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i'm a country girl. yup that's pretty much all you need to know <3

  • good country songs about partying/love?

    i wanna know some good country songs about being in love and just having fun. not really any slow songs please unless they're really good:)

    i like:

    back in the day by brantley gilbert

    barefoot blue jean night by jake owen

    take a back road by rodney atkins

    crazy town and my kinda party by jason aldean

    n you pretty much get the idea. only newer stuff please. i dont really like older country:) thanks<3

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  • Songs about being happy in a relationship?

    What are some good country songs about being completely happy in a relationship? Newer songs please and yes I love Taylor Swift! Thanks <3

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  • Songs about liking a guy (country)?

    Hey guys! So I really want some country songs about liking a guy n not knowing if he likes you back or thinking he likes you back or just songs about liking a guy in general (please try to limit the Taylor swift unless its just a really good song). It doesn't have to be slow but I kinda want some of those the weather's gettin colder wintery type songs. Thanks in advance guys <3 (please try to keep it country)

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  • Boys: what makes you like a girl?

    So I like a guy but idk how to get him to like me?! What's your favorite things about a girl and why makes you really like them? Also I'm pretty curvy 38" bust, 26" waist, and 38" hip. Would you like a girl with my figure?! Thanks in advance :D

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  • Popular country songs that are easy to play on guitar?

    I'm just starting out playing guitar. I was wondering what are some recent, popular country songs that are really easy to play on guitar?!? Thankssss :D

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  • Redneck boys or feminine guys?

    I live in a super country town and I've always loved rednecks!!!!! They're just so adorable!!!! But anyways I was wondering what people from other towns n stuff think!!!! Haha thankss in advance!!!!! :P

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  • Girls survey!!!! :D ?

    Okay so I just wanted to do a survey to see why you guys use?!?! Just so I can compare and I'll give my answers too!

    Shampoo: I use TRESemme NATURALS everyday and Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo once a week

    Body wash: I use Suave Ocean Breeze

    Shaving Cream: Skintimate Sensitive Skin formula

    Foundation: Covergirl medium light (535)

    Face powder: Maybeline medium

    Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express

    Eyeshadow: whatever I feel like wearing

    Eyeliner: Rimmel special eyes black magic

    Deodorant: Suave sweet pea & violet

    Perfume: Tommy Girl or Burberry

    Lipgloss: NYC Kissgloss Park Ave. Punch or E.L.F Twinkle Pink Glitter Gloss

    Hairspray: TRESemme TRES TWO Spray

    Mousse: Suave max hold volumizing mousse

    Volumizer: TRESemme 24 hour body root boosting spray

    Moisturizer: Clean&Clear advantage acne control moisturizer

    Fav. Lotion: Victoria's Secret Endless Love

    Nails???: I use the Sally Hanson Salon Effects right now I have the zebra stripes on my nails

    And yeah that's pretty much it just wondering in comparison to other girls :P

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  • Is it safe to put e.l.f eye primer on your waterline?

    I watched a YouTube video on how to make the eyeliner on your waterline last longer and it says to put eye primer on it. I was wondering is it safe to put e.l.f eye primer on your waterline? It's the only kind I have.

    2 AnswersMakeup9 years ago
  • What do you think of the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special?

    I just saw the promo and gotta admit I was a little scared! What do you guys think is gonna happen?? Details please!!!! :D

    2 AnswersDrama9 years ago
  • University of Virginia degree question?!?!?

    It is my dream to go to UVA!!! I don't want to go to any other school! I want to major in animal science and I was wondering if UVA offers that degree. I want to go to UVA so badly that I will change my degree if I have to but I would really like to major in animal science. If not please list any degrees that involve animals. Thankss! :D

  • Neurosurgeon question!!!! Please help!!!?

    So I really want to be a neurosurgeon when i get older (I'm 15 now). To me it not about the money (although that is a bonus) I just find it really fascinating! But my question is what is residency? I know you need 4 years pre med then 4 years med n then 1 year intern n then I read that you need 5-6 years residency and idk what that is!!! Could someone please explain!?!?!? Thanks!!

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care9 years ago
  • Where can I find fake glasses???? (stores pleaseeeee) ?

    I really like the look of the fake glasses so where can I find them!? I'm going to the mall tomorrow n was wondering where they were the cheapest and where i could find the cutest ones!!! Thanks :D

    4 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Songs that make you think about rain/stormy weather?

    I like to listen to music that reflects how I feel and what's going on around me. Tomorrow hurricane Irene is supposed to hit my town and it's also my birthday so since I can't go anywhere or do anything but sit inside I might as well have some good music to listen to. I like rain is a good thing by Luke Bryan so yeah basically I listen to mainly country. Thanks :D

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  • Do guys like curves or really skinny girls?

    I'm pretty curvy my bust is a 38 my waist is a 26.5 and my butt is a 38 so I was wondering if guys would rather have a curvy girl or a really skinny girl? Oh and I have full thighs so yeah if guys could answer that'd be great! Thanks!

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style9 years ago
  • Make-up tips anyone???? If you wanna explain or leave a link whatever works!!!?

    I love the smokey eye look but I have no idea how to create it! Most of the time I have green looking eyes unless I'm wearing blue and a medium-light complexion.

    3 AnswersMakeup9 years ago
  • Am I average size or too big?

    So I'm about 5'7 and 3/4", 36" bust, 26.5" waist, and 38" butt/hip area. I've recently lost about 20 pounds but idk if I need to try and lose more. Oh and I'm going to be 15 in 4 days!

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Outfit ideas for back to school?!?!?

    Okay so I'm starting school back in 2 weeks and I want some outfit ideas. I'm 15, 5'7", 26 and a half" waist, 35" bust, 26" butt/hip area. I'm kind of self conscious about my stomach cuz I feel like it's really big. Please help!! Oh and also most of the stores we have where I live are like hollister, American eagle, Charlotte russe, and platoe's closet so yeah oh and pacsun! But some of their clothes are really weird. Please help!!!!!!!

    4 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • How to make a guy jealous/like me?

    Okay so I was best friends with this guy and one night we kissed n then the next day he told me he liked someone else too and he didn't know who to chose. I told him to chose her but sometimes I wish I hadnt. I know it's my fault but i knew he would chose her anyways so i thought maybe it wouldnt hurt as much if I told him to chose her. I play It cool around him and I think he thinks I don't like him anymore but the truth is I still have feelings for him. I don't want to tell him but I want to make him interested in me again. I wanna play hard to get so any suggestions please??? Thanks :D and please don't tell me to tell him how I feel because I really don't want to do that! Thanks

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Songs about getting over a guy who broke your heart???? <3?

    I only listen to country! I just need some of those songs that I can listen to and feel like it was written for me! Long story short my best friend and I kissed and then the next day he told me he liked somebody else! So yeah pleaseeeeee help!!!! Thanks <3

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago