after a very long time and it's incredibly sluggish. It's successfully opened the internet after a few minutes (not on the pc I'm using right now though) and I'm now trying to get it to open my antivirus software in case that is the problem.

    Has anyone heard of this happening? What can I do? I really don't want to erase everything with a pc refresh mainly because I do no have the money to buy microsoft office word. I tried doing a restore by holding the power down for 45 seconds after it had come up empty for errors, but it told my I had no restore points, which should not be true at all.

    Please, any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Does anyone know of some good backpacking camping areas in BC?

    We're planning on going to Canada in late July/early August and we're trying to find a good place. We'd like to stay in the south of British Columbia, not too far north or east. Also, nothing on the island. We don't have any 4-wheel drive vehicles, so ideally we would like to park our car somewhere and then hike into the campsite. Does anyone have any good ideas? Also, if it could be near a body of water or steam, that would be preferred. All suggestions welcome!

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  • Pixelated Blu-ray player image?

    So my boyfriend has a HD TV and a blu-ray player he got a few months ago. We've played many movies on it, and they were all gorgeous. However, we just watched a movie, and the quality wasn't quite up to par. It wasn't terrible, but it looked more like DVD quality. Anyway, he obsessed over little things like this, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what might be up?

    The power was shut off for a moment today, but I don't see what that would do, plus it's plugged into a surge protector.

    Also, we were having some trouble playing one of his blu-rays, but not others. Like, Barry Lydon plays, but not Moonrise Kingdom.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    2 AnswersHome Theater7 years ago
  • Recently in a car accident, now the headlights won't go on?

    Recently I was a passenger in a car during an accident. The driver turned out from the curve just as a car was going by. They only got a scratch. On ours, 2 lights were broken (side turn signal, side headlight though the fronts of these were ok) and on the other side, which was not impacted, The headlights won't go one. We checked the bulbs and the spark plugs I guess (I'm not mechanical, I had a mechanically inclined friend look at it) and those were fine. Could someone just give me a list of possibilities it could be perhaps? If it makes a difference, it's a 96 Geo Prism.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Ring on my skin after a shower, what is it?

    During my shower, the skin just above my lip, near the corner, started to feel irritated, almost as though scratched, or almost like a bit of mentholated lip balm. When I got out, there appeared to be nothing there. So I went about my routine, but kept checking, because the sensation persisted. Eventually, I noticed the faintest ring around the area. It's barely visible, light pink, and smooth. In fact, I can only see it in the bathroom lighting.

    Of course I went to look it up and ringworm came up. However, I looked up the pictures for that, and it's not nearly that inflamed. Also, it doesn't itch. It just feels sort of irritated. However, is that how it starts? Will this turn into itching and redness?

    Also, I read that it could be nummular eczema. However, the rings for that are also inflamed. I did have eczema once as a child, on the backs of my hands during the winter. They became itchy and so dry they peeled, so maybe I'm more prone to it.

    I almost remember this happening to me once before, and weird irritated ring, but it wasn't on my face, so I ignored it and nothing happened with it.

    Does anyone have any experience with this, what it is, or how to treat it if treatment is necessary?

    I've been checking it periodically since writing this, and I still don't see much, and the sensation seems to be fading, but still, any information would be good.

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • My Kindle Fire can't download any apps?

    So, I just got it a couple days ago and yesterday I set it up. I was having no trouble downloading anything, and I got maybe around 16 apps. Today, I tried to download a couple other free things. But the download button is no longer available. Just the save for later and report issues button. I went online and someone said go to the app store, tap menu, tap more, and there you can find your saved apps to download. Well, I have a couple problems with that. One, I don't have a "more" to tap. I have a "saved items to tap, but not a "more". Does this mean my kindle isn't a fire? No idea. Two, even when I am in the list of saved apps, I still cannot download them. Same options as before. So what do I do? You'd think other people would have had this issue, but apparently not. It is next to no where on the internet.

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  • Tips on going to a concert alone?

    I've always had someone to go with me in the past, but this time I had no one to go with me and I wasn't going to miss it. It's Amanda Palmer, and her fan base is known to be more relaxed. However, are there any precautions I should take? It's also a benefit concert, I'm not sure if that makes a difference. It doesn't seem to be a really bad part of town either; it's not in the larger part of the city.


    3 AnswersEtiquette8 years ago
  • Tips for going to a concert alone?

    I've always had someone to go with me in the past, but this time I had no one to go with me and I wasn't going to miss it. It's Amanda Palmer, and her fan base is known to be more relaxed. However, are there any precautions I should take? It's also a benefit concert, I'm not sure if that makes a difference. It doesn't seem to be a really bad part of town either; it's not in the larger part of the city.


    2 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • So, the bump on my nose piercing has changed, blood blister?

    I used to have a fleshy little bump on it. I used diluted tea tree oil with sea salt solution. It gradually decreased in size. I went somewhere over the weekend and could not clean it as usual. When I got back, it had a white cover on it, like dead skin. I cleaned it with some water while washing my face and the skin came off, revealing when appears to be a blood blister. So, what now? Should I continue with the sea salt tea tree soaks, or just salt soaks? I could deal with the other bump, but this one is red and noticeable and I really want to clear it up before I have to be seen.

    My old routine was 1 tsp sea salt in 1 cup of water with one drop of tea tree oil. Please tell me if you have any experiences. Also, should I change from surgical steel to titanium? Is it likely that I have an allergy?

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body8 years ago
  • I sprained my ankle, how much advil should I take?

    I am very small and I have remained at nearly 90 lbs even for the last few years. I was told to take two 200mg Advils. Is this safe considering my weight? I'm taking it to reduce the swelling, not the pain.

    3 AnswersInjuries8 years ago
  • My cat has suddenly become evil, why?

    We got my cat, a calico, as a kitten. She was nice, and purred, and everything was ok. As she got older, she began to bat at people when they walked by. So, I've been trying to teach her to be nice. I only pet her sometimes, and if she shows affection back, I would give her a little treat. It was working very well, and she had started rubbing against me, and even gave kisses on occasion. It was a huge improvement. She is not spayed, because we were not about to get her in in time and it's very difficult to plan a vet appointment around her heat cycle. However, this has been the case for a long time, with no problems. She is a bit over a year old now, likely a year and a half, and today, she went nuts. I noticed this morning she seemed a bit more playful than usual, and I thought that possibly it's because it's a nice spring day and she is an indoor cat. So I played with her with a laser light that she likes to chase, and balls, and other things she likes to bat around in an effort to tire her out. She lost interest and sat on the floor. We also have two Corgis, which are low profile dogs. They have had no problems in the past and they have played together. One of the dogs came near her, and I didn't see what happened exactly, and I can only speculate that perhaps the dog stepped on her. She immediately turned into this vicious attack cat with her tail poofed, hissing and growling and swiping at the dog. The dog was close to me, and I grabbed her up to save her from the cat. The other dog then came in and my mother as well and she started going after the other dog, whom she swiped at and nicked just under his eye. We managed to get the dogs out and I grabbed the cat, but her in the carrier and then let her out in the spare room. Luckily neither of my dogs were seriously hurt.

    We went out for about an hour, leaving the cat in the room. We came back and let her out and she seemed a bit skiddish, and we kept the dogs out while I tried to calm her down. I played with her a bit, but she wouldn't sniff my hand if I left it out to her, she would bat at it. I calmed her a bit, and we decided to let the dogs in to see if she could handle it. When we let the first dog in, she got close to the cat, who again started freaking out. With the dogs out once again, we chased the cat up to the spare room, because we couldn't even manage to get her in the carrier or hold her. I don't know what's going on, why has she suddenly become evil when she was getting so nice? If it comes to it, we'll have to get rid of her, but of course we'd like to try to keep her.

    6 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • So, those with experience, nose piercing bump? Hypertrophic scar?

    I got my nose piercing about a month ago, and about 2 weeks in, a bumped formed. I went to the piercer a week later for my check up and she didn't seem worried, and even fitted me with some new jewelry. However, it didn't go away. During this time I kept up the daily care of saline, and I began sea salt soaks. I even bought tea tree oil. I do not touch it, but it has gotten bumped before.

    I first git it pierced with a ring, because of aesthetic preference. However I did buy a stud, and with the suggestion it might help, I changed it out. No blood, no fuss. And for a couple days, the bump, which I have identified as a hypertrophic scar, greatly went down as I continued sea salt soaks. I suppose the ring was bumped to often and the bend put pressure on my nose. So things were good for a while, and I went back to just cleaning it with saline and soaking on occasion, because I have heard that hypertrophic scars will go away with time. Well it was going so well, I decided to try the ring back on. Not a good idea. When I tried to, I had difficulty because of the shape. So, frustrated and nervous because it had not worked, I went to put the stud back in, but it didn't go in so smoothly. It bumped around a bit, and this time it did bleed. Then in the next couple days, it was bumped, it almost fell out, and then I had an emotional break down and cried and that was crap.

    So, here I am, with a bump. As big as ever. Currently, like at this moment, I am soaking it with sea salt and diluted tea tree oil. Of course I won't see progress today, but an suggestions? Experiences? I am not going to take it out, because if there is any kind of infection, it will get stuck inside. I'm not going to pop it, because that's silly, and would harm it more than help it. Also, no peroxide or alcohol. Piercer says that is a big no-no. But has anyone had experiences with this? Does sea salt work? Tea tree oil? How much an how often? Vitamin E oil? Chamomile? I just want to get rid of this thing as effectively as possible.

    Also, I know for a fact, it is not a keloid. I've researched. Also, I don't think it's infected, at least not much it it is. No puss, no pain really.

    Anything helps.

    4 AnswersOther - Skin & Body9 years ago
  • New nose piercing, very exciting, but any tips? Experience?

    So I have a new ring in my nose, and that's fine. Done at a very good, high quality place. Personally, I prefer rings. I like how they look. But for working, well people like studs.

    So here is my issue:

    I am picky about my studs, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. But, I also know that the nose is very sensitive, and some metals must be avoided, ei sterling silver because it tarnishes and an leave a permanent black hole in your nose. So, any tips? I've heard of argentinium silver (sp?) and apparently it doesn't tarnish? I prefer silver to gold.

    So, who has experiences with this? Tips? Stories? Reliable places to buy jewelry?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body9 years ago
  • I need a couple of examples of chemicals that react violently?

    I am not actually working with these chemicals. I do not even care what they would be used for in any circumstance. I am actually using these for a poem. I heard that potassium and water react, but I'd rather that the elements or compounds be simpler, you know? K is fine, but H2O doesn't fit my needs. The elements are representative of initials for a person's name. So it would be like K + H2O carved on a tree. See how that does not really work? So, anyone who can give me one or multiple reactive elements and such, 10 points for you, k?

    3 AnswersChemistry9 years ago
  • Here it is again, costume ideas?

    I need something I can make myself. Not out of a package. I would like either a character or historical figure. Something creative, but recognizable. I've considered Elizabeth Bathory, a victim of the Salem Witch Trials, and a forest/Celtic/Greek pixie/nymph thing. But I need other options. Either something frightening or depressing. Ideas?

    4 AnswersHalloween9 years ago
  • How do I fix this awkwardness?

    So this guy and I were dating, and we sort of broke up, but we're sort of back together. It's a long story. But to cut it short, we're slowly getting back together, and I send him a text using the pet name "baby". I had never used this before, even when we first went out, thought I had heard him call me it. I know he likes pet names, but he replied to my question, then added at the end "Baby?" I replied ignoring that completely. But it feels really awkward now.

    I don't know what he's thinking or if he feels like I'm getting too attached. It's all really ridiculous. But from a guy's perspective, what is he thinking? Is it just because I had never called him that before, or does he really think I'm going to fast? I'm likely over thinking this, but I really don't want to screw this up.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • I'm having trouble finding a corset. Ideas? People with experience tightlacing?

    I've been looking online and it's been very difficult to find a corset that tightlaces to 18 inches. They go to 22 inches, which is my approximate current size. I'm looking for a real corset, boning and all. Not a cheep one from the lingerie department. Of course, cheaper is better, but at this point just finding one would seem like a miracle. Does anyone have any experience with tightlacing? How long did it take to shrink an inch? Two? And what style corset did you use? Over or under bust? Material?

    Of course, if a small one cannot be found, does anyone have any experience making a proper corset, and could point me in the direction of a pattern?

    6 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style9 years ago
  • I find that caffeine makes me less depressed?

    So I find that if I have coffee in the morning, or if I have black tea later on, I won't be as depressed. I don't take medication, because I don't think it's that serious. It just comes and goes. But caffeine seems to help. Is this normal? Have other people noticed this?

    2 AnswersMental Health9 years ago