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    Why did Derek Chauvin refuse to testify in court regarding George Floyd's murder?

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    Because there was no defense for what he did.

    The prosecutions evidence is pretty irrefutable.  What could he say to defend kneeling on the man's neck

    continuously for 9 minutes and 29 seconds until he stopped moving.  4 minutes of that was 


    How many times did they say "use of force" and 

    "REASSESSING  the situation"?  Clearly there was no "reassessing" on his part if the guy was dead for 4 mins.

    20 Answers4 days ago
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    Why are there mass shootings almost every couple of days now?

    A lot of them are in states with stricter gun laws. What happened recently?

    13 Answers3 days ago
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    If there’s no sexist law that says men should hold doors for women and to let them go first  then why are men expected to do those things?

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    I'm a woman and I hold doors open for people all the time.   It's just the polite thing to do regardless of what's in your underpants. 

    8 Answers3 days ago
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    I'd say that Chauvin will be found guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter but not murder. What do yall think?

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    I hope he is acquitted of all charges 

    9 Answers1 day ago
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    Can you justify a Chauvin guilty verdict using logic and facts?

    Both sides called doctors and pathologists who gave conflicting testimony. The problem for the prosecution though is that the medical examiner said that Chauvin didn't kill Floyd and he was the best witness because he's the only one who actually examined Floyd and the only one without a bias. 

    I would say the defense has slightly better evidence but even if you disagree and think Tobin is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the standard is reasonable doubt.

    The only way you can look at the evidence and not have doubts is to completely ignore the testimony of the medical examiner. Maybe if the prosecution had tried to show he was wrong that one be one thing but they actually called him as a witness. 

    If Chauvin didn't kill Floyd then the prosecution loses all three charges. 

    On top of that, even if you ignore those facts and still think Chauvin was a factor in Floyd's death the problem is there were a lot of factors in his death- heart disease, fentanyl, meth, covid, stress, carbon monoxide etc. The prosecution has to prove that Chauvin's actions were a substantial cause of Floyd's death. I don't think anyone can say with certainty how much of a role any of these factors played. Even the experts couldn't agree. At best, based on the witness testimony, you could say Chauvin was a factor but there's no way you could say the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Chauvin's actions were a substantial factor. 

    15 Answers3 days ago
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    Can anyone help me please ?

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    Lol.... he needs to hire lawyers .... make a case before the judge that he is better off and can take care of himself 

    These things will never happen 

    He’s 17... just wait a few months and he is 18 and all this becomes moot 

    10 Answers4 days ago
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    Should we get a lawyer?

    My girlfriend's mother got arrested for stealing from walmart.  But she swears she did not steal anything.  Said they caught her on camera false swiping things at the self checkout $100+ worth.  But she has no idea what they are talking about.  Now clearly all i can do is take or not take her word for it.  And I know walmart usually does not go after someone unless they have real proof..but they are on food stamps and they dont have extra anything...barely scraping by..  

    6 Answers8 hours ago
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    Is it legal to walk into someone else's house if the door is unlocked?

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    Not without permission, it's not. In every jurisdiction, entering a residence that is not yours or that you are not a tenant of through an unlocked door (or an opening or crawling through a window that’s partially opened) is a crime if one doesn't have permission to be there, thus constituting both "trespassing" and "breaking and entering," the word "breaking" being a bit misleading for some since the crime of "breaking and entering" actually requires no physical force of prying, kicking, or other damage to transpire. "Breaking and entering" is also a separate charge from burglary, and you can be charged for it even if you committed no other crime.

    7 Answers23 hours ago
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    In USA Why can’t we set a maximum sentence 2 weeks in jail no matter what crime committed ?

    What we can do is if you do something severe and plead guilty you get 2 weeks in jail maximum then you’re released 

    If you plead not guilty you get bail set $52 bond composite and await trial if you are convicted you get 14 days prison 

    8 Answers1 day ago
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    Is it unconstitutional to ban someone based solely on a previous conviction?

    Let's say a social media platform bans you from use after discovering you had a previous conviction. You have already done your full time, and haven't done anything wrong since. Is that constitutional? 

    I'm not asking if it's morally correct or not, so no "you deserve what you get" answers. I'm asking the legality of it. It rather feels like discrimination based on status or a pejorative label. Sure, a social media website is a private company and they can make whatever rules they want, but to deny someone based on that feels like discrimination. Thoughts?

    6 Answers14 hours ago
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    Helping the children of anti-vaxxers get their covid shot: Could this work?

    The Pfizer vaccine is currently approved for ages 16 and up. You just have to have your parents with you to get it if you are under 18.

    Well I just found out my neighbors are idiot anti-vaxxers, and they have a 16 year old son who wants to get the covid vaccine. But can't without his parents approval.

    He's a good kid, I've known him since he was knee high to a grass hopper, and he understands the vaccine is not just for his safety but for the safety of everyone he encounters. Unlike his parents.

    Well I'm a 38 year old guy, old enough to be his parent, as I'm 22 years older than him.

    Suppose that we make an appointment at a pharmacy that stocks the Pfizer vaccine, and I just tell him to meet me there, at that place, at that time. He has a car and a drivers license.

    Then we go inside together, head to the pharmacy where I sign for my "son" to get the shot. No insurance records need to exist, the shot is free, no one even asked for my health insurance card when I got my shots.

    Then three weeks later we return for the second dose.

    I care more about his safety than anything the law says on the matter, so could this work?

    After all, we'd be getting the shot from a retail pharmacy, so how does some guy at Walmart know I'm not his dad?

    9 Answers2 days ago
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    I went to a smoke shop & she wouldn’t sell to me b/c I’m 20. I told her there is grandfather clause. She still wouldn’t sell to me?

    I went to a smoke shop. To buy a vape & some backwoods. 

    She carded me right when I walked in the door. 

    She told me “I’m sorry but you have to be 21 and up to buy any tobacco products I can’t discuss anything in the shop since you are under 21”

    I told her that there is a grandfather clause that 18-20 before September 1, 2018 if you were that age before then you can still buy. She said “ive looked at that and it’s only Texas but it’s not nation wide and also on the FDA website they said it’s 21 and up and do not sell to people under 21 I’m have to ask you to leave”

    We got into an argument and told her no it’s nationwide. And she said “no it’s not and also look at the FDA website I’m not selling to you & I’m not going to jail or getting fined and losing my job for selling to a minor. If you would like there is 2 detectives outside making sure I leave the shop safely that I can call them in here and they’ll tell you their self that it’s 21+ and nobody under 21 can purchase tobacco products so please leave”

    She was rude and I contacted the bosses of the smoke shop and told them she’s rude and refused to sell to me and told them about it. And to fire her she’s not following the laws. And they said “it says 21 on the door and we can not sell to minors but you are banned from all 6 shops associated with ours that we run we watched the cameras while you guys are talking. For harassing her and trying to get her to do something she knows she would not do”

    Am I wrong or right? 

    6 Answers19 hours ago
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    I coughed in an old guy’s face for being rude and now he’s suing me for assault, what do I do?

    There was a boomer waiting for the COVID vaccine and there was only four chairs to sit but there was five of us waiting and I was the only young one, an old guy told me to get out of my seat but I didn’t want to because just because I’m young doesn’t mean I should have to stand. So after arguing with him over it, it was my turn to get my vaccine I pulled my mask off and coughed in the old guy’s face as I walked in. He was so mad and found out my name and it turns out his son-in-law is a really good attorney in my area so now I’m being sued. I’m barely a legal adult I don’t deserve this, what do I do?

    6 Answers20 hours ago
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    Insulted in written form  by employer ?

    Favorite Answer:

    Suing him for what?  You have suffered no damages.  You have nothing so sue for.  Your recourse is to get a new job if you do not like this one.

    7 Answers2 days ago
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    Can a 17 year old have sex with an adult if the age of consent is 17?

    Favorite Answer:

    Yes, they can.  Anyone over 17.

    6 Answers1 day ago
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    What is the purpose of having an AR-15 gun if you can’t fire it anywhere?

    If you fire it wildly in an open parking lot this is not freedom of expression or it is ? What do you need it for then if it’s not ?

    Where is it freedom of expression ? What if you can’t afford a property big enough to enjoy shooting it?  What places can you fire it freely ? If any 

    11 Answers3 days ago