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  • Will I need to dye my hair before basic training?

    I’ve had my hair dyed blonde for years- my natural color is more of a dirty blonde, and it’s dyed a lighter blonde color and my roots will show during basic. I don’t think it looks terrible but it will be noticeable. but I’m wondering if it will be against regulation in any way? Will I have to dye my hair my natural color before I go to basic? 

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  • Can I still join the army without a gallbladder?

    I had it removed when I was 14. I wouldn’t think it would be an issue since we technically don’t need a gallbladder and I’m otherwise healthy, but I always hear of people getting disqualified at meps for things they would never think would disqualified for. Would I probably need a waiver for it?

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  • Tips and good questions to ask when meeting an army recruiter for the first time?

    So I recently contacted an army recruiter and I was completely honest with him and let him know I do not meet weight requirements but I’m working on it and he told me we don’t need to meet requirements like weight to meet with him and talk about things the army might have to offer me which is really awesome because reguardless I wanted more info on job requirements ect.. he even said if my weight is the only thing stopping me from joining I can join their future soldier workouts!

    Anyways we have an appointment scheduled this Friday and just wanted to ask for any tips for the first meeting and any good questions I should ask when it comes to making a decision. Any tips would be helpful. Thank you!

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  • Best workout routine for someone needing to lose 40 pounds for the military?

    I’m very interested in joining the military but need to lose roughly 40 pounds to qualify. I know I can do it if I’m determined enough, but I want to know how long and what exercises I should be doing. Lots of cardio? Should I incorporate some strength training but mostly cardio since weight loss is my main goal right now? Would low carb be most effective for losing the weight? I’ve already started drinking more water. Any tips would be greatly appreciated thank you!

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • How to raise my credit 200+ points and how long will it take?

    I’ve been working to build credit and unfortunately hit a rocky road when my old manager cut my

    Hours drastically. I was late on payments and my score went down. I want to do whatever I can to bring it up. I’ve heard getting a secured card can sometimes be helpful in raising your score but will they even consider me if I have late payments on my current card? Any tips I would hugely appreciate. I’m trying to not actually use my card just pay off debt and keep it very low if anything to build credit back up

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  • What is wrong with my betta fish and how can I g t him better?

    My betta fish has this white area under his face/belly and also some yellowish. I’ve been treating him for ich but so far hasn’t gotten better at all. What could be wrong and how do i get him better?

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  • What should I do when he is pulling away?

    I’ve been seeing this guy for 3 weeks, and things were going so good and now he’s been a lot more distant and quiet. I’ve tried talking to him and being honest and he said all is fine and not to worry. He’s been very stressed over work so I’m not sure if it’s that but I have been trying to give him space while still letting him know I’m here Should I continue to keep space or try to initiate a talk again? I almost feel like it could b a misunderstanding but I don’t want to overstep

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