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  • top paw dog collar warrenty?

    Looking to know if top paw dog collars and harnesses have a warrenty on them.

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  • problems with my 5 yr old?

    So recently I have had some issues with my 5 yr old app/arab. She is a very stubborn girl but she does listen. She is a very sound horse and hardly ever freaks out about stuff. These past few weeks she has been very skidish. She has full range of a 3 acre pasture with an open barn 24/7. I feed her in her barn. She has been very nervous when eating in there and kicked me in the face when i was feeding her this week. She has suddenly started to kick and act out way more than she does when she is in heat. No she is not in heat. I work her everyday and have not introduced anything new or any new training.

    I do not know what has gotten into her. She has kicked me over 3 times this week, and that is not like my horse at all. She never bucks unless she is playing around. She does rear when she is not happy but a stern no and she stops. There has been a lot of skidish behavior and bucking going on she is acting afraid of her feed dish and her barn.

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  • Hoe can I de- skunk a horse?

    How can I get the skunk smell off of my horse. She decided to try to play with one and got sprayed.

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  • why would my ratty girls be doing this?

    I walked into the room to find them biting their own tail and running in circles while biting their tails. I find this really weird.

    Notes: they are lab rats almost 9 months old, flea treated about 2 weeks ago with special stuff for them, blind, and very aggressive towards people and other animals especially males.

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • what can i do please ansewr?

    my ex boyfriend took a something of mine that meant a lot to me. he refused to give it back. he took it while we were dating. when we broke up it destroyed it. i did not know he even had it till he destroyed it. he let his dogs destroy it just because he felt like it. i would like to know what i can do about it. i'm really pissed off. i can never replace it. it had so much sentimental value.

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  • need some help with rat's foot bleeding?

    when i adopted my rats they has bumble foot they were lab rats and have not gotten rid of it. they do not have a wire bottom cage because the vet told me not to because of how bad their feet where when i got them. today they got flea dips (with what the vet gave me). one of the rats had a cyst like lump just above the nail and it popped. she bled for a little bit and i am afraid she is going to bleed again. the vet said to apply pressure so i did. i just want to know what else i can do for her just incase she starts bleeding again. also they are just now starting to go into their first heats. should i expect some fighting between the 3 girls?

    any help would be good


    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • what to do with fleas?

    so my dog brought in some fleas and we treated the dog and cats but before we knew she had fleas she gave them to my rats and mice. i do not know what i can use for the rats and mice. i do not know if they make a flea product for them. i highly doubt they do. i would love to know what i can do for my ratty girls and my baby boys. i hate seeing them scratch this much. i'm afraid they are are gonna scratch them selves raw. any help will do thank you.

    6 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • what to do with them?

    bought my rats a hammock for the cage to relax them a little. they chewed it up. what do i do? if anyone in NY the plattsburgh or surrounding areas wants 3 female rats let me know. i can not keep them. going back to college and none of the rest of my family likes them and wont care for them willing to give for free and sell all of their cage and stuff

    4 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • need rat help imediatly?

    alright so my ratty girls have constant chew toys always a different one or i switch back to old ones to please them but they still wont stop chewing on their hard plastic cage bottom.

    i want to put a towel on the inside of the cage but i do not know how to hold it on there. i thought about hot glue but they could probably rip the towel off and if they ate the glue it would make them sick. they are very strong girls and are very smart. i have rewarded them when using the chew toys but it is not working.

    so my question is what can i use to keep the towel attached to the inside of the cage? is is possible to use Tabasco sauce or some type of human food to stop them from chewing the cage?

    if they chew any bigger of a whole in the corner of the cage, i will have to get another cage this is there 2nd cage.

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  • mouse litter box question?

    i got my rats litter boxed trained in an actual litter box for rats. now i want to train my mice. they only use one corner and i know i can use the same techniques i can use with the rats. i just want to know what cheep thing i can find around my house that i can use until they are trained so that i do not spend money on a box in case they do not want to use it.

    any tips would be great

    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • Need some help with rat teeth?

    we have had 3 female rats since may 15 and we just noticed that one of the little girls has brown bottom teeth. i know healthy they are yellow but i was wondering what the brown could be and if i need to take her to the vet. I have not been able to check the other girls teeth yet as they wont let me handle them fully yet. all three are 8 months old. I plan to make a wellness appointment for all 3 in september unless their teeth need to be checked immediatly.

    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • What can i do about my rats?

    My rats have started to chew the corners of their cage. i give them a lot of chew toys and stuff to chew on they constantly like to chew. they are almost 8 months old and i have only had them since may. I'm not sure they really have a lot to do, i think they are getting bored but i'm not sure. They get a lot fo one on one contact with me but still really don't like coming out of their cage. I'm planning on buying them harnesses to walk them around and get them used to other people. I'm having a lot of issues with them and biting as well. When i bend down near their cage (it's 5' off ground) they bite my shirt and pull me up to the cage. when my family members or i go to the cage they automatically bite. I know that one is blind and i'm sure that's why she bites but all my girls bite. i don't want to have to get another cage i just spent 100 bucks to get this 4 foot cage because they chewed threw their first cage.

    any kind of help would be appreciated. thanks

    2 AnswersZoology1 decade ago
  • what do you think i should do about this lump.?

    3 years ago i was diagnosed with celiac disease. shortly after i notice a lump in my neck just above the shoulder. about 7 months ago another one above that showed up. since the second one became apparent i start to have constant fevers and night sweats. the lumps are hard and feel to be right under the skin and they are slightly movable.recently i have been way to tired to function and it hurts to breath when i move. My primary doctor wont see me anymore because i have been sick all my life and he thinks its all to much and he doesn't believe me. what do you think i should do. i haven't had any infections in a few months.

    6 AnswersOther - Diseases1 decade ago
  • what is a good rat bedding?

    I Have 3 female rats. I need to know if I can use sand as a bedding. We are currently litter box training them. We don't want to use the same bedding as we use for their litter box. Is sand an alright bedding?

    9 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • what can i do for my mouse?

    My mouse fievel is very sick. I went away and left him with my dad to care for him. He did something to his penis. its all red and swollen and looks infected. He is very in active and wont groom himself. He is also very cold to the touch. I am currently heating him with a hot water bottle and towels around the bottle with him on the towels. what else can i do for him?

    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • best place to buy horse supplies?

    where is the best place in Plattsburgh NY or any place within 3 hours of Plattsburgh to get horse supplies?

    I have a 3 yr old appaloosa/arab filly and i need to start getting tack and stuff to break her........this is the first horse i have owned while living in ny...but shes not my first horse

    5 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • i need help with my platty?

    i can't get close enough to my blue platty to see if she is pregnant. we have 2 males and 2 females and a betta in a 10 gallon tank and so i can't see her cause the other fish get in the way. should i seperate the females if they are pregnant, i belive they both are because they have bigger bellies than before.

    4 AnswersFish1 decade ago