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    A random guy at the street came to me and talk to me and he also add me at that dangerous?

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    He was trying to figure out how to kidnap you for organ harvesting, you’re only good for parts.

    We know you haven’t had much experience with actual men being interested in you but that’s not how they behave.

    12 Answers24 hours ago
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    Can you really be too pretty for a dating site?

    I've been told I'm "too pretty to be on here" or "what are you doing on here you're beautiful" on every dating site I go on, wtf does that mean? I am 22 and don't think I'm pretty at all but everyone else thinks just from one pic I am, and even though i get flooded with messages there are always some who don't think I'm real just cos of my looks

    Also people like my profile but when i match back with them they never talk to me?

    14 Answers1 day ago
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    How do I tell my boyfriend I don't want to kiss him anymore?

    I feel like kissing him is for 13 year olds.  We're 28.  We have made out everyday from 2:15-2:30 PM, and again from 8:30-9:30 PM.  This has occurred for the past 5 years. Instead of switching up our times, I want to stop kissing him forever.  It's never felt magical.  It's on my to-do list under doing the dishes.  

    7 Answers16 hours ago
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    This girl who like me thinks I’m cute but she has a bf?

    Should I mention her bf in the convo or should I not give a f and jus pull her?

    8 Answers20 hours ago
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    Which woman should I marry of these three?

    my height 5.9", straight forward nature, age 32, virgin.

    woman-1: height 5" short, nonvirgin, good face, age 29

    woman-2: height 5.3" good, non virgin, face not good, age 29

    woman-3: height 5.1" ~, virgin, face good, age 25 very less.

    27 Answers2 days ago
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    I'm 40 and still can't find love?

    I am 40 year old female, still a virgin and my whole life - everytime I meet someone it goes wrong. I seem to meet them either online or IRL and i date them/we chat for 2 to 3 months - then something will happen, they have to move away, they find someone else, ghost on me or stop talking too me as much. This has happened again to me recently and i can't take it anymore. WHY cant i even get into the stage of having a relationship with men? They seem to say how much they like me at first and seem into me then SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS!!! Why is everyone else able to have a relationship in their life but for me, it ALWAYS gets ripped away? Im so sad and upset :-(

    7 Answers1 day ago
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    i'm a 35 year old virgin male and i scheduled an appointment with a escort. will i finally feel better about myself once i lose my v card?

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    i disagree with some of these answers. I'm 22 and personally I couldn't bare the thought of being in your position (no offence) so to cope at 19 i started seeing escorts on a regular. just to sort of get used to a somewhat sex life? you have to realise that's all it is. sex. like literally putting your pants on. people just get used to it and don't think about it after a while. thats why people are saying you'll be highly disappointed in your experience. especially if you get nervous nor hesitant in the activity of your first time especially at that age. you have no idea how you'll perform or what you'll actually like or don't like in reality. you'll learn that the hard way but escorts are a necessary in my opinion if you have never have had sex. not because you are entitled to it but for your mental health. this is why i strongly support sex workers who are passionate about it

    18 Answers3 days ago
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    Is it okay to date a 13 year old? im 38.?

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    Troll go prison

    41 Answers5 days ago
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    I’m pregnant and my boyfriend keeps smoking in our home?

    First and foremost I have nothing against marijuana or anyone who does it. I’ve done it twice out of my entire life but stopped because I don’t see the reason why other’s do it. I’m currently expecting and the smell of my boyfriend’s marijuana REALLY makes me feel weak and nauseous. I talked to him about it and asked if he can at least smoke outside but won’t listen. He’ll smoke in our bedroom with the window open but I can still smell it and it makes me throw up every single time. No joke. The smell is now starting to stick on my clothes. Right now I’m suffering from placenta previa & have an 50% of an miscarriage. I know smoke can play a part as well.. advice please? 

    16 Answers3 days ago
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    Should I accept this behavior from my boyfriend ? ?

    So last weekend I had a bday celebration  for my birthday at my house....I had invited  my boyfriend Of two years... he always working out of town and a lot of hours. So the times I do spend time with him are only on the weekends. Well that weekend was my celebration party.... my bf came down and I had told him prior about the party. Well that day came, I didn’t hear from my boyfriend.  I kept on calling him to see what time was he coming but no I didn’t hear from him all day.. what made it worse was that I had told my family he was coming and they kept on asking me so I felt so embarrassed coz it was already late... well I was so sad! Anyways the next morning he called me telling me that he was sooooo sorry and that he was asleep all day long at home and he lost track of time.....I accepted this apology however he didn’t even think of stopping by at my house to just see me since he was already going to leave out of town to work agian. 

    41 Answers6 days ago
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    Ex stalking me on social media. What should I do?

    So I dated a woman who turned out to be crazy and materialistic. She looked down on me because I didn't have as much money as she does. I was completely honest with her and told her at the beginning that I couldn't afford to take her on dates or buy her anything material. I told her that I could offer her conversation and listening ear. She told me that she was happy with that and was okay to take the financial lead and pay my way and help me out financially. But a year or so she started to complain about me using her and would bring up things she had done for me. She brought up that I hadn't even bought her a chocolate bar while she was paying my bills. I felt so emasculated. She clearly wants a man to show off with.

    Later in the relationship she started to spy on me, my friends and ex on social media. She would not comment or message just look. I still don't know why. Then out of nowhere she stopped talking to me. No conversation no nothing. I contacted her so many times but no response. After a week or so I stopped. Her social media went really quiet, no posts no updates. It was this way for a few months. But now she is back on it. I have a strong feeling she is watching me but I have no way to prove it so put my page on private. But do you think there is anything else I should do. Should I contact her or message her. 

    What would you do?

    7 Answers21 hours ago
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    Does it sound like he wants me to get into a car accident ?

    There’s been several times when I’m driving and my boyfriend is in the passenger seat and he tells me to look down at his phone or my phone or look away. I never do it though and I’ll remind him that I have to focus on the road. I feel like he wants me to be in an accident. It’s obvious that I’m driving and he knows it’s bad idea to stare at a phone or something else while I drive. I’m glad I don’t listen to him or else I would have been in a car accident and the accident would have been my fault. Luckily I carry insurance too. 

    6 Answers20 hours ago
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    why do girls love to show off their legs then complain about the attention they recieve?

    literally all i see is tight jeans or leggings and high heels, then they complain when men look at how you strut. I'm sorry but what the **** do you expect?

    6 Answers21 hours ago
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    Why do men flirt while having their gf living with them? ?

    Why do guys cheat on their girlfriend with other girls on sc, Facebook or ig. I’m talking about, exchanging sexy pics or sending flirty texts and meeting up if the other girl wants to. Biggest flag for me has been that he’s been telling females he’s single. Yet I’m here living, sleeping, caring for him. Why do guys want multiple girls yet have one at home already? Why? I just don’t get it why guys are so horny. And yes I do pleasure my bf. 

    6 Answers1 day ago
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    should i break up with him?

    my bf used to be really needy towards me to the point where he would get upset if i called him late at night or would skip a day, and tell me stuff like it hurts when i forget about him. he says that me calling him late at night makes him feel unimportant. we got into an argument and i didnt text him for two days. then i apologized and told him that i'll call him during the day, but now everytime i hit him up he's just kind of distant and says that hes tired or sleepy and doesnt feel like talking. this really pisses me off because its like he can get mad at me when im too busy to spend time with him, but he does the same to me and expect me to not get mad. should i tell him how i feel or just break up with him? 

    5 Answers8 hours ago
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    How to get a girl out of my head..?

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    I feel you and let me tell you that it is almost impossible to get rid of your crush specially when you love them that much. So I'm gonna share with you the things I did to accept the fact that my crush and I will never be more than friends and that I have to love myself and move on. The first thing I tried was stop texting him. I know it is something you have tried already and it didnt go well in your case, but what I did to avoid blocking was saying something like "I really dont wanna get used to you anymore. You know i will always be here for you and the best of happiness and sucess is all i wish you", I asked him to talk just once a week or once a month to know about him, and he dubiously accepted. After that he felt unsured about the agreement but I had to explain that it was something needed for his good and mine. We kept talking once a week for 1 and half year, I met new ppl, I tried to focus on loving myself and he started dating someone. When he told me he was in a relationship, I didnt feel bad at all but happy instead bc I already knew that something like that was gonna happen. I started dating someone too, and that is another thing that made me distracted myself. Another thing I also did was thinking about my crush like an impossible, like that kind of crush you have on a celebrity, you can say they are cute and nice but they dont know about your existance and alos thinking in that way will make you accept you like your crush but you cant have them. This thing leads to the other thing I also did: accept i like my crush. The more you say you dont like your crush, the more you get attached to them. 

    In few words, it is impossible to get rid of your crush but wishing them the best in this life, be their best friend, learn to live just knowing about then occasionally and give yourself a chance to like other ppl. We dont have only one chance to fall in love but thousand of chances. And never forget to love yourself first to love others.  

    15 Answers6 days ago
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    I accidentally time traveled to 1640, what do I do?

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    It really depends on your skill set, I'm guessing you can't do anything, don't speak the language and don't have any resources. So you die.

    5 Answers12 hours ago