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    Info on this copy of moby dick?

    I have this copy of moby dick from 1930, and cannot find another copy while surfing the web. Any info regarding to other copies or even a value would be greatly appreciated. Here is the cover. The spine says moby dick Melville.

    4 Answers15 hours ago
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    How can I contact an user after yahoo shuts down?

    I would like to keep in touch with Marli. She was the one who had a kind word.

    16 Answers4 days ago
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    I wanna order some books from the UK. Do you think its safe to do so during pandemic?

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    Of course, the only thing you should do, is keep the Parcel somewhere dry for 48 hours and wash your hands after handling it.

    6 Answers2 days ago
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    Why did Tolkien make his fantasy world mostly look like the British countryside?

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    Why shouldn't he make his world how he wants to? I mean, it is his created world after all 

    10 Answers4 days ago
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    Are you getting tired of all the fuss over Prince Philip's death?

    People live and people die.

    16 Answers4 days ago
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    Can a writer help me out with this ?

    How can I make my character, who is a mermaid mother but also betrothed to a human prince, leave her kids and go through with the wedding so that war doesn't break out between the two kingdoms without the mother sounding awful? 

    15 Answers5 days ago
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    How many pine trees has Clorox mercilessly killed in order to make Pine Sol?

    It's obvious that the peaceful herds of pine trees are being hunted into extinction by the multibillion dollar international conglomerate Clorox company.  How many have they slaughtered over the years>

    5 Answers12 hours ago
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    Is Lord of the Rings the most critically panned book of all time, that still somehow has a following?

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    some would argue the Bible...considering how much hate it gets....

    I'd lean more towards the "Twilight" series....

    11 Answers6 days ago
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    My friend is trying to sell a cook book she created on word document. Is this even legal ?

    She’s charging $22 for the word document “cook book”. I feel like this is a lazy way of trying to get peoples hard earned money 

    8 Answers3 days ago
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    How To Write A Book?

    I've been reading plenty of good books for years and love the stories I've read but I've been curious for a while now. How does one write a book and get it published like the popular authors of today like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King? I know they don't use type writers anymore and they use computers for that now. So tell me, if I was to write a book and all that. What are the complete list of things I need and what's the complete list of what I have to do in order to make that happen? It's kind of interesting.

    8 Answers3 days ago
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    What makes a good piece of writing?

    If you read something and understand it and remember it, does that mean it was a good piece of writing?

    7 Answers3 days ago
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    Please help me with my book blurb!?

    Hello I'm about to release my book but I'm having a very hard time trying to write the blurb. Can you read this and tell me if it's a good/great blurb or what needs to be changed about it?

    After four years of walking the prestine hallways of prestigious school Braxton high, Carl Jackson, a shy, smart young man from Bricksdale better known as the hood, hood, is forced to go back to the lifestyle and crazy friends he thought he'd left behind.

    While struggling to, but no longer being able to identify with his old life and those who remained there, Carl's only hope of getting out of the godforsaken Bricks is college, which isn't seeming likely- and a potential future with her, his dream girl, Sarah Don.

    When a night of partying with Sarah and his hoodlum friends goes tragically array, Carl's life is turned upside forever and unfortunately he's brought Sarah down with him.

    With all of their lives now in danger and to protect the girl he loves, Carl only has two choices to make, live or die.

    7 Answers4 days ago
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    Would chapter 10 in a novel be part of Act 2 or Act 1?

    I have a romantic/drama scene in the beginning of my 10th chapter in my novel. But I'm wondering would it still be part of act 1 or the beginning of act 2? Thanks in advance. Still a newbie writer, FYI. Thanks.

    4 Answers2 days ago
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    Books and Authors Section: What is your favorite childhood books/novels?

    IMO: Animorphs.

    HM: Goosebumps, Harry Potter, and The Baby-Sitters Club.

    4 Answers2 days ago
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    Books and Authors Section: What are your top 5 or 10 favorite books/novels before based on movies?

    Favorite Answer:

    In no particular order:

    1. The Princess Bride

    2. Shawshank Redemption/Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption (short story, so I'm not sure it belongs on your list)

    3. Dolores Claiborne

    4. The Color Purple

    5. Shindler's List

    6. The Godfather

    7. Shogun

    8. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

    9. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

    10. Little Big Man

    ... and I know there are a lot more than I can't think of right now.

    4 Answers2 days ago
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    What will you most miss about the story of the soldier and the girl?


    - him saving her multiple times

    - him taking off her clothes to extract the pieces of glass

    - him acting bossy with her as not to give her too much closeness

    - him being handsome and aloof and unable to express his feelings

    - her taking care of him while he has fever and is about to die

    - her crying on his chest and daydreaming about him

    - her refusing help from him just to show pride

    11 Answers6 days ago
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    How do I get over the fact that a book ending was spoiled for me 5 years ago?

    There is a book series that is my favorite and I love to go back and reread it from time to time. When I first read the series, I was the only one in my class who had read the books. Because I regularly read the book during school, another girl in my class who I wasn't particularly friends with started reading the series too. Well as I was getting closer to finishing the last book of the series, she decided to (even though she had not yet started the book) google how the book ended. She told me that she knew the ending of the book and asked if I wanted to know, I said I didn't want to know and I told her firmly not to tell me how it ended as I was currently reading it. She asked if I was sure and I said yes. Well, for some reason  (and with a smile on her face) she decided to tell me the ending anyway. I was devastated because I wouldn't have predicted the ending.

    If it had been an accident, I would have gotten over it.

    But, she had intentionally spoiled it for me. And although we later became friends in highschool, I still get a twinge of anger every time I think of what she did. And what's even worse is that what she did has soured the book for me. Even though I have lately reread the other books in the series, I can't bring myself to reread the book that was spoiled, and I remember the book unpleasantly even though at the time I had liked it. It didn't dawn on me until recently that the reason I didn't like the book now was because of this. How do I get over this? 

    7 Answers5 days ago
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    Why is everyone so obsessed with Andrew? So many people have been asking questions about him in this section recently. Why?

    I have scrolled through old questions, but I can't find any answers from a user called Andrew. Did he change his screen name? Other users would say things like "I agree with Andrew", but I don't see any actual answers with his name attached to them.

    What's the fuss over the guy? Why is he such a celebrity around here? Can you tell me why his name keeps coming up constantly?

    8 Answers5 days ago
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    Have you read the Bible (moving this to Arts & Humanities/Books if it goes into Religion)?

    Favorite Answer:

    Yes I have. I have been profoundly affected by the New Testament and the Psalms. I have questioned it, been comforted by its words, been agitated by it.

    I think we should both keep rereading it.

    7 Answers5 days ago