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    My mom passed and her home estate is in my name, I have tenants in the?

    My mom passed and her home estate is in my name, I have tenants in the home but want them to take over the mortgage in so many days or we have to sell - Is there a legal letter or terminology that gives them so much time to transfer the mortgage into their name without a sale of the home? 

    16 Answers1 day ago
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    Is there a legal letter that the mortgage company can send to an estate forcing the executor to transfer....?

    mortgage into the executor's name or sell said property? I have a tenant in the home and I want them to get the mortgage in their name- but it has to come from the mortgage company

    13 Answers17 hours ago
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    My mom bought a house in full and managed to put it under my name?

    260k house. It’s 8,000 per year property taxes. I don’t own my own house yet and don’t know if my job is stable. She’s not asking me to pay for it but I’m worried that if something happens that I’ll have to pay for it. Also, keeps mentioning how she wishes own children would live with her.

    21 Answers3 days ago
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    Can Someone Explain The Covid Tenant-Landlord Law?

    I know there’s something about landlords cannot evict tenants that cannot pay rent due to COVID, but does that mean he can still charge me $50.00 for every day that I don’t pay?

    I don’t know how any of this works, my schedule has a layout where I can’t work too often so there’s less risk of COVID or something.  I work extra shifts that I’m allowed to be able to pay my rent but one day I couldn’t find the landlord and he only takes cash, and at 8am the next day I woke up and gave him the money and explained the situation and he still added the $50.00 late fee for next month. Does the law only apply to tenants that aren’t working or to everyone? I just don’t know how it works if someone can explain. 

    Also my lease is month to month if that’s important. 

    8 Answers8 hours ago
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    Can a tenant sue the landlord for harassment and win if he banged daily on the door several times a day demanding overdue rent payment?

    This was going on for over a month and is still going on. The tenant can't pay as they have no job and the social security payment is not enough. 

    17 Answers3 days ago
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    Why do landlords always try to garnish their old tenants wages when they know the person is struggling?

    What's the point when you already know that the person is struggling financially and that's why the got behind on rent? Evidently they can't afford to pay you so why not let it go?

    19 Answers4 days ago
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    Can landlord install camera in kitchen?

    I own a rental property and the tenants are sharing the space. The all have their own private rooms but share the kitchen. lately, they have been making a mess and always claim they didnt do it. One girl even damaged the stove and is claiming she didnt do it. I know this because the rest of the girls are saying its her. Am I allowed to put a camera in the kitchen so they are a bit more responsible ?

    PS, property is in ontario, canada

    6 Answers11 hours ago
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    Who is responsible for flooring of a business rental after a flood?

    I rent a business office. I paid to have vinyl flooring installed when I moved in last year. Due to the recent sub-zero temps, pipes burst in the building and flooded my business. My floors are damaged and need to be removed and redone. The landlord is now charging me to replace the flooring. My lease only states I am responsible for damage caused by me, but it wasn't my fault. My landlord also states since I installed the floor, I am responsible for covering the cost to replace it. My landlord waited two months before sending someone out to inspect the damage and there is severe mold growing on the walls and under the floors. 

    6 Answers15 hours ago
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    How do people who work minimum wage jobs live in California?

    I still don't understand it, especially LA and San Francisco area. Somebody's gotta work at the McDonalds' and Wendy's in San Francisco, how do they live there when the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment is $3000 a month

    7 Answers1 day ago
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    Can I Get Evicted?

    My husband and I rent a room from someone who sublets a house. 

    He never gave us our lease to sign so we aren’t on a lease. There is another couple here that is very rude and has tried to fight us many times over petty things. My landlord threatened us all about violating the lease, which states no violence or name calling (which I never did). 

    This couple has gotten away with everything, and the landlord never does anything about it, even if he talks to them about the rules. But he is never lenient with us. They are not friends and they do not like each other, so it’s not a friend thing. They don’t work or do anything at all but stay home. I am the only one here with a job. 

    I’m really tired of it and I’m very scared to say anything to him in fear he will say I’m “causing drama and violating the lease” and tell me to leave. Does it backfire if he never made us sign a lease? My address on my license is for here so I don’t think he could lie and say I don’t live here. I just can’t risk getting kicked out but I can’t stand being around people that make my life harder than it already is. 

    6 Answers24 hours ago
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    Apartment rent vs income?

    Let's say someone has a salary of $70,000 but after paying taxes, they take home $54,000 (New Jersey). I've heard apartments typically want the rent to be no more than a third of your income. Would apartments consider a third of your income to be based on the $70,000 or the $54,000?

    5 Answers5 hours ago
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    If I work from home, will they know if I move house? ?

    I plan on moving 4 hours away from where I currently live. I plan on keeping the job I have currently while I look for a new one in my new city. 

    I work from home (I’m a customer service advisor). Will my current job be able to tell that I have moved? 

    5 Answers15 hours ago
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    What happens if you and your boyfriend/soon-to-be fiancé can’t agree on a house you both like?

    All they houses he picked out, I don’t like. All the houses I like, he claimed that it’s too expensive when it’s not. He’s just frugal. We can both afford it on our incomes. We both make good money and can easily definitely afford a nicer house than the ones he picked.

    19 Answers6 days ago
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    What are  the chances for successfully obtaining a court injunction against a landlord for switching off electricity? ?

    My sister denied entry (for personal reasons) to an electrician in her apartment to carry out a mandatory safety check. 

    The landlord then cut off the power.  It's been a week since she started living without electricity. 

    She hasn't paid her rent for 10 months.

    12 Answers5 days ago