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  • Hardbound service in adelaide?

    Hi Can anyone tell me where can i hardbound / hardcover my reports?

    I know a place which cost ~$40 per copy, i need several copies and wonder if there's anyone who did PHD or honours before that hardbound their reports.

    It can be online or best in local, i'm in adelaide city (south australia).

    Please kindly provide me the contact details and maybe price if possible. Thank you!

    1 AnswerSouth Australia (Adelaide)10 years ago
  • What is early settlement fee for share?

    I'm on commsec and was charged early settlement fee $54. Can anyone pls kindly explain to me what is this fee about?

    Here's my condition: I bought a share (share A) on last Monday, settlement day was thursday. On wednesday, I sold another share (share B), which settle today. But my funds wasn't cleared on thursday thus I was charged by a direct debit rejection fee. I get that. At the same time I was charge by the early settlement fee as well, which I didn't understand what's tat about. It is NOT late settlement fee. I've called them and they explained to me about the shares I bought. Still I'm confused, why would I be charged when I buying share?

    2 AnswersInvesting1 decade ago
  • anyone have new born baby in NICU and know the cause?

    Best friend of mine gave birth 2 days ago. Baby was fine but he did not suck a lot of milk during feeding time. A GP said maybe baby had breathing problem and needs to use mouth for breathing. But after checking his nose, they were fine. He's still in the NICU to find out the cause. He is now feeding through a small tube (heartbroken)... anyone have similar situation before and know why it is?

    The other situation is, the baby missed two meals (2 feeding cycle) while queuing for x-ray. He was hungry and cried, once a nurse too busy didn't realize the baby's oxygen level drops quickly from 96% to 50% (my fren saw and called the nurse). Do you think it is because he was too hungry or he was crying too hard that caused the oxygen drops quickly? Is it unusual?

    I'm so worried, anyone with similar situation pls share ur experience at least I know it's not unusual and we are not alone.

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Any simple way to make own animation in computer?

    The only way I knew is to draw each pose of the animator and put into the time frame to make it move. But is there any other simple way to make own animation without drawing too much? I am thinking to make a short story bout how my sister met her fiance in cartoons way as a gift of her wedding. And I never done animation before so please providing as much as info that you know so I can work it out. Thanks lot =0

    3 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago
  • Problem to deal with subject for future major?

    I am currently doing 2nd year Bachelor of Science which I'll major on next year. I am now doing 3 subjects: Human Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. I think I might major in Microbiology next year but I need a science elective. For people who knows well about science degree, what do you rekon? Biochem or Physiology has broader choice for future career? I am interested in both of them but I have to choose one. I appreciate your opinion. Thanks.