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  • Why would a watch go blank after a few weeks or months of having a new battery put in it?

    I have a CASIO watch that had its battery replaced 3 months ago. The new battery should still be good for at least 2 years. However, the watch went blank a few days ago. The seal was not sealed tight enough. Having noticed this, I did not get the watch wet. What could be the cause of the watch going blank shortly after having the battery replaced?

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  • What is the likely future of post-pandemic air travel?

    Air travel has gone through a very bad shock in 2020. It will likely take years before air travel returns to 2019 levels. While air traffic has no way to go but upwards, a number of things could happen.

    * Airlines could be facing financial weaknesses for some time to come.

    * Capacity could be normalized in a staggered way over 3 to 4 years. Thus, vacationing will be more limited until capacity is normalized.

    * Airline bankruptcies could occur even with federal aid.

    * A drastic reduction of airline staffing could lead to a reduction in the travel industry labour pool. So, as demand increases, not all of those who want to travel by air could do so.

    This leads to a depressed travel industry. Once the pandemic is over, will governments be promoting air travel to speed up air travel recovery while subsidizing airlines for a few years to come?

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  • In Thunderbird, is weekly volume graphing possible?

    Thunderbird searches can display bar graphs of the number of emails with matches to a search criteria such as a person's email address. Is this possible for a search for all sent emails? All sent emails would be included in the search. The output I am thinking of is a set of bar graphs indicating the amount of emails sent in a given time period.

    Other - Yahoo Mail4 months ago
  • Is the SQL trigger coded correctly?

    Is the trigger in the following SQL script correctly worded?

    Here is the script.

    Partial script is included.

    CREATE INDEX StudentProgram ON student(StudentProgram);

    USE college;

    CREATE VIEW computer_science_students AS

    SELECT * FROM college.student

    WHERE StudentProgram = 'Computer Science';

    create table professor_audit_trail (

    id int unsigned primary key auto_increment not null,

    ProfessorName VARCHAR(255) not null,

    ProgramName VARCHAR(255) not null);


    CREATE TRIGGER save_profinfo_upon_delete

       BEFORE DELETE ON professor



       INSERT INTO professor_audit_trail

       SET ProfessorName = professor.ProfessorName,

       ProgramName = professor.ProfessorProgram;



  • In SQL, how can selective columns be displayed in a RIGHT JOIN?

    An example is the following.


    1 2 3 4 5


    1 2 3

    To be displayed:

    Table1 column 1, Table2 column 2 and 3

  • How did Japanese occupation of Korea change Korea?

    In Korea, the Japanese ruled the country for 35 years. Usually, during an occupation that long, changes occur in the occupied country throughout the years. These changes often become permanent. Once the occupation is over, society returns to a new normal. While most unwanted changes can be undone, certain changes remain in place in society which are seen for generations and remain in place. What are some examples of such changes in South Korea and Korean society?

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  • Does VMWare Tools have to be installed on VMs to share files?

    Does NFS and Samba require VMWare Tools for file sharing between VMs to work?

    I am referring to both Linux and Windows clients and servers. Operating systems are as follows.

    The Linux OS is Ubuntu.

    The Windows OS versions are Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

    1 AnswerSoftware1 year ago
  • Will the enclosed NAT commands work?

    Are the given NAT commands correct for Port Address forwarding?

    Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    R4 (Router4)

    ip nat pool NatPool prefix-length 28

    ip nat inside source list 1 pool NatPool overload

    ip nat inside source static tcp 22 22 extendable

    ip nat inside source static tcp 23 2323 extendable

    ip route Multilink1

    ip route Tunnel0


    access-list 1 permit


    R2 (Router2)

    ip nat inside source list 2 interface Serial0/0/1 overload


    access-list 2 permit



    1 AnswerComputer Networking2 years ago
  • How can dead skin on the foot be filed inside?

    If the skin line is containing dead skin, a file or scrupulous scrub for feet will file the dead skin at the level it is on. Dead skin underneath the skin level will not be scrubbed. How can this skin be reached to file on feet?

  • Are leaders of political parties in power who know they will lose on election day, less committed?

    Often, parties in power for more than 10 years have leadership issues. One example is a leader who admits that people don't like him/her and that their party will lose the election when support is low. Such statements do no good for election chances.

    1 AnswerPolitics2 years ago
  • What is the best way to prepare for taking a course in IT based on assessments after time away from classes?

    The time away period would be 2.5 years. Purpose would be employment-related.

    1 AnswerTechnology2 years ago
  • How can Blackboard's test timer be paused from the student's end?

    Blackboard has an option for timed tests. Suppose if you are at home and are writing a timed test and are disrupted by something important, the timer may run out. How can the timer be paused to avoid the timer from running out? I am referring to browser settings, extensions or downloads that can stop the test timer.

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  • Are there websites that are posting leaked body scanner images?

    I heard about airport body scanners. Also, I read about body scan images being leaked. Am I correct that there are websites which post these leaked images in large numbers even though such images should not be posted?

  • In a Help Desk environment, what is overlap of work due to staffing levels called when too many people are doing the same tasks?

    The environment I am referring to is one where a Help Desk has too many people working on the same tickets. Work being done could get done by too many people than expected.

    1 AnswerHomework Help3 years ago
  • For tourists, what is the best way to have a left purchase mailed?

    Items left in a store upon purchase are normally expected to be picked up by the person themselves. This is true for locals or people residing in a place within an hour and a half distance to the store. However, for tourists who live up to 6 to 8 hours away, driving back to the store to pick up the item is not the best option. Packaged mail delivery is more appropriate. However, the person getting the delivery may very likely have to pay a fee. Would a courier service be normally required for the delivery of the item?

    2 AnswersEtiquette3 years ago
  • In a Help Desk environment, how many people should be contributing to a ticket at most?

    It is not good to have too many Help Desk members working on a ticket, however, multiple people may have to work on a single ticket. What would be a good maximum limit to how many people should work on a ticket? Overlap of work should be avoided. At the same time, workers on a Help Desk have to do work.

    1 AnswerOther - Computers3 years ago
  • How can I stop Facebook from sending notifications to a cell phone?

    I keep on getting notifications from Facebook on my cell phone. What I am looking for are the steps to stop them from coming to it. How can I disable these notifications from being emailed to my cell phone?

    1 AnswerFacebook3 years ago
  • How can I get Apple to halt spoofed online purchases?

    I have no Apple account or Amazon account. However, my email address is being used as a fake email Id to buy things from Apple and Amazon. Amazon has confirmed by email to me that they have no account under my name. PayPal has indicated to me by email, they have no transactions listed under my account. I verified this, myself. How can I get this problem resolved? I was not able to resolve it through PayPal. All they told me was that my email address was being spoofed.

    1 AnswerAbuse and Spam3 years ago
  • In the future, will every passenger at airports be required to go through a full-body scanner before boarding a plane?

    The way it seems, full-body scanners will be increasingly used. Radiation levels will be reduced. Will they become a standard security fixture all airport passengers will have to go through?

    5 AnswersAir Travel4 years ago