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    What is the best tasting animal meat you ever eaten ?

    Beef , Lamb , Fish , Pork , Turkey , Chicken , Ostrich , Snake , Lizard , Dog , Cat , Insects ........

    16 Answers1 day ago
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    How can I report bad meat?

    I was making hamburgers for my family last night. I left some ground beef frozen on the window to defrost the night before. Now I made burgers and my wife, me, and my 3 children have gotten very sick from it. I want to know how I can report this.

    8 Answers1 day ago
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    What is the best dish you cooked in your life?

    Whom did you enjoy it with? :)

    9 Answers3 days ago
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    What your opinion about eating pig kidney?

    Favorite Answer:

    One of my favorite dishes is chicken livers (which grosses some people out) and sweetbreads with shrimp scampi (lamb thymus/pancreas) are very good  - so I would certainly try a kidney entree if it was presented to me. I would feel a bit intimidated re proper preparation, though so I would leave it up to a pro. 

    This recipe for Deviled Kidneys with Mushrooms looks pretty good:

    Ten days to prepare a delicious pork kidney dish and report back! Godspeed!

    10 Answers3 days ago
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    What is the best cooking oil for frying steak?

    Is coconut oil ok that's what I'm using?

    Also sometimes when I fry the kitchen fills with smoke/steam, what am I doing wrong? Am I using too much oil or not enough?

    7 Answers3 days ago
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    Biscuits....can they go on a sandwich?

    Can they go?

    I welcome anything from the biscuit family - crackers, cookies, macaroons and all their friends and relations. Nobody is left behind.

    How would you go about adding biscuits to a sandwich, would you break it up into small pieces or would you crumble it or would you just slam the whole thing between 2 slices of bread?

    4 Answers21 hours ago
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    Can you replace the sugar in pancakes with honey? (and more details below)?

    We have a lot of honey and dont know how to use it. We really only use it for sweet and sour sauce.

    I usually make some pancake batter so I can store it and just fry up some pancakes for breakfast when Im hungry so I figured Id try to figure out if I can use the honey for that.

    Also, if you can, how much should you add per tablespoon of sugar? What should you add in dry ingredients to make sure the consistency isnt too messed up? Does anyone have a recipe for this?

    6 Answers3 days ago
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    can you use boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts for fried chicken sandwhiches?

    all i have are thighs but i wonder how well it will work? most people i see use breasts

    20 Answers1 week ago
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    If I peel and chop beats, and submerge in vinegar, will they be safe to eat days later?

    Hello.  I am not looking to can or jar them in any fashion. I am curious, if I were to peel and chop a bunch of beats, and submerge them in a 5 gallon bucket of vinegar, would they be preserved when it comes time to cook with them a few days later? No cooking would be done in this process and no jarring, just submering in vinegar.

    9 Answers5 days ago
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    Why is the first dinner after moving into a new place, no matter how well equipped the kitchen, always the worst meal, in terms of quality?

    In my kitchen at my new rental townhouse

    I have a garbage disposal drain, a kitchen faucet hose, a pur water filtration system, a pur water filtration pitcher, a dishwasher..

    A refrigerator with ice maker, that I volunteered to buy..

    Microwave, coffee pot, iced tea Brewer, toaster, toaster oven, rotisserie Oven, pizza oven...

    Griddle, waffle iron, deep fryer, crockpot, blender, food processor, fruit juicer, citrus juicer, meat slicer, vacuum sealer,  standing mixer and handheld mixer.. donut maker..

    multiple kitchen knife sets..

    Cast Iron pots and pans and bakeware....

    Thick wood cutting board...

    There's nothing I can't make in my kitchen..

    Infact my daily routine basically starts with making a dozen donuts, 2 pizzas, and a batch of cookies and 8 cups of coffee, a batch of iced tea and a batch of fresh homemade orange, pineapple, banana, strawberry juice for snacks throughout the day..

    Then I make breakfast at about 7:30..

    Chop the tomatoes, onions, green peppers, jalapenos, ham and bacon.. and cheddar, mozzarella and pepperjack cheese....

    Then I make pancake batter...

    Crack 4 eggs, scramble them, pour them onto griddle number one..

    Then put in the the stuff I chopped.

    Then pour the pancake batter, two circles at a time onto griddle number two...

    Then put bacon and sausage into frying pan..

    And put 4 slices of bread into the toaster..

    End up with an omelette, a 6 stack of pancakes, bacon and sausage, coffee, juice and iced tea..


    4 Answers2 days ago
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    Is keeping an old family recipe book a waste of time?

    I have an old family recipe book that was hand written. There is an entire chapter dedicated to cakes, cookies, pies, brownies and a recipe for donuts too.

    Now since sugar is on the verge of extinction is keeping a book with dessert recipes in it a waste of time? EVERYONE is cutting out sugar completely since it causes diabetes. 

    Many people I know are shocked and appalled that sugar is still available for purchase and wonder why it is still allowed.

    In the near future there will be no desserts so what should I do with this book? Literally EVERYONE I know is no longer eating any sugar in any form (yes including fruit before someone points it out to me) 

    ALL forms of sugar are bad for the body. Sugar is the direct cause of Cancer. Doctors use glucose to highlight tumours this is a FACT. 

    6 Answers4 days ago
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    Snack alternatives? (1) Not fruit/veg (2) Healthier than crisps/biscuits/chocolate/cake?

    Favorite Answer:

    I know what you are going through, I am a bad snacker too. I have found that this year, due to stomach issues, I have had to rethink my food choices as I found out I am lactose intolerant among other things. I have scoped out the vegan choices in my local store and have found a lot of really good snack options. 

    And for those in the back~~I AM NOT PREACHING VEGANISM!! I love to eat, and frankly, I started looking into vegan options to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything good. Glad I did now. But besides having some really bomb food options, I am also trying to find food that is cleaner, with less additives to irritate my stomach. Vegan fits the bill. I will say that since I was never really fond of meat, it hasn't been a big issue to cut meat out. I have tried plant based 'meat' products and find them to be just as good as the real deal. so why not? I have never been a big fan of cholesterol anyways. I am going to assume that you are in the UK, so I checked out Sainsbury's and Asda's and found some vegan snack options for you.

    I am fortunate that I like to have raw veg and dips, so that has always been a good option for me. But aparently Asda also has a very large range of vegan crisps. Here is the link to the page.

    Try out the veggie straws, they are awesome and I get them quite often. 

    I also tried quinoa puffs but they were not the greatest. Kind of tasted like cattle feed, not that I have eaten much of that, but still, if I had...

    Another good thing I tried and LOVED is beetroot crisps and sweet potato crisps. They are freaking AWESOME!!!

    Also try dried fruit. I absolutely love dried pineapple, dried mango (OMG yum), dried apricots and even prunes. (Not just your Nana's nibbles anymore)


    If you like nuts get a nut mix, that is always a good hit of protein and a good crunch. 

    Fruit snacks and fruit gummies are good, kind of sugary, but at least they have some fruit in them and make a good change from salty things.

    Also check out the vegan pot noodles as those are typically less sodium, and also look through the frozen food for ready meals that are small and quick to cook in the microwave. 

    I will be freaking honest with you, after looking through the groceries at an Asda store, the UK is making Canada look pretty pitiful in the food catagory. You have a waaaaaaaaaaaaay better selection for groceries than what is in my local store.

    One thing I did laugh at tho,was crisps labeled 'sharing'. What the hell is that all about? lol

    Anyways, good talking with you, I hope this helps you out some, good luck. 

    8 Answers5 days ago
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    Should you microwave tortillas in plastic wrap?

    That's the advice I was given by a native. Is it healthy and safe?

    7 Answers5 days ago
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