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  • afterschool shuttle transportation/bus?

    Does anyone know of an after school bus/transportation. My son will go to Burnett Elem (SE Houston). We don't have anyone to take him to grandma after shool, she don't have driver license :(

    Already asked the school for list. All are for afterschool daycare/programs. Any other suggestion?

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  • after school program?

    I live in SW Houston. My son will be going to Kindergarden in Sept. I'm looking for an after school place for him to go. The problem is I won't get out of work till 8-9pm. I hear there is a Vietnamese after school program but don't know any info.

    Can someone recommend me any after school program that fit my work schedule. Many thanks.

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  • Do I have to change my address?

    My parents and 18 yr old brother live with me, mortgage in my name only. Got married in Nov.2007. Moved into my husband home, which is 25 min away, in the same city + county. My parents and bro still live there. Haven't change my DL or address yet. Figure it's better to keep the old mailing address since my parents live there anyway, mail won't get lost plus I don't have to go thru the whole hassel of changing EVERY record (banks, credit card, mutual funds, membership to, magazine subs, etc...). I kept my maiden name.

    Now i'm about to do my taxes. What address whould I use? If I want to keep the Homestead exemption, do I have to transfer the home into my dad's name or add him to the deed - which will cost $ to adjust :( Do I have to officially change my address?

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  • Initate meeting with husband ex-wife?

    Husband & I been together for 3 yrs and married 1/2 yr. My husband + ex-wife has joint custody of their now 5 yr old son. She hasn't been nice. I didn't care much when I was the gf, but now I'm the new wife, I like some of the manipulative tactics to stop. husband don't think it's manipulative because it's for the child's sake. I believe she's resenting me for taking her place.

    I'm not jeolous cuz I know I'm much better off then she's right now. Realized we'll have many yrs in the future involving the child. I like it to be civil between all 3 of us for the child's and MY new family's sake. Planning to initate a meeting with ex-wife. I have read in here that some people got along well with husband ex, so why not us.

    Should I initate a meeting? What do you suggest I say to achieve my purpose? thanks ahead for all your time in helping with suggestions.

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  • Please give me some advise on ex-wife.?

    My husband & I recently married after 1.5 yr dating & 1.5 yr living together. He's divorced but have a 4 yr old son w/ his ex-wife. His ex-wife is being vindictive, using her son to cause trouble because:

    + she's blaming me for not being able to reconciliate w/ her husband after they were separated. They were separated & he date other women before I entered the picture, but since he was dating me when she filed the divorce - I'm to blame :)

    + for taking her place

    + for being nice to her kid, whom is now my stepson too.

    + encourage my husband to be more involve in his kid's life, and make sure he knows his rights - husband can't read English well so he's intimidated by the law + court stuffs.

    + get along with his parents, etc ...

    I read numerous Q&A on ex-wife issues & do understand that it's a normal psychologically for her to be jeolous, mean, ... When I was the gf, I just ignore her and let my bf deal with it but now that we're married, what should I do?

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