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  • Would somebody explain to me why...?

    ... a white boy is beaten on a bus by three black thugs and the bus driver did nothing.. my father is 63, he drives a bus, and I know he would have stepped fact has stepped in to stop fights.... the kid could have been killed. My father would never say.. oh its the schools policy, or made an excuse.. these are kids. Where is all the outrage.. why isn't the president speaking up about this.. you can bet had it been three white boys that were beating the black kid.. there would be marches all over and the Jacksons, and the Sharpton's would be whining and crying. You want to know where racism lives in this country.. it lives in the White House, and in the houses of the blacks who just want to get whitey, no matter how. This is deplorable and sickening and will go on and on. And sooner or later whites are going to fight back.. and it won't be pretty. Speak up Mr. President!!!@

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  • Interested to know what people thought of the summation of the prosecution....?

    today in the Zimmerman/Marti trial.

    My opinion, it was a travesty, a great joke on our judicial system. Once again , in my opinion, if race could have been left out of it, and the president and Holder could have shut the hell up... maybe just maybe it could have been seen for what it probably was.... a horrible accident and mistake. One fellow over zealous and anxious because of recent robberies in the area, the other young guy maybe a bit afraid, not knowing how this stranger would treat him... a gun.. and the rest is history, I do not think either guilty or innocent.. it is a sign of our times no one trusts anyone anymore.

    I grieve for both families, one who has lost a son.. and one who will.. for surely if Zimmerman is sent to jail he will be killed.. and even if he doesn't, there are black crazies that have already claimed would deal with him. I do not blame or think this is all black people... just like it is not all white people.. it is very sad for America! I would appreciate your comments!

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  • Funniest thing and most ignorant thing yet....?

    CNN is calling Obama transparent because he explained the lipstick on his collar. Honest to God, those people at CNN are getting more senile by the day. Too bad he wouldn't be transparent about Benghazi...Do you really care about his collar.. or his scrawny neck for that matter??

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  • Just out of curiosity, I would like to ask.. how many think that Lance Armstrong?

    really did use some sort of drug all these years. Especially now that another member of his team has come forth and said he did.. is it all getting too fishy to not wonder????

    Thanks for all opinions.

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  • Do you think the so called media will be as critical of Obamas speech ...?

    .. and all others that speak at the Dem convention as they have been of Ryan and the other speakers here at the Republican convention. Will they be busy calling him a liar 2 minutes after he finishes???

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  • Well, well, our illegal president is now signing a bill to make more illegals legal and...?

    ... free to use all the services of this country just as we who were born here are.

    And Surprise! Surprise! It is just in time for the election.. and they will all be able to have drivers licenses..therefore some kind of I.D. so guess what? They can all vote for Barry! How nice for him.. how nice he is manipulating and cheating again. he , who does not want any kind of legal identification used at the polls to identify American citizens.. All these grateful illegals can now be manipulated into voting Obama.. Bastard!

    What in hell is wrong with this country that we are letting him get away with this? Executive order again! Nothing he does is ever voted on by our representatives.. he is ruling like a King.

    God help us America.. we are being taken over by an idiot and we are standing idly by and watching. God help us all.!

    And the fool Wolf Blitzer on the Communist News Network says " this is a great step for America.. that Americans are thrilled by it" I cannot believe we are so stupid.. we deserve whatever happens to us because we were so apathetic and let this horrid man, this Obama.. ruin our country.!

    Am I the only one concerned? Is it time we took our country back?

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  • How many think Obama will push Holder ...?

    ...;under the nearest bus if he gets busted on this fast and Furious thing. Obama of course, will try to walk away clean as can be... once again screwing a friend.

    What do you think?

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  • Seems to me, Good old Sancrimonious Wolf Blitzer...?

    ,,,,, got handed his *** on a platter yesterday by Donald Trump. CNn can play it anyway they want, but Trump said what most of America thinks... CNN is so biased for Obama that he can tell them the sea is purple and they will believe him.

    Do Blitzer and others not have any pride at all. When did they stop being news persons and start being paparazzi.. Disgusting.

    Do you think Trump was right, regardless of whether you like him or not. Isn't ir right to yell at these reporters now and then?

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  • Do you think Zimmermans apology...?

    ... was sincere or just a play for sympathy? If it was sincere do you think the parents should at least consider it... how would you feel?

    Is it right that people are persecuting Zimmermans family.. they have done nothing.

    Just opinions please.. thank you!

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  • Do you agree that it was in very poor taste and racist for ERic Holder to congratulate?

    that fool al Sharpton on his part in the Tryvon Martin case. Does anyone have any opinions why Sharpton never comes forward on any case where blacks have killed or robbed white people. Is he racist and if so should he be just discounted when making any opinion.?

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  • Quick poll.. how many think Zimmerman killed Trayvon maliciously...?

    .. or was this a horrible accident because someone was carrying gun? did Trayvon back away or come forward. Should Zimmerman have stood down when told to, or did he.

    Just want some opinions.

    And while we are at it.. how many think that once again, the news media is doing its best to taint the jury pool.. because they want blood, or are they being fair.?


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  • So two white men shot and killed three black people, stupid and senseless.. black community scream racism and?

    ... I am not so sure they are wrong.. BUT.. a crowd of blacks beat up, strip and rob a white man.. CNN says, there are some who say it " might" have been racism.

    What the hell? Racism is racism be it black or white.. will there be calls from the white community to have these people called racists.. will the white people march and carry signs.. I don't think so, I think they will do what we all should do.. black or white or purple.. let the law do its job and Stop yelling race every bloody time something happens.

    Why is it that networks like CNN are so quick to jump on white on black crime and call for a public hanging, and yet barely mention the black on white crime.. what is the matter with these people.. they are fueling an all out race war. Its going to happen and its not going to be pretty if the media does not shut the hell up.

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  • So Good Old." I am a racist" Rev. Wright......?

    ... was back in the pulpit recently. Preaching a political speech apparently, not a sermon. Lots and lots of hate and racism as usual.. Do you think he has come back to stir up the fires for Obama?

    Do you think he will help or hinder Barry's campaign? And while we are at it.. do you think this godless man should be excommunicated from whatever church it is he thinks he belongs to.?

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  • Should Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, not to mention?

    MSNBC and several of the Obama networks be arrested and charged with inciting violence. Their actions in this Zimmerman -Trayvon case are simply criminal.. if someone else dies over of them should be strung up as well!

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  • Okay, all you bleeding heart Obama loving Liberals and Democrats?

    Answer me this.. Why in hell are the Dem's against voter identification. Are they afraid that illegals will not be able to vote.. that dead people will not be able to vote.. THAT THERE WILL BE NO VOTER FRAUD.

    The U.S. is supposed to be one of , if not the leader in freedoms around the world,. or so we boast.. and yet we are so afraid to ask for a persons i d, when voting for the most important thing in the world.. our politics.. and our very freedoms.

    For Holder and the idiot Obama to be against this is treasonous, they make all Americans look ignorant.. there is no good answer.. but I would dearly love to hear it. Come on ! Let me have it!

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  • What is the idiot in cheif trying to do now by?

    trying to block voter id What is the matter with him.

    Seem simple, if you do not have a valid id, you cant vote.

    But then I guess that would stop all the illegals voting for him or all those that voted 2 or 3 times for him.

    What a disgusting gangster he is!

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  • Well, it appears that Romney just might win the Republican nomination?

    ... how do you feel about that if you are a Republican.. how do you feel if Democrat.

    I have nothing against Romney, but it troubles me that Obama is so happy with Romney being the one he will oppose.. why is that... I think we may be in for four more years of Obama, God help us all.

    i think we really needed a fighter, someone with less scruples and rules than Romney t fight Obama, who has no honor at all. I think that man was Gingrich, as much as i don't like him.

    Honest opinions , please.

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  • Can you tell me why a Georgetown student is whining ....?

    that it costs her over $3000.00 a year for contraception and she thinks the taxpayer should pay for it.. is she kidding.... has she ever heard of abstaining unless you can pay for it yourself.. what is she , a hooker. Don't ask me to pay for your sexual habits.. God, how dumb are these women...

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  • Is obama getting a little ahead of himself, predicting he will rule for 5 more years...?

    Just what has this fool done to make him think he deserves even five more minutes.. is there someone he has not bowed to or apologized to.....

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