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......Hello from Montreal, Canada. My name is Steve and Inukjuak is the name of an Inuit village in Nunavik (north Quebec). The other village names are: Kuujjuaraapik, Umiujaq, Puvirnituq, Akulivik, Ivujivik, Salluit, Kangiqsujuaq, Quaqtaq, Kangirsuk, Aupaluk, Tasiujaq, Kuujjuaq, and Kangiqsuallujjuaq. Thank you & "Naqurmiik" for giving me your votes of confidence, and trusting me to give the "correct" answers to your Y!A questions. I'm not a spammer, and I absolutely refuse to shill, peddle, pimp, hawk or "sucker-sell" any product whatsoever. Being the "Top Answerer" for YouTube has its pluses, but also its drawbacks. I get lots of emails full of thanks and praise, but also lots of requests for help. Sadly, I'm so busy and my inbox is so full, (8000+ messages), I hardly visit there anymore. If you've written to me, please accept my sincere apologies for not getting back to you quickly, (or at all).

  • No stores have a door lock/handle set which fits?

    Our front-door handle is so worn out, such that one cannot open the door anymore.

    Without the handle, the 'CTC' {center-to-center} distance between the 2 bore holes

    is exactly 8.0 inches; yet all the major hardware stores have only 8.5-inch handles

    (or some other handles whose measurements are not-at-all adaptable for our door).

    I've scoured the internet and even visited sites like 'Schlage', but the specifications

    for ALL their lock/handle sets don't say anything about the "sizes" of their handles.

    It seems our only option for now is hiring a locksmith, who'll bore another hole and

    install everything for a whopping $450.  Surely there must be a better/cheaper way.

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  • Save (sync?) "I.E. Favorites" + "Firefox Bookmarks" AT THE SAME TIME?

    I've spent the past 2 days reading dozens and dozens of websites & forums about

    saving/syncing IE Favorites and FF Bookmarks -- but none of them seem to really

    address my particular issue.

    Right now, I am using IE, and save dozens of IE Favorites every day. However, I'm

    considering trying out Firefox browser for a couple weeks, and would like any new

    FF Bookmarks to AUTOMATICALLY be included with my IE Favourites.  Likewise,

    while I continue using IE, I would like any newer IE Favorites to AUTOMATICALLY

    add themselves to my FF Bookmarks. That way, when I finally decide between FF

    or IE as the browser I'll forever use, all of my IE Favorites or FF Bookmarks will be

    there, and UPDATED.

    It seems like all the sites / forums are about syncing Favorites **OR** Bookmarks

    across MULTIPLE computers, but that's not what I'm seeking. I want to save/sync

    my Favourites **AND** Bookmarks on the **SAME** computer, and in REAL time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ones I've read about:  (Those with asterisks ** are apparently the most promising):



    -- **










    --  (whose literature, ironically, says nothing) **

    -- **

    -- **



    and strangely enough:  Google Toolbar  or  Google Browser Sync **

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  • If using I.E. 6, do resolved Best Answers on Y!A display some words/underlines in "blue"?

    Up until a few months ago, in the battle to combat spam on Y!A, I was always able

    to open dozens (if not 100s) of "resolved" Y!A questions in rather quick succession.

    However since mid-May, every B.A. is now riddled with awful blue words/underlines,

    and it now takes many seconds to FULLY open a "resolved" Q and scroll down the

    page to see ALL of the answers.  That's because every time one opens a "resolved"

    question, there's actually a mini Yahoo! Search also taking place at the same time.

    As such, fighting spam on Y!A has become a real trudge.

    Thus I am thinking: if there are NO blue words/underlines in people's Best Answers

    when using I.E. 6, maybe I should consider using that browser in fighting the spam.

    Please let me know what you see with I.E. 6 - and feel free to add other comments.

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  • If you use I.E. 6, are there blue words/underlines in people's “Best Answers” on Y!A?

    Up until a couple months ago, I was always able to easily open dozens (if not 100s)

    of "resolved" Y!A questions in quick succession.

    However, since that time, every B.A. is now riddled with tacky blue words/underlines,

    and it now takes many seconds to 'FULLY' open every question and scroll down the

    page to see 'ALL' of the answers.  As such, it has become a very aggravating trudge

    trying to combat spam on Y!A.

    If when using I.E. 6, there are *no* blue words/underlines in people's Best Answers,

    I may seriously consider reverting back to that browser.

    Please let me know what you see with I.E. 6 -- and feel free to offer other comments.

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  • Why can't I e-mail anybody -- even when their profile allows it?

    I have spent over 2 hours now trying to "enable email communications". I have read many Yahoo!Answers, but none of their solutions work. Many of them say that in my profile I should click "save", but in my profile there is no "save" option -- just "preview" and on the next page "ok". Help!

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