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  • Good hypoallergenic dog breeds?

    I have a havanese and me and my dad are both allergic to dogs and i have literallu 0 reaction to my dog and my allergist even said too. and yes, im well aware ThErEs No SuCh tHiNg as a hyoallergenic dog but theres breeds that are better for allergies (like mine) what are some recommenced breeds? my close friend is soon to be breeding bernadoodles so would that be a good type?

    10 AnswersDogs1 year ago
  • piranhas all died?

    I fed them 5 goldfish from petsmart (I didnt put the water from the bag into the tank) 2 days later the pirannahs were covered in this slime and they started floating and became very lathargic. what happened

    5 AnswersFish1 year ago
  • Ways to bond with African grey?

    Hi, so just today I adopted Kiwi, my african grey female. Shes 17 years old and I am wondering ways to bond? I know a few methods to bond with her which her previous owner mentioned to me but I am wondering if anyone has methods they recommend? I already love her so much but am wanting a great relationshop with Kiwi:)

    2 AnswersBirds2 years ago
  • Short but fast run vs slow but long run?

    I usually run on the treadmill for 10-20min at a full on run and take a few breaks (30 seconds) maybe 3 breaks. My sister does a walk/jog for about 30+ minutes. I am running to burn calories and get abs and get rid of body fat. So is my sister. which routine is more effective?

    This sounds like a math problem! LOL

    5 AnswersRunning2 years ago
  • breeding dogs, skinks or goats?

    There is definately money in all of them. Goats are very hardy animals (I have had them before) and do not need hay just pellets (not very expensive) and in my area everyone is looking to buy goats. Blue tounged skinks (go for 300-$600) but they do take a while to hatch and grow. I'll have to buy 1 CKC registered dog (probably a wheaten terrier) and then I'll have to find a male to breed. Yes theres dogs in shelters but people want pure bred dogs and are wanting dogs that they know the health history of. (people are very picky now a days) which one is the best to breed? Wanting to do it on the side as a hobby (that also makes money) lol! but it is definately not about the money. Money is just a bonus!:)

    6 AnswersOther - Pets2 years ago
  • Do I have Asperger's or Borderline?

    ( I am diagnosed with depression and ADHD) My mom brought it to my attention this morning. I often almost always have very self destructive behaviors. my mom will threaten to do something and I'll be like"whatever, ion care" I usually dont show empathy either. I have trouble making and keeping friends (I am not a weirdo at school, my friends are normal) I have very bad emotional outbursts at home (they've gotten better with time) I curse at my dad all the time with no empathy and I say some really hurtful things. I am VERY impulsive. (TMI but I tried to kill myself out of the blue) I struggle at school which my mom said is usually not a symptom of aspergurus cuz most of them are very smart. Is this Aspergers or borderline? or is it just me?

    3 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Good college programs?

    I want an interesting job, not one that youre sitting at a desk all day. I want to be a police officer or a veterinarian. The only problem is that I took applied for the vet. and policing is very hard to get into. Is there any good jobs that involve animals that have GOOD pay and are easy to get into? please do not say vet tech because they dont make good money

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • Golden doodle or chiweenie or pug?

    Which one would you recommend? I am interested in all 3 breeds but am interested in more info. I like the breeds mixed because theyre super cute and have cute names.

    4 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Bearded dragon wont stop digging/scratching?

    I have 2 female bearded dragons. They have been together for 5 years (since they were babies and have no sign of aggression towards one another) my one bearded dragon keeps running around her tank and scratching at the sand. I cant fall asleep because of it. Is this normal? should I be worried?

    3 AnswersReptiles2 years ago
  • Does owning a gun keep people safe?

    Anyone can buy a gun for any reason. Do you think it keeps people safe or is it dangerous for people to own guns

    27 AnswersPolls & Surveys2 years ago
  • Can you get high off of marijuana leaves?

    My friend has a male marijuana plant so it doesnt have buds. Before it snowed he took some leaves and dried them. Can i smoke some and still get high or no?

    3 AnswersBotany2 years ago
  • does wool kill?

    According to PETA it does. BUT, they fail to recognize the farms that actually care for sheep.

    Sheep DIE if they are not sheered, also docking tails the proper way is the elastic, as the tail become numbs as there is no blood flow. I used to have sheep, and we sheered them and you could tell they were a lot happier. We docked only the females tails as when they have babies its easier for them to find the udder. What is your opinion/

    12 AnswersAgriculture2 years ago
  • What does this dream mean?

    New dream a few nights ago. So I got captured by these half human things and held me in a cage. It looked like fortnite, like where the barns are but i was in a small shed. They left for a few minute and they had a slave cutting wood outside ofthe shed i was being held in. She has a very shapr, blue knife thing, that was a circle thing. I asked to use it but I never got to, so i ran through the wood that were pine woods. I hid in this bush and in black eyed susans. They knew I escaped and I was running and then got there and they never captured me. What does this mean or symbolize?

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation2 years ago
  • What does my dream mean?

    I had 2 dreams last night. I ll start with the most vivid dream. So it was me, my dad, a guy i think is hot and another random person (ion remember who) The dream was on my property. So in the dream, I had a mom and baby elephant on my farm. (i live on a farm in real life as well) It was beginning to have a very lage snow storm and there was construction on my house and i saw 2 school busses slip down the hill behind my house. Me, the guy and my dad were trying to get in this garden shed/small barn thing. That has beds in it in the dream. Then the mom elephant rabbed a gun and started shooting at us, my dad got hit and the guy i thoughtwas hot got 2 head shots. He was fine tho because the bullets were freaking SILLY BANDS. anyways weeventually get in the barn thing for shelter and there was also a baboon sitting on the ground in the snow. Then we go in and I go on a old flip phone and a picture of i think the elephant appeared and it showed dynamite. Then my dads like well that will blow up hae the shed so two people will have to share the bed. (me and the hot guy would) but it never blew up. What the actual **** does this dream mean? or the main symbolizers. Gun, romance, natural disaster, dangerous animals, etc.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation2 years ago
  • Why did my doctor assess my lungs like this?

    I went to the doctors for an allergy and asthma assesment/follow up. He did a breathing test, which I berathed in this thing. It was a breathing "game" where there was a cloud on a screen and I tried to keep it in the middle of the screen. After I took the test, it took 3 minutes to get my results back. The healthy lung is in the 20's and mine was 102. What is this meaning (lung compacity, inflammed lung level etc) What was he assesing specifically??

    3 AnswersRespiratory Diseases2 years ago
  • Is gun control a right?

    Is it the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It is an individual right and should not be infringed upon the government or

    gun rights are meant to be well regulated by local, state, and federal legislative bodies

    16 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • Why Canada is better than USA?

    Free health care-poor and rich treated equally

    Gay marriage legalized 2005-2011 in USA

    Gun laws-no need to protect your self if there isnt any danger

    We dont have a racist, sex offender as president

    Hardly any terrorist attacks/shootings

    Marijuana legalization in Canada

    Drinking age 19 and 18 in Quebec

    Higher taxes but FREE health care so if ur dying u dont need to pay 100,000$$... and its safer for everyone lollll

    5 AnswersDream Interpretation2 years ago
  • United States or Canada?


    I like Canada cuz free health are and no shootings-gun laws and no terrorist attacks

    6 AnswersOther - Politics & Government2 years ago